How to Hide Apps on Android Phones in 2022

How to Hide Apps on Android Phones: There’s nothing as valuable as your privacy; the feeling of completely owning your device. This is why it is now important to hide your apps on your Android phone. In the case where your android phone is in the hands of a thief or gets missing, you will remain assured that your private information is safe and untampered.

The app in your android phone hold patches of information that you may want to keep from the eyes of others. Learning how to hide apps on your Android phone will ensure the safety of that information.

How to Hide Apps on Android Phones

Why is it important to Hide Apps on your Android phone?

For one, hiding your app is a way to protect your privacy and safety. You do not want everyone to have access to your apps. This is the major reason why most people keep their apps away from others by hiding them. Let’s be sincere, you do not want your friends, partner, spouse, parents or other loved ones to know that you have a particular kind of app on your phone — Is it Tinder? Baddoo? Grindr? — They simply do not have to know.

The second reason why others may choose to hide their apps on their android phones is to safeguard their personal information which may put them at risk if exposed to some unscrupulous individuals. For instance, many bank details, trade secrets, ideas and intellectual properties have been stolen when android phones get missing. This can happen to anyone. It calls for proactiveness and forethought. What better way to prevent this unfortunate eventuality than hiding your app on your android phone?

A lot of android devices have been known to have bloatware. This bloatware is known to slow down phones and cause them not to work to their full capacity. It can slow down the speed of your application and mess up your phone’s workability. Hiding these bloatware-ridden apps will improve your phone speed and improve the user experience.

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How to Hide Apps on Android using phone settings

So, it is noteworthy to understand that there is no ‘built-in’ method of hiding apps on your android device. But don’t worry, there are other methods to hide your apps on your phone. Though quite difficult, it is possible. This method doesn’t hide your app but disables them. It works better for bloatware because it stops the app from messing up your phone speed.

Here’s how to disable an app from your phone:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on app
  • Tap on whichever app you’d like to disable
  • You will have access to a page that will show the app information
  • Tap disable
  • If a confirmation message pop up, tap ‘disable’ once more to approve the procedure.
  • You will notice the app will not be available for use on your phone menu.

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How to Hide Apps on Android using Third-party apps

Third-party apps can be obtained from the Google Play Store and can be used to hide any apps you want on your Android phone.

They come in different types and functionalities. There are some which can disguise and come with a secondary function, which may be fake or authentic, like the Calculator Vault. What this kind of app does is that if someone has access to your phone, it will fool the person with its secondary role, while primarily hiding your app.

You can also use launchers like Ap 15 launcher or  Apex Launcher, which has a ‘hide app’ feature, some of which allow users to seamlessly hide their folders and apps while others will need users to set a password before hiding apps. Also, some app vaults are available on the play store. App vaults are solely for hidden apps and do not come with secondary functionality or dummy features. They allow you to restrict access to whichever app you hide by setting a pin code or password.

Ensure you painstakingly review each app before you use it to hide your apps and ensure they work properly.

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Other Apps To Hide Applications on Android

1. Vault 

2. Nova Launcher

3. Private Zone

4. Apex Launcher

5. Keepsafe Photo Vault

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