2022/2023 Waec Curriculum | Latest Update

WAEC Curriculum – Check out the newly released waec curriculum right now. This curriculum was updated by waec authority of recent
waec curriculum
The new WAEC curriculum is broadly divided into three categories viz:
  • Compulsory (cross-cutting core subjects)
  • Field of Specialization and
  • Elective.

There are 4 fields of specialization as follows: Humanities, Science/Mathematics, Business Studies, and Technology. Subjects under each of the fields are as follows:

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Core Subjects
Business Studies
1. English
2. Math
3. Trade
4. Comp-Stud
5. Civic Education
1. Nigerian Lang
2. Lit-In-English
3. Geography
4. Government
5. CRS
6. IRS
7. History
8. Visual Art
9. Music
10. French
11. Arabic
12. Economics
1. Biology
2. Chemistry
3. Physics
4. Further Math
5. Agriculture
6. Physical Education
7. Health Education
1. Account
2. Store Mgt
3. Office Practice
4. Insurance
5. Commerce
1. T-D
2. Metal Work
3. Basic Electricity
4. Electronics
5. Auto Mechanics
6. Building Construction
7. Wood Work
8. Home Mgt
9. Foods & Nut
10. Clothing & Text


  1. The new curriculum took effect from September 2011. However, the old SS curriculum is to be phased out systematically over a period of three years i.e. September 2018 to June 2019(update: It has now been phased out).
  2. All students are to offer all 5 core compulsory subjects.
  3. Students are to choose 3 or 4 subjects from their field of specialization i.e. Humanities, Science/Math, Business Studies or Technology.
  4. Students are to choose their compulsory entrepreneurship from the available list of 35 trades.
  5. Students may choose 1 elective subject outside their field of specialization provided that the total number of examinable subjects is NOT more than nine (9).
  6. In summary, students must offer: 5-core subjects, 3-4 subjects from field of specialization and 1 elective subject.

Waec Curriculum FAQ

How many subjects do I write in WAEC?

Candidates are expected to write at least eight (8) subjects and no more than nine (9) subjects with WAEC mandatory subjects. Anything else will be considered unacceptable.

Who are the people who are eligible to take the WASSCE?

For the school candidate’s exam, students need to be in the most senior class (SSS 3) in an accredited school to be allowed to write the WASSCE exam.

For private candidate’s exam, any one of the following groups can participate in WASSCE:

  • Anyone who has previously taken the WASSCE.
  • Anyone who has taken the GCE and passed a minimum 3 of the subjects.
  • Those who have successfully completed the Teachers’ Grade 2 examination.

How does WAEC set its questions?

WAEC questions are divided into two types: objective (multichoice) and theory. Just as in school, you’ll be expected to prepare objectives and theories for your exams.

How many questions do I answer in Waec?

You must answer 60 mandatory questions and possibly 50 required questions in objectives.

In theory, you are instructed to give an answer to at least 3-5 questions.

You must solve 8-10 questions in both Mathematics and English Language.

Is there a penalty for cheating on an exam at WAEC?

Yes, if a candidate is detected cheating on an exam, he or she will be penalized for malpractice. As a result, the result is canceled or withheld.


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