WAEC 2021: 4 Psychological Ways To Boost Your Overall Performance

Psychological Factors that Can help You Boost Your WAEC Performance.

In my previous post, I talked about the physiological factors that can help improve your grades in WAEC Exam. If you’ve already read it and have been following the steps outlined; Good luck! It’s only a matter of time before you start noticing the positive changes.

In this article, I will be revealing the Psychological ways to improve your overall performance as a student; especially in your academics.

WAEC 2020: 4 Psychological Ways To Boost Your Overall Performance

This article solely deals with improving your productivity by harnessing the power of the mind (psychological). Once you are able to practice these simple steps, you will never have any problem facing any exam whatsoever in life; no matter how difficult the exam may be.

After reading this article, you would have built your mental strength and confidence before sitting for your WAEC exams.

4 Psychological Ways To Boost Your Overall Performance

  1. Develop a positive mental attitude

It’s difficult to exaggerate the power of a positive mental attitude. As a student wanting to excel, it’s required of you to develop a positive outlook on your studies. I.e. try to see the interest in the subject you’re reading and always envision a favorable outcome.

Look for a way to make that subject interesting to you or better still; find a friend who can explain the subject to you in simple terms if your teacher can’t come down to your level. Don’t say because you hate the teacher you won’t read the subject or vice versa. If you do that, you’re already developing a negative mental attitude.

  1. Develop a Reading habit

Hard work is the backbone of success and consistency is the hard work. Getting yourself into a routine of eliminating distractions and studying at certain times of day will help high levels of productivity become a habit.

Then you train yourself to read every day for an hour for 2 weeks, your training will develop into a habit. After two weeks, even your brain will expect you to be studying at a particular time of day; making it easier to get into the right frame of mind for working productively.

  1. Read In Groups

Two heads are always better than one. From time to time, try to organize study groups with your friends studying the same subjects as you. Not only will you learn from each other by comparing notes and interpretations, but it will also ease your burden of having to motivate yourself to study alone.

  1. Reward yourself

Always reward yourself for every effort you make trying to do the right thing. If your studying is good, then your reward should be good too. Rewarding yourself gives you something to look forward to and helps strengthen your motivation to work productively.


Hopefully, these tips will help transform you into a super-productive version of yourself this year. If you have any tips of your own you would like to add, do feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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