Airtel Extra Credit Code 2021: How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel

Airtel Extra Credit Code 2021: How to Borrow Airtime from Airtel.

Borrow Airtime from Airtel – Just like starboy dy for you. Airtel extra credit loan dy for you to complete the missing conversation. On this post today, we are going to talk about how you can borrow airtime from airtel when running out of it. 

Borrow Airtime from Airtel

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Quick Questions on Airtel Extra Credit

  • Who is qualified to use Airtel Extra Credit? 
  • Who is eligible for this service?
  • How do I apply for the service?

ANSWER: You will get to see all the answers in this article or simply click on any of the titles below that you want to learn more about to easily navigate to what you want.


What is Airtel Extra Credit

Airtel Extra Credit is one the best services offered by Airtel, with this, you can borrow airtime from airtel whenever you run out of it.

I will say that this option is best for emergency situations since it allows you to recharge your phone when you don’t have money or not in the right place to purchase airtime from a vendor.

The important aspect of this is that it is that you can use the borrowed airtime to carry out all Airtel chargeable services.

However, you will pay back on your next recharge with a 15% service charge except for the N25 loan which had already existing service charge of 20%.

Does that seem difficult to understand? For me, I will say know, but if you still want to get more details of it, see the table below for clarification.

Airtime Loan (NGN) Value* You Will Be Credited (NGN) Amount You Pay Back (NGN)
25 20 25
50 42.5 50
100 85 100
200 170 200
500 425 500
1,000 850 1,000
2,000 1,700 2,000

NOTE:  Value you will be credited with excludes 15% service charge which will be deducted.

Airtel Airtime Loan Qualification and Eligibility Criteria


The following category of airtel subscribers is those that will qualify for the Airtime loan.

  • ·Airtel Prepaid Customers with registered SIM.

  • ·Customer’s will be considered based on monthly recharge frequency and average spend.

  • ·Customer who have paid up any previous loan and associated charges.


To be considered eligible for this offer, you have to be or should have been an AIRTEL subscriber for at least 2 months and that notwithstanding recharge your sim with an average of N200 monthly to show them that you are a loyal and consistent subscriber.

How To Apply for Airtel Airtime Loan Services

  • Airtel Extra Credit Code: *500#
  • Airtel Airtime Borrowing Code: *500#

If you want to Apply for Airtel Extra credit,  simply dial this shortcode; *500#  and follow the prompt message to successfully get the Airtime instantly.

To ease your stress of following the popup, get a specific amount that you want by dialing *500*amount#.

Frequently Asked Questions


Airtel Extra Credit permits you to borrow airtime when your airtime is exhausted.It gives you opportunity to borrow airtime that can be utilized for all chargeable Airtel services. You repay your airtime credit on your next recharge.

Airtel provides an advance loan in form of talk time advance for calls to all network in Nigeria

  • At what point will the 15% and 20% service charge apply? 

Airtel will make the necessary service charge deduction from the loan itself. For instance, if the loan is 10 naira, then it will be deducted from the loan.

Yes you can.

Yes. if your advance airtime is enough to cover the international rate.

It might be due to technical glitch. Contact customer care service


You can purchase Talkmore Bundles by dialing *234# to select your preferred Talkmore denomination. You can also purchase Talkmore Bundles by dialing the direct code (e.g *234*100# for Talkmore_N100) or send keyword to shortcode 234 (e.g TM100 to 234 for Talkmore_N100).

Talkmore Bundles are also available as DIRECT RECHARGE via normal recharge voucher by using special recharge code *126*1*RECHARGE PIN#. This works only for the recharge vouchers values N100, N200, N300, N500 or N1000.

To find out the balance of your TalkMore Bundle, dial *123*5#.

Yes, indeed. 

You are free to buy as many TalkMore bundles as you want.

  • What can I use my Talkmore Bundle for?

WITHOUT RESTRICTION, you can Talkmore Bundle to make calls and send SMS to ALL NETWORKS IN NIGERIA. Talkmore Bundles can also be used to call the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and India. You can also use your Talkmore Bundle to access the internet.

If you are facing any challenges while accessing Airtel smart credit. Kindly comment below and we will do justice to that. Don’t forget to share