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nysc news

NYSC Batch B 2016 Call Up Letter

Printing of the 2016 NYSC Batch B call up letter has started.

See how to check yours below.

Deadline for printing of the call up letter is 25th November, 2016.

nysc call up letter

Details on how to print your NYSC Call up letter is available on the NYSC Batch B page.

read: How to Print your NYSC Batch B Call Up Letter


NYSC Batch B 2016

Here is what we know about the 2016 NYSC Batch B.

The NYSC 2016 Batch B Orientation Course commences on 24th November, 2016

Registration for mobilization closes on 12th September, 2016

Read the full update here


NYSC Posting

With new arrangement, potential corpers can now select three(3) they’d love to serve.

NYSC now chooses one of those states for them.

I mean one of those 3 states they selected while registering.

But like most things, there’s some level of restriction.

See my nysc posting post for choosing criteria for NYSC Posting – click here

nysc call up letter

An NYSC call up letter is the one paper that confirms that you will be going to camp with the current stream.

A quick guide on how to print your call up letter can be found here.

nysc portal 2016

The portal is where stuff happens for all corp members.

Printing and registration of NYSC ish is found there.

Here is the official NYSC portal for 2016 – http://portal.nysc.org.ng/

See the complete list of all NYSC Portals here

nysc exemption letter

So, one hot sunday morning in 1985, some group of guys decided that some conditions must be met before one could pertake in the National Youth Service Corp – NYSC.

If you belong to the categories stated.

You need to get the NYSC Exemption letter.

This is also known as the certificate of exemption.

This document will protect you from any wahala that might burst from some random employer asking you – can I see your NYSC certificate?

Categories of persons that are exempted from service and other necessary info regarding NYSC Exemption can be found here

NYSC Relocation / Redeployment

If for some reason, you decide to Redeploy.

Don’t just decide to go serve in your village.

There is a procedure to apply for a relocation / redeployment.

Check out the acceptable grounds for relocation or redeployment by clicking here

Correction of Date of Birth

The NYSC just announced that information from WAEC will no longer bes used to effect changes on the NYSC Portal.

The New Procedure for NYSC Date of Birth Correction is to submit:

A hand-written application to the Student Affairs Officer (SAO) of their institution to be forwarded to the NYSC including the following:

  1. A copy of West African Examination Council (WAEC) Results Certificate showing Date of Birth;
  2. Completed Bio-Data form upon entry into the Institution; and
  3. First School Leaving Certificate
  4. WAEC Results Verification PIN for use by NYSC.

Community Development Service (CDS)

The NYSC scheme had a lofty aim to reintegrate Nigerians together through their youths by sending young graduates to faraway areas distinct from their background.

I believe this goal would not be achieved by corp members just getting to know this new community, their culture and life style and maybe learning and appreciating a thing or two, without them expressing and reciprocating love and friendliness to their new host community. Read the Full Article here

News from other Sites

These are news updates on NYSC for corpers from similar web pages.

NYSC Batch B 2016

NYSC Batch B 2016 .

Here is all you need to know to know.

Also read the comments at the end of this post.

nysc batch b 2016

nysc batch b 2016 Call Up letter

Here is the current news:

The National Youth Service Corp, NYSC Batch  Call-up letter is now available online for printing.

Below is how to go about printing your 2016 Batch B NYSC Call Up Letter.

nysc call up letter

How to Print Your NYSC Call Up Letter

Step 1: Visit http://portal.nysc.gov.ng/

Step 2: Enter your registered email address and password in the space provided.

Step 3: Click on “Print Call Up Letter

nb: Printing of this Call up letters end on Friday 25th November, 2016. So act fast.

i.e : The deadline for printing of the 2016 Batch B Call up letter is 25th Nov.

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nysc senate list batch b 2016

The NYSC Senate approved list is now available at the portal.

nysc senate approved list

Below are the steps for checking the senate list website.

  1. Visit the NYSC senate list website at http://portal.nysc.org.ng/nysc1/verifysenatelists
  2. Select your Institution from the drop down menu
  3. Enter your Matriculation Number and Surname in the spaces provided
  4. Select your day, month and year of birth
  5. Finally, click on the SEARCH button to check your 2016 mobilization status.

nysc batch b 2016 Mobilization Time Table

The 2016 NYSC Batch B Mobilization time table was recently published on the NYSC Portal.

On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates will begin on the 17th of October, 2016 and end on the 12th of November, 2016.

