Urhobo Names And Meaning


The Urhobos are located in the southern part of Nigeria, and they are predominantly in Delta State – Urhobo Names And Meaning. 
The Urhobos, who are a part of the Niger Delta region are predominately known for their occupation as farmers.In this article we are going to list out some Urhobos name and their meaning:
Akpenvwoghene – Praise God
Anaborhi Naborhi – Be born with good destiny
Edewor Dewor – Sacred day of worship in traditional religion
Ejiroghene Ejiro – Praise God
Ejokparoghene – Let’s trust in God
Ejomafuvwe – Let peace reign in my life
Enohor/Elohor – Blessing
Erhiaganoma – Guardian spirit overpowers the body
Erhimeyoma – My guardian spirit (God) is good
Erhinyoja Rhinyoja – Guardian spirit (God) meets our challenges (hears our prayers)
Erhinyuse – Guardian spirit (God) answers prayers
Erhiroghene – The spirit of God
Eseoghene – God’s gift
Eserovwe – God’s grace or Free gift
Oghenebrume – God decided in my favor
Oghenechovwe – God aided me
Oghenefejiro – God is praiseworthy
Oghenegaren – God is great
Oghenekevwe – God gave(provided for) me
Oghenekohwo – God provides
Ogheneme – My God
Oghenemine – I look up to God
Oghenenyore – God answers prayers
Ogheneruemu – God makes things possible
Oghenerukevwe – God did this for me
Ogheneruno – God has so much (great)
Oghenetega Tega – God is worship- worthy
Oghenevwede – God owns the day
Oghenevwogagan – God provides all strength
Oghenochuko – God provides my support
Okeroghene – God’s own time
Omamerhi – Good guardian spirit
Onakpoma – Who creates life?
Onomavwe – Who is my creator?
Onomine – Whom do I look up to?
Onovughakpor – Who can predict what life can bring?
Oyovwikemo – May our children be blessed
Oyovwikerhi -May my guardian spirit (God) be blessed.
Achojah Achojah – Rise up to challenge
Aruegodore Egodo – We have come (established) home
Edojah – Day of challenge
Efemini – Let’s see how wealthy you can be
Efetobo – Wealth is achieved
Efetobore – Wealth has now been achieved
Etanomare – Freed from blame (despair)
Ighomuedafe – Money intoxicates the wealthy
Miriodere – I now have a name
Mitaire – I have achieved (reached) their match
Mivwodere – I now have a name
Oboganriemu – Be strong to survive(eat)
Ogbamremu – The brave meets a lot of challenges
Ojakorotu – This is a group challenge
Ojanomare – I have met the challenge
Onajite – This is sufficient
Onanojah – This is a challenge
Onogaganmue – Who is intoxicated with power?
Onoharhese – Who blames good deeds?
Udumebraye – My presence gives them heartache (challenge)
Edafetanure – The wealthy have spoken
Efemena – Here is my wealth
Efemuaye – Those intoxicated with riches
Etanomare – Freed from blame / despair
Etaredafe – Words of the wealthy
Ighomuedafe – Money intoxicates the wealthy
Ighovavwerhe – There is joy in riches
Irikefe – First to become wealthy
Mitaire Mitaire – I have reached their match
Odafe – Rich individual
Odavwaro – I am contented
Oghomena – Here is my respect
Oghonoro – Respect is greater than gold (riches)
Okagbare – I have all styles / skills
Omonigho – Child is greater than riches
Omonoro – Child is greater than gold
Onogaganmue – Who is intoxicated with prowess (power)?
Orodena – The great one
Norioghene – Look at God’s judgment
Oghenechovwe – God supported me
Oghenekevwe – God gave me (this child)
Oghenenyerhovwo – God answers prayers
Oghenerhoro – God is great
Oghenerukevwe – God did this for me
Ogheneruno – God has done so much (great)
Oghenetega – God is worship worthy
Oghenochuko – God provides my support
Onoharhese – Who blames good deeds?
Oyovwikerhi – May my guardian spirit (God) be blessed
Akpobome – My own life
Akpofure – Life is now peaceful.
Akporovwovwo – Good life in later years
Anaborhi – Be born with good destiny
Asaroyoma – Comfort zones (people prefer comfort zones)
Ataikiru – Talk (plan) before taking action
Avwunudiogba -Those who profess strength with mere talk
Edaferierhi – The rich have good destiny
Edemirukaye -The day I did them a favor
Eghwrudjakpor – I have come to stay / Stranded in this world
Eguono – Love
Ejaita – Let them say
Ejoyovwi – Let it be good (a success)
Emarejedje -The elderly also run for life
Emetitiri – Mine is famous
Emudiaga – Let’s stand firmly
Emuobosa – Your own thing is precious (unique)
Emuvoke – Every thing has time
Enakpodia – The way life should (ought) to be
Enita – Watch what you say
Enitekiru – Think before you act
Enivwenaye – Compare my achievements with those of my detractors
Erhinyuse – Guardian Spirit answers prayers
Erhuvwun – Beauty
Erukainure – We have aided them (met their challenge)
Etarakpobuno – The world has so much to say (much gossip)
Irorokpaka – Our thoughts went far (deep thoughts)
Isio – Stars
Oba – King
Obatare – Destiny
Oborerhinrin – It’s your destiny
Odirin – Patience
Ogbeta – Bad talk
Oghomena – Here is my respect
Okiremute – There is time for every thing
Okpako – Senior
Omafuvwe – I am at peace (All is well with me)
Omenasan – Mine is unique
Onogaganmue – Who is intoxicated with prowess (power)?
Onome – This is mine
Onomine – Whom do I look up to?
Onoriode – Who knows tomorrow?
Otevwobrise – It’s sufficient to make parables
Ovie – King
Oviereya – Queen
Ovigueraye -Everyone with his/her own destiny
Ovuevuraye – Everyone has his/her own minds/thougths
Oyabevwe – Tired of sojourn
Udumebraye – My presence gives them heartache (challenge)
Ufuoma – Peace of mind
Ughwubetine – No more deaths (dying)
Uruemuesiri – Good deeds
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  1. This is awesome! Can we still add this name at this time "Oghenevwemu" (God is the owner of things)? And if the Nanes appear A-z order, it'll be fine, for quick search. Thank you so much!

  2. Believing that the urobobos have common similarity in names and their meanings like in the name AKPORIEFE means life full of wealth and IDONORIRE means money or wealth has come are both pronouns in uvwie languages, I want to be sure if they are both spelled correctly .

  3. Avwerosuogehe rely on God

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