Igbo Names And Meaning

This article is about Igbo names and their English meaning. The Igbo-speaking people dominate the South-Eastern part of Nigeria.

They are known for their entrepreneurial and expansionist desires. The Igbos are also known for their rich cultural heritage, of which their naming system is only an aspect of this fascinating cultural heritage.

Igbo names are considered one of the sweetest and most interesting names within the landscape of Nigeria, as many variables influence the naming of a child in Igbo culture.

For instance, if a family that had lost, say, four children decide to have another baby, they might name this baby OZOEMELA, which means LET ANOTHER NOT HAPPEN. So the best way to understand an Igbo person is first to understand his name, as that will give you a guild into the dynamics that conditioned his naming.

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igbo names and their meanings

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If you live in Nigeria, chances are that you must have heard some funny and weird-sounding Igbo names that you only wished you knew their meaning, but unfortunately, you don’t. But don’t worry, because I will show you the meaning of these names and their gender base because some of these names are gender-sensitive.

Igbo Names And Meaning

So, without expending most of our time, here are the common Igbo names and their English meanings.

IGBO NAMES                      ENGLISH MEANING                                            GENDER

  1. ADAEZE –                             “king’s daughter”                                                   female

  2. ADANNA  –                           “father’s first daughter”                                         female

  3. ADANNAYA –                      “her father’s first  daughter”                                    female

  4. AKACHI –                              “the hand of God”                                                  unisex

  5. AKUCHI –                              “God’s wealth”                                                        female

  6. AMADI  –                               “free man”                                                              male

  7. AMAKA /CHIAMAKA.          “God is good”                                                          female

  8. AMARA –                               “grace”                                                                   female

  9. AMARACHI –                       “God’s grace”                                                           female

  10. AÑULI/ANULIKA                “joy/joy is greater”                                                    female

  11. AZUBUIKE –                         “the past is your strength”                                        male

  12. CHI –                                       “god, spirtual being”                                              unisex

  13. CHIAMAKA  –                      “God is beautiful”                                                       female

  14. CHIBUEZE –                         “God is the king”                                                        male

  15. CHIBUIKE  –                                      “God is strength”                                           male

  16. CHIBUZO –                           “God leads the way”                                                   male

  17. CHICHI –                               “God”.                                                                         unisex

  18. CHIDI –                                  “God exists”                                                                unisex

  19. CHIDIEBERE –                     “God is merciful”                                                            unisex

  20. CHIDIEBUBE –                     “God is glorious”                                                           unisex

  21. CHIDIEGWU –                      “God is wonderful”                                                       male

  22. CHIDIKE  –                             “God is strong”                                                           male

  23. CHIDIMMA –                         “God is good”                                                              female

  24. CHIDUBEM –                                    “guided by God”                                                female

  25. CHIEMEKA  –                       “God has performed great deeds”                                 male

  26. CHIJINDUM –                       “God holds my life”                                                        male

  27. CHIKA                                   “God is the greatest”                                                      unisex

  28. CHIKE –                                 “God’s power”                                                                 male

  29. CHIKELU / CHIKERE. –      “God created”                                                                       male

  30. CHIMA –                                “God knows”                                                                   male

  31. CHINASA –                           “God answers”                                                                 female

  32. CHINEDU –                           “God leads”                                                                     male

  33. CHINONSO –                        “God is nearby”                                                              unisex

  34. CHINWE –                             “God owns”                                                                   female

  35. CHINWEIKE –                      “God owns power”                                                         male

  36. CHINWENDU –                    “God owns life”                                                             unisex

  37. CHINWEUBA –                     “God owns wealth”                                                        male

  38. CHINYELU /CHINYERE.   “God gave”                                                                        female

  39. CHIOMA –                             “good God”                                                                  female

  40. CHIZOBA –                           “God protect us”                                                            female

  41. CHUKS –                                “God”-Slangs                                                                 male

  42. CHUKWUDI  –                      “there is God”.                                                                 male

  43. CHUKWUEMEKA –                         “God has done something great”                           male

  44. CHUKWUMA –                      “God knows”.                                                                   male

  45. EBELE –                                 “mercy, kindness”                                                             unisex

  46. EKENE –                                “praise”                                                                            unisex

  47. EKENEDILICHUKWU –     “all praise to God”                                                                unisex

  48. EKWUEME –                         “he says, he does”                                                             male

  49. EMEKA –                               “great deeds”                                                                   male

