Airtel Talk More 5X Bundles: All You Need To Know


Airtel Talk More 5X Bundles – Some people keep saying that Airtel Talk More is a new plan. Is that so? If yes, then that’s for them because this plan is one of the best and most used airtel tariff plans by its customers.

Whenever you want to buy a data bundle or plan, the following are what you certainly consider, its cost, bonuses, and tariff rate. Is it not true? Very well it is.

Despite the fact that TalkMore brings a lot of benefits and bonuses to its subscribers, it has flaws in its tariff rate by making 60 kobos per second which is considered high.

Airtel Talk More 5X Bundles

About Airtel Talk More?

As I said earlier that Airtel Talk More is one of the best tariff plans brought to you by airtel. By using, you are guaranteed 5x (500%) on all recharge which you can use to browse as well.

Airtel Talk More comes with three-voice bundles of N150, N250, and N700 with differs validity periods. With this, you can get amazing bonuses on data, SMS, and calls to all networks (National and international)

NOTE: Talk more bundle is not limited to Nigerian calls alone, as you can as well use it to call people in the USA, Canada, China, UK landlines, and India.

The most important about Airtel Talk More bundle is that it is open to both the prepaid and postpaid Airtel customers, and it comes in different price range beginning from the N60 bundle to the N3,000 bundle.

Airtel has designed this plan in such a way all its subscribers can benefit from it.

Airtel Talk More Terms And Conditions

Listed below are the terms and conditions of the Airtel Talk More plan.

  • Talkmore 5x Bundle is available to All Airtel customers (new and existing).
  • Talkmore 5x Bundle is available to both Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
  • Usage from Talkmore 5x Bundle takes priority over Main Account balance for voice and SMS.
  • If a customer has a data bundle and Talkmore 5x Bundle at the same time, data usage will be charged first from data bundle balance.
  • Calls to an international destination other than USA, Canada, UK Landline, China and India will be charged from Main Account balance

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How To Subscribe To Airtel TalkMore 5x Bundle

Kindly follow the guide below by dialing the codes to activate your Airtel Talk more and start enjoying.

NOTE: Your main account balance must be sufficient for the Talk more bundle you wish to subscribe to. In other words, if you want to subscribe for the N60 – N300, you must have N60 balance on your main account and so on.

Bundle Price Value Received Direct Purchase Code SMS Short Code Validity
N60 N300 *234*60# Send TM60 to 234 30 Days
N100 N500 *234*100# Send TM100 to 234 30 Days
N150 N750 *234*150# Send TM150 to 234 30 Days
N200 N1,000 *234*200# Send TM200 to 234 30 Days
N250 N1,250 *234*250# Send TM250 to 234 30 Days
N300 N1,500 *234*300# Send TM300 to 234 30 Days
N500 N2,500 *234*500# Send TM500 to 234 30 Days
N700 N3,500 *234*700# Send TM700 to 234 30 Days
N1,000 N5,000 *234*1000# Send TM1000 to 234 30 Days
N1,500 N7,500 *234*1500# Send TM1500 to 234 30 Days
N3,000 N15,000 *234*30# Send TM3000 to 234 30 Days

How Long Will the Airtel Talk More Bundle Last?

I have used this plan for some years now and I am certain that the after subscription, your talk more will be valid for the period of 30days (inclusive to all) and after the 30 days, your unused talk more balance will be lost.

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Yes, you can purchase more than one talk more bundle. You are free to make multiple purchases.

Talkmore Bundle can be used to call numbers from all network and send text messages. There is no restriction or limitation on the talkmore bundle. You can also use the talkmore bundle to make international calls to China, United States, India and Canada. You also browse the internet with your talk more bundle.

You can make calls at 60k per second; text messages at 8 Naira per SMS and browse the internet at 51 Naira per megabyte.

How to View your Airtel Talk More Balance

If you want to check your Airtel Talk more balance and you don’t know what to do, Kindly dial *123*5# to view your remaining balance.
NOTE: In some cases, it may occur that your balance will be sent to you via SMS.

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