How to Verify Waec Result for WES | 2022 Full Process and Required Doc

How to Verify Waec Result for WES: Know the required documents and application process for verification of WAEC result for World Educational Services (WES).

This article contains the full guide on how to verify your waec result for WES. See the full process here…

How to Verify Waec Result for WES

The WAEC result for WES verification is required whenever you’re journeying to the United States in particular for academic purposes. The foremost motive of WES (World Educational Services) is to consider and make sure your credentials are diagnosed in the United States.

WES contrast are extensively ordinary and frequently especially requested through tutorial establishments in the course of the United States.

WES convert instructional credentials from any us of in the world into their U.S equivalents. It describes every certificate, diploma or diploma that you have earned and states its educational equivalency in the United States.

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Ensure that you send alongside your Exam results issued by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) with a WAEC scratch card OR National Examinations Council (NECO) Senior School Certificate with a NECO scratch card OR General Certificate of Secondary Education: GCSEO (O-level) or GCSEA (A-level) whenever your transcript is requested to sent to WES for evaluation in Nigeria.

If you are verifying for post-secondary transcripts, you will need National, Higher National, Post Higher National diplomas along with the transcript and Bachelor, Masters, or PhD Degree along with the transcript.

Nonetheless, You will be required to send your WAEC document to WES via WAEC only. This en-tells that while you are required to send your transcript to WES via any desired courier of your choice, WAEC is anticipated to ship your WAEC report to WES for verification.

WAEC will now not do this automatically. You will have to go to the WAEC head workplace at Yaba and begin the verification process.

Once WAEC is done with the main verification process, you will be directed on how to system and ship your document via courier carrier assigned by WAEC itself.

Prices of Things to Be Done When Verifying WAEC Result for WES

  • N4,000 will be required for an affidavit for confirmation of result that is obtainable opposite the WAEC office in Yaba
  • N10,000 will be paid as the application/processing fee
  • N10,000 or 13000 will also be required as Courier fees (using FedEx or DHL)

IMPORTANT: You are advised to go in the morning from 9 am because the WAEC is a Government office similar to a ministry.


Listed below are the things you have to take along with you when going to verify WAEC result for WES;

  • WES address and Reference number
  • Have to recent passport photographs with a red background.
  • Three brown envelops.
  • Make photocopies of your original WAEC result, you can also use the one you printed on WAEC official website. WAEC will refuse your result if it contains your school name.
  • WAEC pin/Scratch cards
  • Swear Affidavit for WES (You can get affidavit, Scratch cards, and Postage Stamp from shops directly opposite the WAEC office. The cost of doing this cost around 4k or 5k. There is a woman called Iya WES. Locate her shop for the speedy process)

You can learn more about the requirements here


If you’ve meet up with the required documents listed above, go to the fifth (5th) and seventh (7th) floor of the WAEC office respectively to process your documents.

At the office, you will get in contact with one of the WES staff who will collect and access your documents to know if they complete for WES processing.

At the place, an additional form will be given to you to fill in your WES address, and Reference number. Also, remember to the WES address and the Reference number at the back of one of the brown envelop you brought because the address is where your document will be mailed to.

So, after you’ve done the above stated things, the next thing to do is to make a payment of 10K to WAEC, and from there, you will be directed to take the receipt to another office for confirmation.

Final Verification Process for WAEC for WES

Yeah, you’ve come to the final verification process. After you’ve paid the 10K for verification, you will be given a receipt which you will take to WAEC courier services.

However, someone will direct you to where you will see a different courier service providers. So, once you get there, you will see many courier services that you can choose 1 from. The courier service will request for the receipt of issued by WAEC and after that, you will be required to pay courier fees which range from 9000 to 13000.

NOTE: Don’t forget to collect the tracking number from the courier service, because you can track the delivery of your package online using the tracking number.

Also, for effective communication, you can get the courier service company’s phone number and other contact information.

Tips to Apply for WES Online

A credential evaluation report is an essential component of your foreign admission application. It helps academic establishments to appreciate the worth of your grades and test scores. This article will help make your credential review procedure as simple as possible for you.

It’s easy to request a credential evaluation from World Education Services (WES).

There are three steps to it:

  • Create an account and fill out all of the required fields to submit your application.
  • Please submit the relevant documentation. (Be sure to include your reference number in the sealed envelope if you’re sending them.) You may, however, be able to send your papers via the internet.)
  • They will check your credentials and deliver a report to the organisation you designated. A copy will be sent to you as well.

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    1. How much did you pay in total for sending your waec result to wes please? And if possible can you break it down.

  1. Without the evaluation, you will find it difficult to get a decent job. In fact, most organizations will not consider you at all for employment. Without the evaluation, there is nothing to show or prove; by US standards, that you are literate. Without the evaluation, you will have to enroll for General Education Diploma (GED) and pass in order to make a headway here in the US. The endeavor is not cheap. It is actually cheaper and more beneficial to evaluate your results before coming to the US.

  2. Is a WAEC evaluation worth the money? Is the result going to be at a better standing when converted to the US or Canadian scale. Please anyone who has done a WAEC evaluation should give an advice.

  3. I have already obtain my WAEC GCE Certificate, do i need to do another documentation again cos i did ll those before ny certificate was issue to me.
    I understand i need to still buy scrach card, pay for courier seevice.

  4. Thank you for this information. Please how can I verify my GCE Alevel results too?
    The option is not in the list on the WES website requirements for Nigeria

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