  50. ENYINNAYA –                     “his father’s friend”                                                           male

  51. FUMNANYA  –                     “love me”                                                                         female

  52. IFUNANYA –                              “love”                                                                      female

  53. IKENNA –                              “father’s power”                                                          male

  54. NDIDI –                                  “patience”                                                                    female

  55. NGOZI –                                 “blessing”                                                                    female

  56. NKECHI –                              “Gods own”                                                                   female

  57. NKECHINYERE –                “what God has given”                                                      female

  58. NKEMDILIM –                      “let mine be mine”                                                         female

  59. NKIRU –                                  “the best is still to come”                                            female

  60. NKIRUKA –                           “the one ahead is better”                                              female

  61. NNAMDI  –                            “my father is alive”                                                      male

  62. NNEKA  –                              “my mother is greater”                                                female

  63. NNENNA –                            “father’s mother”                                                        female

  64. NNENNE  –                             “mother’s mother”                                                      female

  65. NWANNEKA  –                     “my siblings are supreme”                                          female

  66. OBI  –                                      “heart”                                                                       unisex

  67. OGECHI                                “Gods time”                                                                female

  68. OGECHUKWUKAMA –      “God’s time is beautiful”                                               female

  69. OLUCHI –                              “God’s work”                                                              female

  70. ONYEKA –                            “who is greater”.                                                         unisex

  71. ONYEKACHI –                     “who is greater than God?”                                           unisex

  72. UDO –                                                 “peace”                                                           female

  73. UZOCHI –                              “God’s way”                                                                 female

  74. UZOMA –                                “good way”                                                                unisex

  75. Chisomaga (Chisom)            God walks with me

  76.  Chisomnazu (Som)              God is my protector (God is behind me)

  77.  Somnazu (Som)                   Walk behind me

  78. Chukwukasiemobi               God console my heart

  79. Echioma (Oma)                       Brighter Tomorrow

  80. Enyichukwu                            God’s friend

  81. Chimeremeze                       My God made me King

  82. Chibunwannem                     God is my sibling

  83. Kaitochukwu                         Let’s praise God

  84. Chimsimdiri                             My God said I shall live

  85. Oguguochukwu                    Befriend God

  86. Makuochukwu                      Embrace God

  87. Lotachukwu                          Remember God, Remember the Father

  88. Kachizamekpere                     Let God answer my prayer

  89. Chizaramekpere                    God Answered my prayers

  90. Ekpereamaka                         Prayer is beautiful

  91. Nwukaamaka                         Children born on Sunday are beautiful

  92. Otitochukwu                         In God’s Praise

  93. Otutuchukwu                      Chant for God

  94. Chimdalu                              Thank you, my God,

  95. Chinalu                                  God is at work

  96. Akummiriigwe                       The Dew of Heaven

  97. Kamsiyochukwu                    How I pleaded with God

  98.  Fesochukwu                        Worship only God

  99. Chikeluwa                            God who created the world

  100. Ifechukwuadigo                   God’s light has come

  101. Adimchukwunobi                 Am in God’s heart

  102. Chimbusomma                  My God is so beautiful

  103. Zikoranachigidimma             Show the world your God is good

  104. Kammarachukwu                   Let me know God

  105. Olisabinaigwe                       God in Heaven

Now you’ve known the meaning of those names that you’ve always wanted to know their meaning. If you think there is any other name or names that I have not included in this list, which I should know about, please do well to inform me through the comment section down below.

Perfect Igbo Names for Twin 



What is the most beautiful Igbo name?

The lovely names below will encourage your female child to become an accomplished woman in society.

  • Daberechi: Lean on God.
  • Daluchi: Thank you, God.
  • Eberechi: God’s mercy.
  • Ekpereamaka: Prayer is beautiful.
  • Erinma: A child of beauty and great prospect.
  • Eziamaka: One who believes that good things are obtained by going out.

What is my gift from God in Igbo?

Ifesinachi: Gift from God.


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  1. Chukwudi ndu. God is alive.somtochukwu.join me in praising God. Chim Amanda .my God will not fail..onyinye chukwu.gift of God.chukwunyere God giveth.chukwu eloka .God thinks greatly.kaosisorchukwu the way God want it .ebubechukwu.the glorys of God..

  2. Chukwuma ijem. God knows my way.siteh na ikechukwu.by the power of God.but often times we hear short abbreviations for those names .Chukwuma. And ikechukwu.

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