Predict JAMB Answers With These Tips

These tips will help you easily predict JAMB answers, and they will increase your chances of performing exceptionally in JAMB 2021.

Though it is impossible to score correctly on all the answers to the JAMB UTME questions, you can implement techniques that will help you predict JAMB answers accurately.

This article will divulge some secrets about the best way to predict JAMB answers, even when you are not particularly sure of them at first glance.

Predict JAMB Answers With These Tips

These tips will give you a general overview of knowing the direction to take in the exam hall:

  • Waste no time on a question you are ignorant about.
  • Tackle the simple questions before the difficult ones.
  • If you can help it, don’t begin with the use of English for the sake of time.
  • Examiners will like to test your knowledge by placing two similar options side by side.
  • Let the SI unit guide you before picking answers from science questions.
  • Ensure before answering comprehension questions, read the passage first.
  • Note the dates and years when answering questions bordering on subjects like history and government.

Predict JAMB Answers

Now. you can use the tips below to answer Jamb questions when you are out of ideas :

  • Have an idea of the correct answer

On seeing the question, you may think that the answer is ‘A’ or ‘B.’ follow that intuition or conviction; they are usually accurate.

  • Try the elimination method.

The elimination method is a widely used answering strategy, where the least reasonable answers are eliminated in objective questions. You may be unsure of the correct answer, but you have an idea of the wrong ones. Eliminate the answers you may think are wrong and find the correct answer.

  • Check The Pattern That Your Answers Follow:

Most times, Jamb’s CBT answers follow a particular pattern. This can be seen when you check the questions you have already answered correctly.

  • Ignore the conventional wisdom.

At some point in your life, you’ve probably heard exam advice like “always pick the answer at the centre if you aren’t sure” or “avoid answers that include the word ‘never,’ ‘always,’ ‘all,’ or ‘none.'”

Statistics refute this traditional belief. It is discovered that “none of the above” or “all of the above” were correct 60% of the time. Picking any of these answers is a 90 percent improvement over guessing at random.

  • Take a look at the other answers.

Because the right answer choices rarely repeat themselves, looking at the answers to the questions you already know will help you find out which ones you’re stuck on. If you’re confused about question No. 2, but you know the solution to No. 1 is A and the answer to No. 3 in D, you should certainly rule out those options for No. 2. “Knowledge wins outguessing,” of course. First, cross out any answers that you know are incorrect based on the facts.

  • Choose the answer that is the longest.

In multiple-choice exams, the longest answer was almost always the correct one. “Exam writers must ensure that correct answers are unambiguously correct; this frequently requires the use of qualifiers. With incorrect replies, they may not put out as much effort. If one option is considerably lengthier than the others, it is the correct answer.

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