WAEC Scratch Card 2021: How to Buy Waec Result Checker PIN Online

Now that the Waec result is finally out online, I know that many candidates will be looking to buy the WAEC SCRATCH CARD to check their results.

Yes, buying your scratch card is not bad at all, but instead of buying a scratch card, why not consider buy Waec result checker PIN online via Remita. Easy and fast.

Waec Result Checker Pin

I know that by now, you may be asking yourself some questions like:

  1. How Much is the Online WAEC Scratch Card
  2. how do I buy a Waec scratch card or Pin Online

Responding to your earlier asked questions, I will tell you that buying the WAEC scratch card online will cost you a total of 1000 naira. That’s #900 for the main product and an extra charge of #100, making it #1000.

NOTE: Besides using the Pin to check your result, you can use it for your school clearance.

It’s also quite pertinent to note that you can also use the Waec result checker to check Waec result for any year. Be it 2010 Waec result, 2015 Waec result, 2019 Waec result, and even the 2021 Waec upcoming exam result.

How to Buy Waec Result Checker PIN Online

If you want to successfully purchase a WAEC result checker pin or scratch card online, follow the steps below to get that done easily.

  1. Visit the WAEC PIN Biller Page on the REMITA website – CLICK HERE
  2. Enter WAEC RESULT CHECKER PIN as the description
  3. Provide your name, phone number, and email where necessary.
  4. Choose online under how do you want to pay
  5. Click on I’m not a robot.
  6. Click on the “Submit” button.
  7. Enter your ATM Card details
  8. Make payment
  9. Once your payment is successful, your Waec Result Check PIN and Serial number will be sent to your email. It’s just as easy as that.

Is it possible to check several results with a single WAEC scratch card?

No way! You can only check one result with one WAEC scratch card. A new eWAEC scratch card is required to check another result. If anyone tries to check a different result than the first verified with a W, you will be penalized as having used the e-PIN and will receive the corresponding error code.

Good morning. My WAEC result is showing outstanding.

Please keep in mind that outstanding results can be attributed to a variety of factors. Keep an eye on the WAEC website for any latest update on outstanding results. Thank you very much.

Nonetheless, If you have any questions or you face any difficulty/challenge while trying to do this, you can use the comment section below to tell us the challenge you experience, and we will definitely help you to get that fix.

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