Nigeria Export Prohibition List In Nigeria 2021

The idea of Export prohibited items in Nigeria may appear so strange to a lot of people, as the Nigerian government often emphasize on exportation over importations.

The importance of export to the development of a nation’s economy can never be overemphasized. This is so because the export of goods and services helps a country to achieve her much needed foreign exchange, which in turn strengthens the currency of the nation.

However, despite the obvious importance of exports to the Nigerian economy, the Nigerian government have, through the Nigerian customs service come up with policies that prohibit the exportation of certain goods or products. The reason for the prohibition of these items that will be discussed presently is not far fetched from the protection of the interest of the local manufacturers.

A lot of Nigerians have ran into troubles, by trying to export some of the items which have been prohibited by law, largely due to ignorance of the law. But, as the saying goes, Ignorance Of The Law Is Not An Excuse.

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Consequently, this post seeks to list those items that you are not legally permitted to export out of Nigeria in 2020, so that you wouldn’t have issues with the law enforcement agencies of Nigeria. By extension, the exportation of these items is strictly frowned at, and will attract the wrath of the law. So, without expending more time, let’s quickly look at the items in question.

Export Prohibited Items In Nigeria

Below is the list of Export Prohibited Items In Nigeria 2021 by the Nigerian customs service. They include:

  • Maize
  • Timber (rough or sawn)
  • Raw hides and skin (including Wet Blue and all unfinished leather) H.S. Codes 4101.2000.00 – 4108.9200.00
  • Scrap Metals
  • Unprocessed rubber latex and rubber lumps
  • Artefacts and Antiquities
  • Wildlife animals classified as endangered species and their products
    e.g. Crocodile; Elephant, Lizard, Eagle, Monkey, Zebra, Lion etc.
  • All goods imported.

It’s pertinent to observe here that by All Goods Imported above, it means that you are not permitted by law to export any product that you imported from another country. Example, if you imported phone from let’s say China, you are not permitted to export that same phone to any other country.

So that is it, guys. Now that you have known the Export Prohibited Items In Nigeria 2021, you can use the comment section below to tell us what you feel about the said lists above. Do you think that those items there on the list are supposed to be there? Let’s hear your views.