List of 10 Francophone Countries in Africa – French Speaking African Countries

Francophone Countries in Africa – Kindly check out the list of 10 most influential french speaking countries in Africa below…

Francophone Countries in Africa

How do you call french speaking countries in your locality? Do you know that french speaking countries are called “Francophone“?

Whatever your response is, I will like to generally inform every reader of this post that in Africa, a”The term “Francophone” is referred to a french speaking African counties, while Anglophone is used for an English speaking African country.

List of 10 French Speaking African Countries

1. Gabon
2. Benin
3. Burkina Faso
4. Burundi
6. Cameroon
7. Centra Africa Republic
8. Chad
9. Comoros
10. Cote d’Ivoire
11. Djibouti
12. Guinea
13. Madagascar
14. Niger
15. Senegal
16. Togo

Analysis of Francophone countries in Africa


French is the official language in Gabon. More than 75% of the entire population in Gabon are French speaker. French is the medium of instruction in schools. Other languages spoken in Gabon include Teke, Fang, Punu and  Nzebi.


French is generally used as the language of instruction in both elementary and secondary schools. French is also Benin’s official language, and other indigenous languages are spoken across the country. They include Dendi, Bariba, Fon and Yoruba.

Burkina Faso

A lot of languages are spoken in Burkina Faso. The official language is french because Burkina Faso had France as its colonial master. French is also used in political and judicial institutions, press and public services and administrative settings. More than 60 languages are spoken in the country, apart from French. Some of the major ones include Mossi, Fula and Bambara.

Ivory Coast

French is the official language of Ivory Coast. It serves as a medium of instruction and functions as a common language of the people. There are more than 60 languages on Ivory Coast. The most common native language is Dyula, spoken mostly by the Muslims in the country.


French is the official language of Comoros, together with Arabic and Comorian. French is the language of government and administration, and a medium of education.


Chad has French and Arabic has its official languages. Although, more than 90 languages are spoken in Chad, Chadian Arabic is one of the most popular languages in the country.

Central African Republic

French is one of Central African Republic’s official languages, together with Sangho.


Cameroon has French and English, although French is far more popular and spoken than English. Cameroon is regarded as a bi-lingual country.


Burundi has two official languages namely French and Kirundi. Kirundi is the only national language of the country.

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Final Note on Francophone Countries in Africa

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