4 types of buttocks on females

A popular question we get asked daily is, ‘What are the types of buttocks on females’?

Your buttocks is fantastic. It’s part of what distinguishes and beautifies your physique.

Buttocks, like breasts, hips and other parts of the body, are not identical.

Although cosmetic surgeons can and do classify buttocks into a few major shape categories as a major aspect of their work there is no such thing as an “average” or “normal” butt type.

A plastic surgeon in Chicago, Florida, who has conducted butt surgeries, implants, and butt augmentation, told awajis.com, “The typical buttock types I see are round, square, inverted V type, and heart type”

So, what type of buttocks do I have?

Categorizing body type isn’t precisely scientific and neither is buttocks type categorization.

The typical ratios between your waistline, hips, and thighs determine these categorizations.

Still, understanding what type of buttocks you have will help you choose the right clothing or lingerie.

So, without any more delay, here are the many types of buttocks as classified by cosmetic and plastic surgeons.


Round, bubble, or O-shaped


Broad hips and fat distribution all around arse cheeks, including the upper parts, result in this buttocks type. Viewed from behind, this gives the buttocks a curved, curved appearance

When shopping for lingerie, seek styles that have decorative stitching in the back to ensure full coverage and prevent friction burns. Thongs and tangas should be fine.

You’ll look amazing in a high-rise, high waist blue denim with fading.


A-shaped or heart-shaped buttocks


An A-shaped buttock is defined by a tapering waistline and fat distribution in the lowest section of the buttock or thighs.

The curves of your hips and buttocks give the appearance of an inverted heart shape when viewed from behind.

If you have a particularly “pear-shaped” physique, this is a frequent buttock shape.

Lingeries with high-cut legs or wider leg slits, such as high-cut underwear, tangas, or miniskirts, are likely to be more comfortable.

To avoid gaping at the waist, seek semi, curved jeans made of elastic denim.


Inverted or V-shaped

This buttock type has a greater thickness at the top near your waist, and less fullness in the lower buttock cheeks, resulting in a V-shaped line between your waist and hips.

Hipsters, boxers, and shorty shorts are more comfortable than underwear with high-cut leg openings since they offer more support for your buttock cheeks.

Jeans with bigger compartments lower on the back or faded on the bottoms will show off your backside.

Stretch-fit jeans are also an excellent option to avoid having your bum squashed by thick, inflexible denim.


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Square or H-shaped

If the contour of your butt is more or less a straight line from your hip bone to your outer thigh, you have a square or H-shaped butt.

People with this shape may have pronounced, protruding hip bones, “hip dips,” or a covering of fatty on their buttocks (sometimes known as “love handles”).

If this describes you, you should probably avoid high-rise lingerie in favour of boy shorts, boxers, or underwear.

You should generally avoid low-rise jeans as well, as higher-waisted leggings may be comfier.

What factors affect butt shape?

Your butt shape is determined by a number of things.

Your skeletal and muscular structure is the most fundamental reason for this, other factors include the:

  • the location of your pelvis and hip bones
  • thickness and size of your gluteal muscles
  • how your buttocks connect to your thigh bones
  • Your bone structure and fat distribution are determined by your DNA.

People keep fats in their bodies in different ways based on their genetics. Some people store bodily fat in their pelvis and buttocks, while others store it in their thighs and midsections.

Hormone levels, size, and age, she adds, all have a role in the buttock shapes.

Ageing and hormone affect fat distribution, particularly after menopause. In comparison to hips and buttocks, more fat is stored around the midsection.

How do I change my buttock shape?

Well, first of all, know that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your butt, so if you’re happy with it, no one should make you feel like you have to change it.

However, if you want to change it — for you and because you want to — exercise, diet, or plastic surgery could make some difference.

For example, there are exercises that work your glute muscles and can help give you a more rounded, perky butt.

These include squats, lunge presses, or leg lifts. (As an added perk, some of these exercises can also help lessen back.)

Plastic surgeons like Bachilo can also perform certain augmentations and enhancements to change your shape. These procedures could include:

  • Brazilian butt lifts
  • implants
  • CoolSculpting
  • Emsculpt muscle treatment
  • Sculptra filler injections


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