Do I need a visa for Tanzania

The question of whether you need a visa for Tanzania travel lies with the immigration department of the United Republic of Tanzania. There are some countries in which their citizens are allowed entry into Tanzania without Visa. So, citizens of this particular country category may be required to come with their passports, and their stay without a visa is limited to ninety days.

Do i need a visa for Tanzania

Read below for the list of countries.

List of countries that their citizens do not require a visa to enter Tanzania

  1. Antigua & Barbuda.
  2. Anguilla.
  3. Ashmore & Cartier Island.
  4. The Bahamas.
  5. Barbados.
  6. Bermuda.
  7. Belize.
  8. Brunei.
  9. The British Virgin Islands.
  10. British Indian Ocean Territory.
  11. Botswana.
  12. Cyprus.
  13. The Cayman Islands.
  14. The Channel Islands.
  15. Cocos Island.
  16. The Cook Islands.
  17. Christmas Island.
  18. Dominica.
  19. The Falkland Islands.
  20. The Gambia.
  21. Ghana.
  22. Gibraltar.
  23. Grenada.
  24. Guernsey.
  25. Guyana.
  26. Heard Island & McDonald Islands.
  27. Hong Kong.
  28. The Isle of Man.
  29. Jamaica.
  30. Jersey.
  31. Kenya.
  32. Kiribati.
  33. Lesotho.
  34. Malawi.
  35. Montserrat.
  36. Malaysia.
  37. Madagascar.
  38. Malta.
  39. Mauritius.
  40. Macao.
  41. Mozambique.
  42. Nauru.
  43. Niue Island.
  44. Norfolk Island.
  45. Namibia.
  46. Papua New Guinea.
  47. Rwanda.
  48. Romania.
  49. Ross Dependency.
  50. Samoa.
  51. Seychelles.
  52. Singapore.
  53. Solomon Island.
  54. South Sudan.
  55. Swaziland.
  56. St. Kitts & Nevis.
  57. St. Lucia.
  58. St. Vincent.
  59. St. Helena.
  60. The South African Republic.
  61. Trinidad & Tobago.
  62. Turks & Caicos.
  63. Tokelau.
  64. Tonga.
  65. Tuvalu.
  66. Vanuatu.
  67. Uganda.
  68. Zambia.
  69. Zimbabwe.

Please note that if you are a citizen of any of the above countries, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed entry into Tanzania. The final clearance of your entry is in the purview and discretion of the immigration officers of the United Republic of Tanzania.

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How To Apply For a Tanzanian Visa

  • For visa entry into Tanzania, the only good portal for Visa application is the Official Tanzania Immigration Services Website ( Also, ensure your passport is valid for at least six months and has an unused page for visa application.
  • Take note of the category of Visa you want and apply accordingly. If you have doubt, seek help and advice from the Tanzanian immigration service via [email protected]. The total period for visa application processing is ten days. 
  • To reduce the likelihood of rejection of visa application, make sure you apply for the right category of Visa and attach the required documents.
  • Application fees paid are non-refundable, even if your visa application is rejected. Ensure you read and fully understand the terms and addition at the end of your visa application page. If your visa application is denied, the Tanzanian immigration service has the discretion to give you a reason or not.
  • There may be sudden changes in the visa regulations and conditions without you being notified. If you want to apply for a Referral visa, ensure you do not book your flight in advance or make any hotel reservations until your Tanzanian Visa gets approved. Apply at the earliest opportunity.

What is involved in the TANZANIA E-VISA application?

The online application for a Tanzanian visa does not take time. Ten minutes or less, and you are done. All-round-the-clock support is available to you if you need assistance. What you will be doing is filling in your personal information in each step. Ensure you pay attention to each step.

Step 2 concerns payment and revision. You can pay, but you will need to completely focus on revising and checking for errors during your visa application processing. Your details should be devoid of mistakes and factually correct. Your visa application can be rejected based on a simple mistake. Ensure you double-check your spellings and date. It will save you time and money.

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Tanzanian Visa requirement

The following are the documents you need for the Tanzanian visa application:

  • A valid passport
  • A completed visa application form
  • Visa application fees
  • Passport photographs


Do I Need a Valid Passport to enter Tanzania?

Yes, you do. To apply for a multi-entry Tanzania e-Visa, each American citizen must have an authentic U.S.-issued passport valid for at least six months from the date of departure from Tanzania.

Do US Citizens Require a Visa for Tanzania?

Yes, US residents will require a visa for short vacations and visits of little more than 90 days each entry. American citizens can apply for a Tanzania e-Visa online.

How Long Can I Stay in Tanzania with a Visa?

The maximum length of stay for American nationals in Tanzania is 90 days per entry. A multiple-entry visa is valid for a maximum of one year after arrival, but you must leave Tanzania at least once and then re-enter. This means you can’t spend an entire year in Tanzania without leaving and returning.

How often can I enter Tanzania with a Visa 

The US multiple-entry e-Visa allows for multiple entries.


Why should I visit Tanzania?

Visiting Tanzania presents a unique and fantastic experience for everyone. There are lots of reasons to visit Tanzania. These include picturesque game reserves, fantastic beaches, and beautiful accommodation for delicious food. Let’s explore them in detail below:

Delicious Food

Delicacies in Tanzania consist of local African dishes with a significant Indian/Arabic influence. This is found especially in the coastal region and Zanzibar. The ocean encloses Zanzibar, and the area is popular for its delicious seafood. There is also the Stone Town night food market that can give you an unforgettable food experience.

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Incredible Accommodation

Tanzania offers tourists and visitors plenty of options, especially in the accommodation area. If you want an unforgettable safari experience, you can camp at Four Seasons Serengeti. You can try the tented safari experience based in &Beyond Serengeti Under Canvas. Then there are luxury resorts at Ras Kutani.

Wildlife and Birdlife

Tanzania has one of the most diverse wildlife in the world. You will also find more than a thousand bird species in the country. Tanzania is also home to some of the most popular game reserves, including Selous Game Reserve.

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