Top Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2023

Are you tall, slim and beautiful? Do your friends often compliment your beauty? Do you often hear people tell you that you really look like a model? Have you ever considered building a professional career in the modelling industry? If you can relate to any of the above questions, then this post is for you.

I have a relative who went into modelling in 2012; she was doing it while schooling then. That was about the same time I started my writing career. I saw her earlier this year with a brand new Kia Optima-I was shocked! I asked her what she did to own such an exotic car. Her reply was simple, “ah ah, you no know say I dey into modelling? E dey pay me well” #Top 10 modelling agencies in Nigeria

I quizzed her further, and she told me how her modelling agency has been the one paying for her every need, sending her on trips abroad and placing her on a fat paycheck –my jaw dropped! So money dey for modelling like this?’ I Said to myself. With no ‘aristo’ on the side?

So, I decided I’d do a research on the top 10 modelling agencies in Nigeria for those of my readers who are tall, beautiful, elegant, macho or handsome and would like to try out their hands-on modelling.



Before we venture into the main subject matter, it may interest you to know what Modelling Agencies are.



A Modelling Agency is an agency that specializes in recruiting, training, managing and grooming young and beautiful persons, so they can become professional models with global recognition. A lot of Nigerian youths have got what it takes in terms of the physique to become a world-class model, but don’t really know how to go about achieving that lofty goal of becoming a model. This, amongst other reasons, engenders the writing of this article.

So, without expending more time, and in no particular order of importance, here’s my list of Top 10 well-paying Modeling Agencies in Nigeria this 2020 with their contact details so you can easily locate them.


  • Exquisite Models International

Exquisite models international is an international modelling agency that has taken a strong base in Nigeria and Africa generally. Their aim is to discover and groom Nigerian models into becoming world-class models. Exquisite models, pay their models very well and have some models who now own their own modelling agency. They only accept female models, though.

Exquisite models are located at Suite 1, Sada Cruz Hotel and Suites, 4th Avenue, FESTAC Town, Lagos. Their website is


  • Y-Ray Models

Y-Ray Models is a respectable modelling agency in Nigeria that churn out hundreds of astonishing models on a yearly basis. These models are given a new lease of life and given the opportunity to get paid large sums of money when they appear on billboards, TV commercials, music video or even feature in movies. They accept registration from male, female and child models.

Registration can be done on their website at www.yraymodels.comor you can send some of your cute pictures to their email address: [email protected]. If you get accepted you’ll have to sign a modelling contract.


  • Zahara Models

Zahara models is a model management company based in Abuja and Lagos. The agency is quite reputable and is known to pay her models quite well. Zahara models have a lot of models under their belt already. I couldn’t ascertain whether they are still soliciting for new models as of the time of crafting this piece.

They accept both male and female models when they do. Their contact number is +234 8037782972, and their website is


  • Fashion Instinct Modeling Agency

Fashion instinct is an A-list modeling agency that is based in Lagos Nigeria. They also have an international office at Florida, United States. They specialize in model management, model training, runway modeling and commercial modeling. They accept registrations from both male and female models.

Their phone number is 08029314720. You can learn more about this modeling agency on their website:


  • Beige Model Management

This is the modelling agency my relative is signed to asI said in my introduction. Beige model agency is a prestigious modelling agency, situated in Port Harcourt Nigeria. They pay their models well and help them get modelling gigs. Beige model management, manage and train their models well and give them the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the best in the industry.

If you know you have what it takes to be a model, either male or female; walk into the Beige modelling agency, located at Number 8 Ohia Street, Ogbunabali, Obio-Akpor, Rivers, Nigeria or call 07033543343 to register.


  • ISIS Model Management

When I saw the name of this agency I was quite apprehensive until I was told it is one of the biggest and best modelling agency in Lagos Nigeria. The agency is renowned for her knack for training and producing world-class female models who have taken the runway by storm. ISIS models have in the past come out as winners of Top pageantry competitions held in the country.

Visit their web page for more: or their active blog at


  • Black Dove Model Agency

It’s a thing of fact that all the best modelling agencies are located in Lagos Nigeria. Here’s another superb modelling agency that pitches their tent in Lagos. The agency trains models and gives them a respectable percentage when they do usher jobs. The black Dove modelling agency accepts both male and female models, although the females are the majority.

You can contact them via phone: 08033595004. Or Email: [email protected]. Their address is at 27A, Salvation Road, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria.


  • Wave Model Management

Wave model management is not just a local modelling agency. It was founded in Italy and has since spread to a few African countries including Nigeria. Models under this agency get to travel outside the country for fashion shows and all that cool stuff. Generally, they only accept female models. Wave model management is located in GRA Port Harcourt city.


  • Few Model Agency

Few Model Management is one of the leading modelling agencies in Lagos City. The agency is renowned for polishing young ladies into becoming talented models who kill on the runway. Few model agency was the modelling agency that signed ex bread seller Olajumoke Orisaguna when she was discovered by a photographer, TY Bello earlier this year. Although Olajumoke has since left Few modelling agencies for Berth.


  • Iris Modeling Agency

Formerly known as Glam Model Management, Iris Model Agency is a fast-rising modelling agency in Nigeria which is located in Port Harcourt Nigeria. They are also great in training models, and they recruit both male and female models. They have a few models who are currently flying high in the fashion industry.

You can contact them on twitter@irismodelmgt. Or on  Facebook:

Or on phone: 08064507728.

  • Box Models Agency

Box Models Agency is a top modeling agency in Lagos that represents male and female models, celebrities, and brand advocates in Nigeria and across the world. They discover, manage, train, and link great models with companies and organizations for partnership and exposure.

Their goal is to be among Nigeria’s most popular and well-known modeling agencies. Box Models Agency takes satisfaction in discovering new faces, especially young, creative, and brilliant models, and nurturing them into supermodels. They collaborate with prominent businesses, runway show organizers, and advertising companies in Nigeria and overseas to achieve this.

  • Beth Model Africa

Beth Model Management aims to provide a space for young and upcoming models to reach their ambitions and aspirations. The brand works closely with local companies to support models and showcase models overseas with foreign companies looking for unique ways to market their brand artistic ventures. Beth concentrates on uncovering fresh talent and making them into professional celebrities with collaborators in Nyc, Oxford, Florence, and Napoli.

  • Exquisite Model International 

Exquisite Model International is Africa’s premier modelling company with an internationally recognized, identifying and nurturing several of today’s youngest and hottest faces seen in fashion magazines, tv ads, transnational stages, and commercial print.

Exquisite Models International is recognized for providing glossy “new faces” to the global market with a view to what will certainly be “sizzling!” The company is noted for its close partnerships with its models, as well as its intelligent marketing tactics. The company also takes pride in its staff’s deep expertise in the media and lifestyle industries.

  • Pages Model Management,

Pages Model Management, launched in 2011, is a female-only scouting and luxury modelling agency focused on discovering, nurturing, and promoting its models’ careers. As it engages with its models to ensure sustainability, the agency is always expanding and developing. The business is well-versed in the industry and has contacts in a variety of industries, such as High-End fashion, Commercial, Magazine Editorial, and talent management.

Tell us what you think about this list in the comment section. Are you a model or an aspiring model? Have your say.

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