Transfer Godaddy Domain to Namecheap

How to transfer GoDaddy domain to NameCheap. Here is a detailed guide on how to move a registered domain from Godaddy to Namecheap.

Let’s get to it.

step 1: Log in to your GoDaddy account. Then click here to load the domains page.

godaddy domains page

step 2: Click on the domain name you want to transfer as shown in the image above. This should load the domain settings page on GoDaddy.

godaddy unlock domain

step 3: Follow the image above. First Change the domain lock status to off. Then, click on the Transfer domain away from GoDaddy link.

nb: You might have to wait for a while so the Domain lock status is successfully turned off.

step 4: Click continue with transfer button

continue domain transfer

step 5: Check the administrative email associated with the godaddy account. Copy down the authorization code sent to you.

authorization code

step 6: Now head over to your Namecheap account. Click on the Transfer to us button. It’s right there on the main menu.

namecheap domain transferring

step 6: Enter the domain url into the space provided. Then click on transfer.

namecheap domain transfer

step 7: On the page that loads up. Enter the Authorization code you got from Godaddy. Click the verify auth code. You should see a checkmark beside your authorization code. Now, click on Add to Cart.

godaddy to namecheap

step 8: Once you Add to Cart. Click on View Cart. Then, click on Confirm Order.

Enter your payment details. Click on Pay Now.

You should get a purchase successful message on your screen now.

godaddy transfer to namecheap

step 9: Go to your Namecheap dashboard to see the transfer status of your domain.

domain transfer status
Right now, we still waiting for godaddy to release the domain to namecheap

You can always click on Refresh status to see the latest on your domain transfer process.

Waiting for Godaddy to release the domain might take days. But I’ll show a way to speed up the whole stuff.

step 10: Go back to godaddy account. Click Domains >> Transfers >> Transfers Out.

Select the checkmark on the domain. Then click on Accept Transfer.

Accept godaddy domain transfer

The notification below should pop out.

Godaddy domain transfer successful

step 11: Now wait for 20mins. Then go back to the Namecheap dashboard to check the status of your domain transfer.

step 12: After a few hours, everything should be set. Just go back to your Namecheap dashboard. It should look something like the screenshot below:

domain transferred to namecheap

That’s it guys.

Use the comment section below if you’ve any questions.

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