Godaddy Domains: How to forward non-www to www version

Godaddy Domains: How to forward non-www to www version.

As a godaddy domain/hosting provider user, do you want to know the step by step guidelines on how to forward a non-www domain to www version?  Then, this article is all you need to read right now.

Yes, you know that issue where “” loads fine. But “” keeps bringing up a blank page? It’s most common with blogger custom domains. Here is how to fix it on godaddy.

Step 1:
Log into your godaddy dashboard. Click on My Domains
godaddy my domain
step 2:
On the page that loads. Scroll down to the desired domain and hit the “Manage Connection” option.
manage connection
step 3:
On the right hand panel of the page that loads.  Click on that green Add link.
add forwarding
step 4:
Enter the www version of your domain in the space provided. Configure other fields as shown below. Then hit  the Save button.
forwarding on godaddy

Give it 30 mins to propagate and everything should be just fine…
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