See the complete timetable as pasted by NYSC Abuja below:

S/NO Event Date
1 Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking and feedback 14th – 21st September 2016
2 Collation of Prospective Corps Members’ Data by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs 12th – 30th September 2016
3 Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 3rd – 8th October 2016
4 Uploading of Corrected Lists by Corps Producing Institutions 8th – 14th October 2016
5 On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates 17th October – 12th November 2016
6 Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Lines/Desks officers. 17th October – 12th November, 2016
7 Forwarding of Complaints to Mobilisation Dept by State Deployment and Relocation officers 17th October – 12th November, 2016
8 Deployment and Printing of Call-up Letters by ICT Department 14th – 19th November, 2016
9 Notification/On-line Printing of Call-up Letters/Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions 21st – 25th November, 2016
10 On-line Printing of Deployment Disposition by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs 21st – 25th November, 2016

An update will be made to this time table soon. To stay updated with live updates on 2016 NYSC Batch B ish – Sign up to my free sms alert and like my Facebook page.

Registration for Mobilization Batch B, 2016

The 2016 Batch B Registration for mobilization started on the 17th of October, and will end on the 12th of November, 2016.

2016 Batch B Orientation

The NYSC 2016 Batch B Orientation Course commences on 24th November, 2016

News for Part time Graduates

All Part-Time Graduates are hereby informed that, for them to get NYSC exclusion certificates, they should go online to register like their full-time counterparts and print their letters of Exlusion Online

nysc Batch B 2016 Nairaland Thread

There are some exclusive nysc gists you can only find Nairaland.

Here is a direct link to the biggest 2016 NYSC Batch B thread on the Nairaland forum.

Also check these other useful NYSC threads on Nairaland:

Update for 2016 Batch B Corpers

Few weeks ago. The National Youth Service Corp issued an update on the official NYSC site.

A copy is reproduced below.

The attention of Management of the National Youth Service Corps has been drawn to information circulating in the internet directing Prospective Corps Members to commence online registration for the 2016 Batch ‘B’ orientation course on 8th September, 2016.
Management wishes to inform all Prospective Corps Members, parents, guardians and the general public that no date has has been fixed for the 2016 Batch ‘B’ orientation course.
The information did not emanate from NYSC website but the handiwork of scammers whose intention is most likely to defraud unsuspecting prospective corps members and the general public.

As soon as management comes out with the date for the forthcoming orientation course, this would be made known to all those concerned through our normal channels of communication viz:

i. NYSC website: www.nysc.gov.ng
ii. NYSC Registration Portal: www.nysc.org.ng
iii. NYSC Twitter: @nysc_ng
iv. NYSC Facebook: facebook.com/officialnysc
We enjoin all prospective corps members to disregard the announcement in question, and wait for the correct information on the next orientation course which will soon be made known from official platforms.

Thank you. | source

NYSC Requirements for Foreign-Trained Graduates

NYSC: Requirements For Registration Of Nigerian Foreign-Trained Graduates as published on nysc.org.ng

This post outlines clearly the required minimum Academic qualification for PCMs (Prosepective corp members).

In the past, some folks have complained of lossing their International Passport or Academic credentials. This post states other documents that affected PCMs are to present.

requirements for foreign trained PCMs


The original and photocopies of the following academic qualifications are required for registration and mobilization of Nigerian foreign trained graduation into the National Youth Services Corps. (Please note that downloaded certificates/transcripts, statement of result and attestation letters are not acceptable);

  1. First university degree or HND certificate.
  2. Complete official transcription of the First Degree or HND course.
  3. Mark sheet (for Indian universities only)
  4. O’level certificate i.e WASC, GCE, SSCE, NECO, IGCE ,GCSE, high school diploma for those schooled in USA e.t.c.
    Candidates must obtain credit in not less than five(5) subjects (including English and mathematics) in not less than two(2) sittings.
  5. Medical doctors and optometrists are required to produce in addition, evidence of completion of housemanship, registration certificate with the medical and dental council of Nigeria/Optometrists Association of Nigeria as applicable.
  6. Pharmacists shall produce in addition, evidence of completion of internship and registration certificate with Pharmacists council of Nigeria.


  1. Entry visa to the country of study.
  2. Date of first visit departure from Nigeria.
  3. Date of return to Nigeria after the period of study.
  4. Date page of the passport
  5. Graduates with dual nationality are required to upload and produce, for verification both international passports.
  6. Graduates of universities within ECOWAS states and Cameroon are to upload and produce Residence permit for the period of their study.


In the event of loss of international passport, prospective corps members are required to present:

  1. Police and Immigration reports from the country where the international passport was lost.
  2. Sworn affidavit (with number of the lost passport).
  3. Evidence of stay in the country of study.
  4. the prospective corps member must obtain a new/current international passport and upload the data page.
  5. Information contained in the lost international passport and the new one obtained must be the same.


For loss of academic credentials, the following are required:

  1. (i) Police Report.
  2. (ii) Sworn Affidavit.
  3. (iii) Confirmation of result from either the examination body (for loss of O’level certificates) or the institution of graduation (for loss of degree, HND, certificates as the case may be).

