100+ Popular Igbo Baby Names and Their Meaning

Igbo Baby Names – Are you looking for Popular Igbo Baby Names and Meaning? This article will give you the best of them. Names are not just a tool for identification.

Igbo Baby Names

Names are also a powerful means to express oneself. Igbo baby names comprise of the cultural expression and traditional values of the ethnic group.

Igbos are among the most dominant ethnic groups in Nigeria. The tribe flourishes in the Southeastern part of the country.

The Igbos name their babies, taking cognizance of what happens when that child was birthed. Igbo names are also religious in meaning because the Igbos are very religious. Other factors that contribute to an Igbo name and meaning are birthplace and ancestors.

Another aspect of the Igbo baby naming process is the market days and the father’s first name. Igbos highly regard name and use it to create an identity and prolong the familial heritage.

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Popular Igbo Baby Names and Meaning

This article compiles over 100 of the most popular Igbo Baby Names and Meaning.

Achike Give praise to God Boy
Akumjeli I will enjoy that wealth Girl
Akwaugo My precious daughter Girl
Amaogechukwu Lord’s time is the best Girl
Chibuikem God is my power Boy
Chidindu Show the world that God is alive Boy
Chimamanda My God Will Not Fall or Fail Me Boy
Chizutere God’s envoy Boy
Chukwudaalu thank you, Lord or thank God Girl
Chukwuebuka God is great Boy
Ekene The one who recieves a lot of praise Unisex
Fumnanya Love me Girl
Ginikachukwu There’s nothing greater than a child and “there’s nothing greater than the Lord Girl
Ifeanyichukwu God is most powerful or no one is greater than God. Boy
Isioma One who is fortunate and blessed. Girl
Kamsiyochukwu God gave me exactly as I asked Boy
Obimnaetochukwu My heart praises God Boy
Onochie The one who can replace the status of the father. Boy
Ozioma The message, God’s good news Girl
Uzoamaka A good path Girl
Abaeze Branch of the kings Boy
Achebe One who is protected by the Goddess Unisex
Adaego Daughter of wealth Girl
Adaeze Princess, daughter of the king. Girl
Adaku A girl born into a wealthy family or the one who brings wealth to the family. Girl
Adanna Father’s daughter, given to the elder sister of a girl Girl
Adaobi The first daughter in the family compound. Girl
Adaolisa God’s daughter. Girl
Adaugo Beautiful daughter or daughter of an eagle. Girl
Adaure Daughter of Uruala, a town in Imo State. Girl
Addana The younger sister of a girl Girl
Afamefuna My name will not be lost. Boy
Ahunna One with the body of her father. Girl
Akachukwu The hand of God. Boy
Akuada A girl born into a wealthy family. Girl
Akunna Father’s wealth. Boy
Amaechi Who knows tomorrow? Boy
Amaka Queen of ravishing beauty who is spontaneous and versatile by nature Unisex
Amandi Trust no one, one who doesn’t trust anyone easily. Boy
Amara Immortal Being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or Bitter Boy
Amobi Who knows the heart of man? Boy
Anozie We are now settled or well positioned. Boy
Anwuli Joy, a joyous and happy girl. Girl
Anwulichukwu Joy of the lord. Girl
Anwulika My joy is great or joy is greater. Girl
Apunanwu A precious and beautiful girl untainted by the sun. Girl
Arinzechukwu Thanks be to God. Boy
Azubuike Strength gained from experiences of the past. Boy
Binyelum Stay with me. Girl
Bunkechukwu The one who belongs to God. Boy
Chetachi One who always remembers God. Boy
Chetachukwu One who always remembers God. Boy
Chiagozie God has blessed me. Girl
Chiasoka God is too sweet. Girl
Chiazokam God has saved me well. Girl
Chibarameze God has made me a king. Girl
Chibinobim God dwells in my heart. Girl
Chibuike God is strength. Boy
Chibundo God is my shelter Girl
Chibundu God is life Boy
Chibunna God is my father Boy
Chibuogu God is my strength. Girl
Chibuzor God first or God leads Boy
Chichima A sweet and precious girl. Girl
Chidiadi There is God Boy
Chidiebere God is merciful Boy
Chidiebube God is glorious and great. Boy
Chidozie May God fix it and make it good for me. Boy
Chiekezie God has made it good for me. Boy
Chiemeka God has done well. Boy
Chiemelie God has won. Boy
Chiemezie God has made it good for me. Boy
Chikanma God is better than any other thing. Boy
Chikezie May God appease. Boy
Chimankpa God knows my wants. Boy
Chimaobi God knows the heart. Boy
Chimezie Let God do it. Boy
Chinaka God decides or God schedules. Boy
Chinecherem God thinks and worries on my behalf. Boy
Chinechezirim God thinks good of me. Girl
Chioke Gift of God Boy
Chisimdi God says I shall live. Girl
Chukwudumaga God leads me. Boy
Chukwuemerie God has won. Boy
Chukwueneka God is kind to us. Boy
Chukwuma God knows, God knows better than anyone. Boy
Chuwudubem Lead me, oh God. Boy
Daberechi Lean on God, one who is dependent on God. Girl
Daluchi Thank God. Girl
Debare One born during good times. Boy
Diarachukwundu Live for God Boy
Ebubechukwu The glory and greatness of God. Boy
Echezonanna Don’t forget your God and your father. Boy
Ejikeme It’s not by power. Boy
Ekemma One who was born on Eke market day. Girl
Ekenedilichukwu Thanks be to God Boy
Emeka in Igbo this name means great deeds or god has done a lot. Boy
Emenike It’s not by might or power. Boy
Enyinnaya His father’s friend. Boy
Epkereamaka One who finds prayer is good and wonderful. Girl
Esomchi Walking with the lord or one who follows God Boy


