Should You Consider NYSC Redeployment?


Do you want to know the core reasons why a Corp Member Should or Should Not Consider NYSC Redeployment?  Check them out right here on this space.

Yeah, redeployment is a pretty common situation that more than half of the corp members consider while in camp. When posted to a state that is far less favorable for corp members you will find that about 80% would be thinking about redeployment. Even before being posted some who do not want to risk the winds of NYSC posting would anywhere usually influence their posting.

Those who consider redeploying have a single reason. To find a place that they assume would be more favorable for them. While some of their assumptions can be said to realistic, some does not happen as imagined.

What are we talking about? Let us first consider the advantages of redeployment.

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Should You Consider NYSC Redeployment?

Importance of NYSC Redeployment

You should know why you want to consider making redeployment. Below are some of the advantages that some corp members consider when they make the choice to redeploy.

Higher Allowance

Those who are redeployed to a new state often do it to find a state where they would be paid higher allowance. A higher allowance could come from the additional allowance that some states do pay, or the allowance from schools or work place. It is understood that some states pay a better and higher average amount than other PPA’s in other states.

Better Opportunity

It is well understood that all the states are not equal in financial opportunities. Some are more economically viable than others. It is in this states that most corp members prefer to find themselves. During their service year corp members in this state could have the advantage to find an extra job and extra pay. Even after their service year some who are retained in their PPA can hardly reject the offer because the state is favorable and the job is conducive.

Securing Employment

Before coming to service there are some who are already working so most often they work their service or redeploy to their new state so that they can retain their work and still enjoy the benefit of NYSC allowance. Others redeploy through companies they know who invites them to work with them during the service year who would likely retained after service.

Marital Unity

As we know married women and pregnant women are allowed to redeploy to their husbands state of residence. This would allowed them to stay close to their family

For married men who know that they don’t stand a chance to redeploy on marital grounds since they are men, they sought out ways, likely get some forged medical reports and work their way back to their wife and family. For men who do this I believe they have strong regard for family unity and togetherness which a fine quality.

 Medical issues

Those who sincerely have medical issues can legally apply for redeployment which gives them the advantage to stay closer home or continue their treatment with their doctor. This would surely benefit to treat themselves properly while still serving their fatherland.


When a corp member feels his security is threatened and he cannot cope with serving in the states labeled ‘highly risky states’ then he should consider redeployment. That would enable him to avoid putting his life in danger.

 Disadvantages of NYSC Redeployment

Redeployment has their own issues that anyone considering such move should weigh in the balance. Here are some of those

 Delay in payment of allowance

Corp members who redeploy to a new state usually experience say 3 months delay in the payment of their ‘alawee’. I don’t think this delay is intentional, I believe it is process of trying to transfer your details and account to your new state that usually causes this payment disruption. For those who cannot handle staying without this allowance for the few months might want to think redeployment carefully.

So many ask, “are you sure my money would not enter story lane?”

Crowded state of redeployment and effect

As much as everyone likes good things the numbers of corp members vying for the state you wish to redeploy are usually in large. In addition to those originally posted to this places the number of corp members in this state increases as new redeployed corpers are added making the state getting crowded or over flooded with corp members. What is the effect of this?

Most likely all the favorable PPA’s might have been taken up by then and getting a PPA or even a good PPA might prove to be difficult most times. Some sadly find themselves in very interior areas of these states that might live them with sigh throughout their service year.

Redeployed To Another state

Most often than not most corp members who apply for redeployment are given a state that is not their state of redeployment. This shift usually happens when that state they have applied for is filled up. There are usually transferred to a state closer to the state they applied for.

This means a change in plan and expectation for the corp member. With their new fate corpers cannot really tell what it might look like in their new state of redeployment, which brings them to same level of the original state they were posted to.

Increased Stress

By the time this corp members arrive at their new sate of redeployment they found out that nearly everywhere is filled up. They are usually tasked to start finding a PPA for themselves which might take a frustrating long time and stress.

 Financial Cost

Redeployment sometimes causes financial strain on corp members. Some have to pay their way to work out their redeployment. That is no full guarantee though that it must work out.

After their redeployment they also have to foot their expenses to their new state which can be extra expenses on them.


Some have been blessed for taking the steps for redeploying, to some others it has proved disappointing. When making the plan to redeploy consider the pros and cons carefully and be sure of making your decision. To me I believe life everywhere is the same. You might live your blessing chasing after the wind in a new state.

It has been my pleasure to share this with you. Thanks for the gift of your time. You are a blessing!


  1. people who apply for relocation after 3months of deployment, am in Gombe state now and I want to apply for relocation on line base on insecurity pls will I still have problems wth my allowance?

  2. I really want to redeploy based on insecurity and health issues. where I am isn’t safe and since I came there my health isn’t the same. I fall sick often and on.

  3. Comment Text*please i apply in the first time when iam in the camp with health certificate and you donot considered it, since when i posted iam always sick ihave to travel away before iwill see doctor, becouse the place i posted they donot have doctor, itravel 3times now, if you donot want me to die pleased relocate me to near bye my state,so that it will enable me to see my doctor, becouse i appy ones no body tested me an you reject.

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