Airtel Data Plans 2021

Airtel Data Plan 2021; How subscribes to a new data plan on airtel, airtel data migration code, best data plans for airtel users, is airtel mega pack plan the best data plan? Find answers to all these questions and many more below;

airtel data plan

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Airtel is rated as one of the best telecommunication networks in Nigeria though sometimes their network does fluctuate and also some people complain. Inside Life…

Today I will show you the best airtel data plan that you should subscribe to. The level of internet experience you had is a result of the data plan you’ve subscribed to.

Lemme quickly list down the various data plans that are available on Airtel before we discuss them;

  1. Daily / Weekly Plans
  2. Monthly plans
  3. Mega Pack Plans
  4. Download Pack
  5. Social plan

NOTICE: Before you subscribe to any other data plan, make sure you have exhausted your data (megabytes) by simply dialing *123*123#, *141*11*0#  or *140# to check your data balance.

Airtel Data Plans and Migration Codes

Daily / Weekly Plans

Cheap plans for 24 hours, weekly and biweekly. They are very affordable.

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD CODE
N50 20MB 1 Day *141*50# Buy now
N100 75MB 1 Day *141*100# Buy now
N200 200MB 3 Days *141*200# Buy now
N300 350MB 7 Days *141*300# Buy now
N500 750MB 14 Days *141*500# Buy now

Monthly Plans

Monthly data plans are designed for all your internet needs and are presented below:

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD CODE
N1,000 1.5GB 30 Days *141*1000# Buy now
N1,500 2.5GB + **1GB Night 30 Days *141*1500# Buy now
N2,000 3.5GB 30 Days *141*2000# Buy now
N2,500 4.5GB + **1GB Night 30 Days *141*2500# Buy now
N3,000 5.5GB + **1GB Night 30 Days *141*3000# Buy now
N4,000 7.5GB + **2GB Night 30 Days *141*4000# Buy now

** Night Data is usable 1AM – 7AM Daily


Mega Packs Plan

Mega Packs are designed for heavy data users. With MegaPack, you’ll enjoy Streaming, Downloads, etc on your device or across multiple devices. Quite interesting, I must confess.


Data Allowance Price Validity USSD CODE
12GB(10GB + **2GB Night) N5,000 30 Days *141*5000#
25GB N10,000 30 Days *141*10000#
40GB N15,000 30 Days *141*15000#
60GB N20,000 30 Days *141*20000#

** Night Data is usable 1AM – 7AM Daily


Download Pack

This plan offers an affordable Data Plan for Downloads:

Price (Naira) Plan Validity USSD Code
N350 1GB 1 Day *141*354#

Social Plans

For easy access to all social media platforms. With Social Plans you can be sure to stay connected 24/7.

Price(Naira) Plan Validity USSD CODE Description
N25 10MB 1 Day *948*4# This plan gives access to chatting on WhatsApp only.
N50 40MB 1 Day *991*4# These plans give access to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp.
N100 80MB 5 Days *688*3#
N300 600MB 25 Days *688*1#

Instagram Plans

These plans give access to Instagram only. A must for Instagram users!

Price (Naira) Plan Validity USSD CODE
N100 250MB 1 Day *141*105#
N200 1GB 1 Day *141*205#


Airtel 4G Bundles

Airtel 4G bundles are special data plans designed for routers to deliver a superfast internet experience on 4G network in locations that have 4G coverage. The bundles are locked to Airtel Routers on 4G network, meaning that the data cannot be consumed outside of Airtel 4G coverage area.

Price Data Allowance Validity USSD
N9,999 30GB 30 *141*9999#
N19,999 80GB 30 *141*19999#

*Note that these plans can be used ONLY on Airtel 4G Network.


Top Up Bundles (Postpaid)

Top Up Bundles are data plans that allow postpaid customers to stay connected for the rest of the month after their monthly Data bundle is exhausted.

Price (Naira) Plan Validity USSD CODE
N500 1GB Month End *141*11*9#
N1000 2GB Month End *141*11*10#
N2000 4GB Month End *141*11*11#
N5000 10GB Month End *141*11*12#


To get the Airtel Night plan, you will need to Migrate to this airtel package called Airtel SmartTrybe.

SmartTrybe is a very cheap airtel night plan which provides the best rate on data and calls to all networks, along with cool night browsing. To Migrate to Airtel SmartTrybe, Dial *312#.

You surely will enjoy the following benefits:

  1. 30% extra data on bundles of 500 naira and above purchased in Nigeria.
  2. 1GB for 500 naira, Valid for just 7 days
  3. Cool Night browsing: (25 naira for 500MB, valid between 12 midnight to 5 am).
  4. Free 15mb every week.

airtel data plan

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To share data on Airtel with ease:

  1. 10MB: Dial *141*712*11*recipient number#
  2. 25MB: Dial *141*712*9*recipient number#
  3. 60MB: Dial *141*712*4*recipient number#.

How to check airtel data balance

below is the correct code for checking AirtelNigeria data balance.

Dial *141*11*0#

or *141*712*0#

or *223#


Hope this article was super helpful? Share your thoughts with us using the Comment box.

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