How to Borrow Airtime Credit with MTN XtraTIME

A lot of times you may discover you are out of airtime when you urgently need to make an important call. At this time, you may not be able to purchase airtime directly from your bank and you may run out of physical cash to buy airtime. What will you do in that frustrating moment?

flash answer: The code for accessing all new MTN xtraTIME portal is *606#

MTN is Nigeria’s most popular network. It has warmed its way to the heart of Nigerians through various friendly services in order to help Nigerians communicate and get in touch with one another consistently.

For customers who may be stuck or incapable of purchasing airtime when the need arises, MTN has launched a service that will cater to their needs.

This service is called MTN xtraTIME.

How to Borrow MTN credit with MTN XtraTIME

What is MTN XtraTIME?

The MTN XtraTime is a service that permits MTN customers to ‘borrow’ airtime from their network when they have a low account balance. With MTN xtraTIME, you can borrow airtime and pay back much later. You can use this borrowed airtime for calling, browsing, data subscription and texting.

So the code for accessing the MTN xtraTIME portal is *606#, you will see a  pop-up menu that will verify your eligibility for the MTN xtraTIME service.

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How Do I Check My MTN XtraTIME Credit Balance

That’s easy! You can simply daily *556# which will give you a clue of the outstanding MTN XtraTIME Credit Balance. Once you check your account balance, you will notice a negative value which will signal that you owe a specific XtraTIME credit Balance.

The MTN XTRA TIME credit balance you owe will be deducted from your next recharge. If the amount you recharge is less than the MTN XTRA TIME credit you owe, it will be subtracted whenever you recharge next.

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MTN XtraTIME terms and conditions

So there are limitations and rules you need to abide by. These agreements are referred by MTN as terms and conditions. The MTN XtraTIME is only available for customers that are eligible.

For you to be eligible for the MTN XtraTIME service, you must:

  • be an MTN customer.
  • have an MTN prepaid sim, already registered.

Other terms and conditions are:

  • Your account balance must have a balance of 12 Naira or below.
  • Your average recharge will also be considered.
  • You must be above the age of 18. You are bound by the terms and conditions if you start using the service.

The XtraTime account is described as an account that will be made for you as soon as MTN approves your request for an XtraTine credit. 15% of your XTRA TIME credit will be for service charges, while 85% will be credited to your account.

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MTN XtraTIME credit bands

You are eligible for a wide variety of MTN XtraTime credit bands, as long as you met the eligibility criteria.

The MTN XtraTime credit bands are displayed below;

Lending band Total Spend from previous month MA Balance (NGN) USSD SMS Keyword to 606 Service Fee
N25 NGN 50 – 100 5 *606*25#  25 20.48%
N50 NGN 101- 199.99 12 *606*50# 50 15.36%
N100 NGN 200 – 799.99 12 *606*100# 100
N200 NGN 800 – 1599.99 20 *606*200#  200
N400 NGN 1600- 1999.99 40 *606*400# 400
N500 NGN 2000 – 2999.99 50 *606*500# 500
N750 NGN 3000 – 5999.99 75 *606*750# 750
N1000 NGN 6000 – 7999.99 75 *606*1000# 1000
N1500 NGN 8000 – 11999.99 75 *606*1500# 1500
N2000 NGN12000 – 14999.99 75 *606*2000# 2000
N3000 NGN15000 – 19999.99 75 *606*3000# 3000
N5000 Above NGN20000 75 *606*5000# 5000


It is important to note that MTN has the right to introduce or withdraw any existing XTRAtime credit without prior informing you. You will be charged from the XTRA time balance, though it Is non-transferrable and cannot be used for share ‘n sell transfer.

After you have used up your xtratime airtime, you won’t be able to call or text until you have refunded your MTN xtratime credit by recharging. You can still contact the MTN customer service number.

MTN XtraTIME Service charge

There is always a deduction of 15% once you request for MTN xtratime credit. So if you request for 100 MTN xtratime credit, there will be a service charge of 15 Naira. You will be credited the remaining 85 Naira.

How to pay back MTN XtraTIME

For you to refund your MTN xtratime owed, you have to make a recharge. First, ensure you confirm the outstanding MTN xtratime owed. Dail the balance enquiry code and you will find your owed figure in a negative figure. When you make a recharge the owed MTN xtratime will be deducted from whatever amount your recharge.

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How to Borrow Xtra Airtime via *606# Menu

  • On your phone, dial *606#, ensure you pick Xtratime.
  • You are free to choose the amount you want from the list
  • After picking the amount you want, the system will send you a reply with the amount you intend to borrow and the relevant service fee, so that you can confirm the transaction.
  • After confirming the transaction, the service fee will be deducted and your MTN sim will be credited with the Xtra airtime. You will also receive a message notifying you of a successful transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions on MTN XtraTIME

Q. How can I check if I am eligible for the service?
A. You can use the following methods to find out if you’re eligible for the MTN XtraTIME service;

  • Dial the code *606#, then tap  ‘My Account’ and then choose ‘1’ to ‘Check eligibility’.
  • You can also send the SMS keyword: STATUS to ‘606’
  • You can dial 606, make sure you follow the voice prompt to find out if you are eligible or not.

Q. What are the different airtime bands available on XtraTime?
A. The following airtime bands are available on XtraTime:

  • N25
  • N50
  • N100
  • N200
  • N400
  • N500
  • N750
  • N1000
  • N1500
  • N2000
  • N3000
  • N5000

Q. Will the airtime I borrowed be loaded into my main account after successful requests?
A. Yes, the airtime borrowed will be credited to your main account.

Q. How can I check my XtraTime account balance?
A. YUse the following methods to check your XtraTime account balance;

  • Dial *606# access the menu, ensure select ‘My Account’ then choose ‘2’ to see your xtratime account balance.
  • You can also use the 606 IVR menu: Simply dial 606, follow the voice prompt, press 5 and your account balance will be sent to you in an SMS.
  • From SMS: Send the text ‘Balance’ to the code ‘606’

Q. What are the activities that I will be able to perform on 606 IVR and *606# menu?
A. YThese are the following activities you can perform on the menu;

  • You can equest for Airtime .(XtraTime)
  • You can request Data. (Xtrabyte)
  • You can check Balance.
  • Preferred Language option (Available on 606 IVR ONLY)

Q. Will I be charged for accessing 606 IVR or *606# menu?
A. No acces

No,  606 IVR or *606 menu is totally free, it incurs zero-charges.

Q. Can I borrow airtime if I have an existing airtime loan to pay back?
A. True. If you are at liberty to borrow another airtime it doesn’t matter if you have an existing airtime loan to pay back, so long as you are still within your credit limit.

Q. Will I be able to borrow airtime or data multiple times within my credit limit?
A. Yes, you are at liberty to borrow airtime or data multiple times as long as it is within your credit limit. This applies to data at the same time but within your credit limit.

Q. Can I exceed my credit limit in a month?
A. No, you are not allowed to exceed your credit limit in a month. Your credit limit may change in accordance with how much you recharge in preceding months.

Q. Can I increase my XtraTime credit limit?
A. Yes, if you increase your recharge within a month, it will lead to an increase in your xtratime credit limit.


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