Lagoon Deer Park: Everything You Need to Know

Important things you have to know about the popular Lagoon Deer Park in USA.

Have you heard about the lagoon deer park located in Sandusky, Ohio, USA? I know that few of us will say yes, while most of us will be on the opposite side, which is NO.

For those of that have visited this place before, I believe that you had a great time there and you enjoyed every moment that you spent at the Lagoon.

Lagoon Deer Park

However, to our fellow brothers and sisters who haven’t visited the place yet and are wishing to know about the ongoing activities at the place and things they can engage in, if they probably pay a visit to the Lagoon Deer Park, you’ll definitely see everything you need to know about the place today. I mean right here on this page.


What is the Lagoon Deer Park Know For?

The Lagoon Deer Park is home to animals of different species from various parts of the world. Also at the Lagoon deer park, there is a gift shop where you can buy many handcrafted items.

Here, animals are let loose in the park so you might have some animals following you while on a visit.

The funniest and sometimes craziest thing here is that as you stroll through the park, you will be greeted by animals of all nations. You’ll feed them by hand, and they will follow you through the park—Pet these animals from Europe, Japan, Asia, South, and North America, and Africa.

Also at the Gift shop,  you’ll find newly crafted gifted items like “antique cigar store Indian, accompanied by Cherokee handcrafts and souvenirs, collectibles, jewelry, and sportswear for all ages. So, you can decide to take a break from the lake.

The Lagoon is also a perfect place to fish with its relaxed and pleasant environment. Fish brought in regularly to the Lagoon are rainbows, bullheads, channel cat, white bass, and carp.

Also, Largemouth, rock bass, bluegill, crappies, perch, muskies, and northern pike propagated on a property that is perfect for the junior angler.

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How Much is the Lagoon Deer Park Entrance Fee

Please, as a new or existing visitor to the Lagoon deer park that the lagoon park is open to the public, and entrance to the park is free.

Exciting Things to Do at the Lagoon Deer Park

Here is a listing of some exciting thing you can do anytime you visit this park;

  1. Fishing.

At the Lagoon deer park, there are four fish ponds that contain fish species like rainbows, bullheads, channel cat, white bass, carp, largemouth, rock bass, bluegill, crappies, perch, muskies, and northern pike.

All you have to do is to find a shady spot on the shore and fish for the day or bring a flat bottom boat (no gas engines) and fish in the middle of the ponds.

NOTE THIS: if you visit the park with an intention of dishing, make sure you bring your own poles and bait

Also, the management of the park offers night fishing on Fridays and Saturday nights, just in case you are not chanced in the day.

Gain knowledge about animals in the park.

When you visit the park, you will get to know more about the animals that you’ve been seeing in pictures. You’ll see them physically with your eyes at the park and possibly ask questions about it from highly knowledgeable persons on the zoo field there.

Shop for friends in the gift shop.

Shopping for your friends is also one of the things you should not forget to consider whenever you visit this park.

Taking pictures of animals in Deer Park.

Take pictures with different species of animal is also one of the interesting things you can do at the Lagoon park.

Remember that there are some websites out there that you can sell your original and adventurous images to.

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Lagoon Deer Park Opening Hours

Check out the opening hours for each activity at the Lagoon below. However, the standard office opening hours are 9:45 AM to 8 PM (Daily).

See the opening hours of this place by visiting their Hours official web page –

Prices for Each activity at the Lagoon Deer Park

Yes, there are three primary services offered at the Lagoon including Petting Zoo, Fishing,and camping. However, each of the services has different divisions and prices.

Checkout the pice list at the official Price web page of the place –

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Lagoon Deer Park Contact Information

Office Address;

  • Lagoon Deer Park 1012 Martins Point Rd. Sandusky, Ohio 44870

Email Address:

Phone Numbers:

  • (419) 684-5701 (use May-September)
  • (419) 357-3388 (use October-April)

Facebook Page – VISIT HERE

Instagram Page – VISIT HERE

You can as well send messages across to the management of the place by visiting their contact us webpage – At the contact us web page of the park, you will see where to send an instant message to the company.

Also, if you are planning a group visit to the place, you will see how to get that done quickly at the end of the contact us page.

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