How To Travel Abroad From Nigeria


Nigeria is a great country richly blessed with human and natural resources, with fertile soil.

Nigeria does not suffer from natural disasters as is always the case with some of the western worlds.

Despite this, a lot of Nigerians still wish to travel abroad from Nigeria. The reason for this may not be far from the poor economic situation of the country.

For some others, they just want to travel abroad from Nigeria, not necessarily because of the way things are in the country, but for the purpose of tourism and sightseeing.

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to travel out of Nigeria to abroad, this article will guide you in achieving that.

In this article, I will show you how to travel abroad from Nigeria.

Step 1: Get An International Passport

If you ever intend on getting out of Nigeria, the first thing you should do is to get an international passport, that’s if you don’t have one already.

You cannot be allowed to set foot out of this country if you do not have an international passport as that’s the only means by which your identity and citizenship can be ascertained.

Given the introduction of the new Nigerian digital international passport, it only takes about 24 hours for your international passport to be ready, and the cost of it could be from N18,000 to N25,000 depending on how fast you want the application process to take.

So walk into any immigration office today and start your application today. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to get the Nigeria International Passport.

Step 2: Have A Clear Purpose For Travelling

A lot of Nigerians suffer like ants when they travel abroad. This is because they did not define the purpose of traveling out of the country before they left.

Yes, Nigeria may not be a friendly place to live for some persons, hence their quest to travel out without any clear vision and purpose on their minds.

But before you make that move, first ask yourself the following questions and write down the answers:

  • Why am I traveling out of my fatherland?
  • Where will I live when I get there?
  • For how long will I stay there?

If you can’t answer these three questions then I’d advise you not to bother traveling, else you might just be selling yourself into slavery.

But a positive answer to the above questions will better give you a clue as to how to better prepare yourself when you travel out, so you don’t end up like most Nigerians who left their good Nigerian jobs just to end up living the life of slavery over there.

Step 3: Choose A Country To Travel To

Haven defined your purpose for want to travel abroad from Nigeria, you decide on the country you wish to go.

It is always advisable to carry out a little research about that country to know how hospitable the people are, the kind of laws they have, and the nature of the government they operate.

The reason you should do this is that, whether you like it or yet the above factors will greatly affect you when you are there.

If the country appears good to you, then you can proceed to the next step.

Also, you should find out whether or not the country in question requires a visa from your home country.

This is so because some countries don’t require a Nigerian passport holder to obtain a visa before migrating to their country.

Step 4: Get A Visa

I believe by now you already know the country you want to travel to. You can now begin the process of getting a visa.

The process of getting a visa can be quite tedious and frustrating but with the right amount of effort and commitment you will eventually get one, that’s if your intentions for traveling to the country of your choice are genuine.

To get your visa, simply visit the official website of the country you intend to travel to, read their visa requirements, and book an appointment with the embassy.

On the day of the appointment, simply go there with all the required documents and present.

If the interview goes well, within one to three weeks, you should have your visa ready. After this, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Book A Flight Ticket

After you have gotten your visa ready, the next thing you must do is to book a flight ticket, as you can not travel to any American, Asian, or European countries by road.

Flight tickets can range from N250,000 to N1000,000 depending on the country you are traveling to, and the class of flight you are paying for.

There is the executive class, business class, and economy class. Economy class is less expensive.

Hence, if you cannot comfortably afford higher class flight tickets, you might want to stick with the economy class.

Step 6: Get Money For Your Trip

Funding is the next important thing you must source for before you can travel abroad from Nigeria.

You must have known by now that traveling out of Nigeria is not a cheap adventure. Hence, you’ll need to find a way to source funds.

Funds could be the show-stopper for any trip, and a trip abroad cannot be any different.

You should know the minimum Basic Travel Allowance ‘BTA‘ of the country you intend to travel to.

Some countries place their BTA as high as N3.5 Million while others put theirs as low as N300,000.

Without presenting this BTA, you cannot be allowed into that country, even after meeting every other criterion above.

The essence of the BTA is so you can have the required amount to book a hotel reservation, pay your transportation bills, and other necessities upon your arrival in the desired country.

A Few Tips On How To Easily Travel Abroad

Below are a few tips that will make it easy for you to travel abroad from Nigeria.

1. Apply To Study In The Country Of Your Choice

It’s easier to get accepted to study in a foreign country than to get accepted as a resident.

A degree in Nigeria with at least a second class upper will really help you. A complete WAEC result is also a great help.

2. Attend Conferences

Conferences can help facilitate your acceptance into foreign countries.

If you apply to attend conferences, you could get accepted to travel abroad for the conference; but before this can happen you must be a professional of some kind, maybe in IT, law, agriculture or medicine.

Do your research and get into these conferences.

3. Represent Your Country Internationally

Want to travel abroad easily? Why not prove yourself the best in your country?

That way you get to travel to various countries to represent your country in international events.

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When you finally arrive in that country, please do not overstay your visa, because doing so will not only affect your chances of renewing your visa but will also affect others seeking to obtain a visa into that country.

That’s all on how to travel abroad from Nigeria.

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