It’s not by power Boy
Ezesinachi The chief is from God. Boy
Ezeudo King of peace. Boy
Eziamaka One who believes that good things are obtained by going out. Girl
Ezichi Good God! Girl
Ezinne The good mother. Girl
Ganiru Good luck Boy
Ginika What can be greater than God? Girl
Ginikanwa What is greater than a child? Girl
Golibe Rejoice, a joyous fellow. Boy
Gosifechukwu Show the light of God to all. Boy
Hanyechukwu Leave it for God. Boy
Iben Harmony Boy
Ifechi The light of God. Boy
Ifechiluru What God has done. Girl
Ifechukwu The light of God. Girl
Ifechukwude What God has written. Boy
Ifedimma Something good Girl
Ifekristi The light of Christ. Unisex
Ifemyolunna What I asked of the lord. Boy
Ifeyinwa Nothing can be compared to a child. Girl
Ifunanya Love Girl
Igwebuike Strength in numbers. Boy
Iheanacho Precious or what everyone seeks. Boy
Ihuoma One who is favored. Girl
Ihuomachukwu God’s favor. Girl
Ijeawele A smooth journey. Girl
Ijemma A good journey. Girl
Ikechukwu The power of God. Boy
Ikemba Strength of the nation. Boy
Ilozumba Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten. Boy
Ilozumba Nigerian term meaning, our distant home is forgotten. Boy
Isinachi One who is sent from God. Boy
Jachike Give praise to God or Hail God. Boy
Jayamma Praise to the lord. Boy
Jideofor Nigerian term meaning, you are justified. Boy
Kachisicho God’s desire Boy
Kachiside As God has written it or the will of God. Boy
Kaetochukwu May God be praised. Boy
Kainyechukwuekene Let’s praise the Lord. Boy
Kairaluchukwu Let’s leave it to God. Girl
Kaisoluchukwu Let’s follow God. Girl
Kalu Kalu means God of Thunder Boy
Kambili Let me live or I shall live. Boy
Kamdilichukwu Let me live for God. Boy
Kamfeechi Let me worship God. Boy
Kamfeechukwu Let’s worship God or let me praise God Girl
Kamharida I shall not fall. Girl
Kamsiyonna God has granted my request. Girl
Kamtochukwu Let me praise God. Girl
Kanayochukwu Let’s keep begging from the lord. Boy
Kanyinulia Let’s rejoice and have fun. Girl
Kaodinakachi Leave your destiny to God. Boy
Karaluchukwu Let’s leave it for God. Girl
Kasarachukwu Tell it to God, one who always confides in God. Girl
Kasiemobi Comfort me or console me. Girl
Kelechi Glorify God. Boy
Kesandu One who spreads life to all. Girl
Kosarachi Tell it to God. Girl
Kristibueze Christ is the king. Boy
Kufreabasi Do not forget God, one who always remembers God. Unisex
Kwento One who protects the family name from destruction Unisex
Lebechi Look unto God. Girl
Lotachukwu Remember God Boy
Lotachukwu Remember your God. Girl
Lotanna Remember the father or the God Boy
Machie Replacement of a lost gem. Unisex
Maduenu A term meaning The impermanence of life. Unisex
Maduka People are worth more than riches. Boy
Makuachukwu Embrace God. Girl
Mkpulunma A thing of beauty. Girl
Mmasichukwu The will of God. Girl
Munachimso One who always agrees with God. Boy
Nchedochukwu God’s protection. Boy
Nchekwube Trust in God. Girl
Ndidi One who is patient. Girl
Nwabueze Child is the king Boy
Obiageli One who is born into wealth. Girl
Obiajulu My heart is at peace. Boy
Obiefune do not lose hope. Boy
Obiefune do not lose hope. Boy
Ogechi A fresh and successful ending of a struggle or contest Girl
Ogechukwu The very new mode of living or a characteristic state, new earthly life Girl
Ogechukwukama This means the beginning of a new style of living, the start of fresh human events and activities Girl
Ogechukwukana The time spent worshiping God is the best. Unisex
Okorie Born on Orie Boy
Oluebube Miracle. Girl
Somtochukwu Praise God with me. Girl
Udumelue Crowned with honor and pride Girl
Ugoulo Pride of a home. Girl
Uloaku Nigerian term for bank or house of wealth. Girl
Yoruba Peace Girl
Zikoranachidinma Show the world that Lord is good. Girl
Zinachidinma Show that the Lord is good. Girl


The significance of names in Igbo culture

A lasting and influential part of the Igbo culture is the act of naming. In Igbo culture, names carry so much significance. This means names are not just tags but the substance of power and meaning. Igbo names can be used to describe the birth circumstance of a child, or the day of birth. Most times, Igbo baby names may carry a theological or divine message or can serve to remind the bearer of a specific virtue or trait during the course of his or her life.

In pre-colonial Igbo land, Igbo babies were given names in dedication to the supreme or personal god chi. The chi has a duty to guide and protect the child, even after childhood. That tradition still holds to this day, although in a more Christianised version.

Here are some ways the Igbos name their babies:

  • Circumstances surrounding the babies’ birth. These may include appearance, socioeconomic status and birthplace.
  • A concern for the future of the child and to share the message of hope for the success of the child throughout the course of his or her life.
  • An Igbo baby may be given a name indicating disappointment or distraughtness in connection to the child’s birth.
  • An Igbo baby may be given a name so as to incur protection or favour from spirits

Now you’ve known the meaning of those names that you’ve always wanted to know their meaning. If you think there is any other names or names that I have not included in this list that I should know about, please do well to inform me through the comment section down below.

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