4. Certificates and other credentials which are not written in English language should be translated at the embassy of the country of study or university in Nigeria where the language is studied, before uploading and presentation for verification.


  • Registration of Nigerian foreign-trained graduates commences on 2nd March and closes on 4th April, 2015.
  • Nigerian foreign-trained graduates who are enlisted into the national service are not obliged to choose their state of deployment. However, married women would be deployed to states where their husbands reside. Married women must therefore upload their marriage certificate, evidence of Change of Name( Newspaper publication and court affidavit).
  • Graduates of Winneba, Ghana, King Faisal university, Chad Republic and all universities in Republic of Benin must obtain and upload letters of evaluation from Federal Ministry of Education, Abuja before registration.
  • All inconsistencies with names on different credentials must be supported with sworn court affidavit and uploaded before verification period.
  • Verification is not done by proxy. All prospective corps members must therefore report to the orientation camp of their state of deployment for this. Physical verification with original of all documents uploaded. Please note that all prospective corps members must present original of all their credentials and international passport for verification and registration at the orientation camp.
  • To Print your Call-up letter online, you are required to pay the sum of three thousand Naira(N3000). See NYSC portal on how to make payment.
  • All prospective corps members who paid for the online registration during the 2014 Batch C mobilization but were not mobilized need not to pay again.



Best State for NYSC

Which state is best to do my NYSC? 

Serving your country for one full year should be a thing of joy. It should be something that every youth undergoing one form of tertiary education or the other should look forward to.

However, this is simply not the case with youths in the country. Students dread the yearly service to their country due to the antecedents and ambiguous troubles faced by their predecessors.

The purpose of creating the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) by a military decree on 22nd May 1973 was to help foster the unity of a nation just coming from the backdrop of a harrowing civil war which brought the nation to its knees.

It is clear from the trend prevailing on the subject of NYSC that the aim and purpose of creating the NYSC have been routinely defeated due to the innumerable negative experiences by unfortunate and innocent youth corp members over the years.

The NYSC being a government initiative has altogether become a necessary evil which every graduate must endure to stand a chance of any sort of meaningful employment in Nigeria. However, enduring this necessary evil is still a bit bearable when it is observed in some states of the federation.

Graduate always look forward to their NYSC posting as if it were a death or life sentence. You can’t fault them for doing this if you consider the struggle and suffering these children have to go through for this compulsory one year period, you begin to see the bigger picture.

It is, however, worthy of note that this one year service period can be made more endurable if it is served in some states of the federation. In this piece, (since you have the opportunity of choosing four states) we take a look at some of these states and why it would be preferable that you do your service in one them.

1. Akwa-Ibom

akwa ibom state

Akwa-Ibom state is one state you should seriously consider choosing as one of your four options of service states. This would be a great choice which you surely would not regret if you get posted there.

The people of Akwa-Ibom are peace-loving, the weather is nice and favorable and there are tonnes of opportunities for serving youth corps to make money in the state.

The state government pays a monthly stipend of N20,000 aside from the N19,800 paid by the federal government, this is the highest paid by any state in Nigeria.

2. Lagos

lagos state

Lagos state can be referred to as Nigeria’s version of New-york which is the city that never sleeps.

The burst of activities on a daily basis, the endless opportunities to earn cash, the numerous employment opportunities, the nice weather, opportunity to meet new people and numerous side attractions makes Lagos state a good choice for your service year.

Lagos state pays her youth corps between N15,000-N20,000 depending on what part of the state you get posted to. This payment does not include FG’s Alawi.

3. Abuja


The federal capital territory is always a worthy choice for the state of service. The reason for this is not far-fetched. As a fresh graduate, you’ll want to serve in a place where your abilities can be honed, a place where your life can be protected and safe, a place where you can find waiting opportunities to explore.

All these and more is what the FCT offers youth corners who serve in it. Whether you come from the north, east, west or south, it’s always a good decision to serve in “ABJ“.

4. Your state of origin

nigerian states


It is most unlikely that you get posted to your state of origin, however, this is a good choice for many. It’s true that 70% of Nigerian students have never spent up to one month in their states of origin. They only come home during the holidays and spend a week or two.

The NYSC scheme can remove your name from this statistic. It could bring you close to your people, expose you to opportunities at home and change your notion about your state of origin altogether. Like they say, “there’s no place like home”.

One more thing…

Do you agree with our list? Which state would you rather see at number one?


Hello, my name is Ibotile Awajiowa.

I need an ex corper to manage this nysc information blog – nysc.ng

To qualify, you must own a laptop and know everything there is… about NYSC.


Duties will include:

Providing regular contents for an NYSC audience.

Responding to all NYSC related questions on the blog.



Submit Application letter




PS: Start up pay is N15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira only).




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