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Hey, Welcome to the MTN Nigeria Internet Bundle page.

This page will do a simple job. That job is to list out all the new MTN Data Plans for Nigeria. Each data plan will be accompanied by their activation code, duration and data allowance.

Please note that this page is strictly for MTN Nigeria Data Subscription Codes. I hope you find it useful. I’m just gonno jump right into it.

Before Subscribing: Check MTN Data Balance

Sometimes, poor network might lead to believe your browsing data is finished. This has happened to me before.

Here is how to check your MTN Data Balance: Text 102 to 131. It’s that simple.

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MTN Data Bundles & Activation Codes

Hope you’ve confirmed that you are truly out of data? You may proceed now.

Below is a list of all MTN Data Plans and their Activation Codes.

Daily: 24 Hour Plans

₦100 (30MB for 1 day) — text 104 to 131.

₦200 (100MB for 1 day) — text 113 to 131.

Weekly: 7 Day Plan.

₦500 (750MB for 1 week) — text 103 to 131.

Monthly: 30 Day Plans

₦1,000 (1.5GB for 1 month) — text 106 to 131.

₦2,000 (3.5GB for 1 month) — text 110 to 131.

₦5,000 (10GB for 1 month) — text 116 to 131.

₦10,000 (22GB for 1 month) — text 117 to 131.

2 Months: 60 Day Plan

₦20,000 (50GB for 2 months) — text 118 to 131.

3 Months: 90 Day Plan

₦50,000 (85GB for 3 months) — text 133 to 131.

mtn data plan

That’s all for now. Hope you found this post precise and useful.

Have a question about MTN Nigeria Data plan? Feel free to drop a comment below. I will respond.

MTN Data Plan for Android

Most internet enabled devices in Nigeria run on Android platform.  This section will summarize what I feel is the best MTN data plan for Android devices (Smartphones and Tablets). Lets dive in:

Almost everything you do on an Android device will be connected to the Internet. The plan you chose will depend on your budget. Here is my go to plan for Android device: 3.5GB for ₦2,000. It should be okay for your optimum Facebook, Instagram and twitter usage. The activation code is *110# and it will last for 30 days.

If you’re working on a low budget, Use the 1.5GB plan. It cost just ₦1,000. The subscription code is *106#. It will last for 1 month too.

If you are heavy user like myself. Consider the 10GB or 22GB plans. The cost is ₦5,000 and ₦10,000 respectively. See the activation codes on the monthly plan section here.

MTN 1gb Data Plan

Records show that this was the most popular MTN Data plan. The cost was and still is ₦1,000. But the data allowance has been increased. It’s now 1.5GB (that’s 500MB more).

How to activate the MTN 1.5gb plan: The mtn data plan code for 1000 naira is *106# OR You can just send 106 to 131. It’s a monthly plan so it will expire 30 days after subscription.

mtn 500 naira data plan

This is another popular option. This data plan will last for just one week (7 days) though. Data allowance is 750MB. Activation code is *103# (or you could text 103 to 131)

It’s ideal for a ‘not so smart phones‘ with very little data consumption. You may use it on your PC or Android for emergencies too. I’d advise Smart phone users not to use this as their regular subscription plan. You ‘re better off with a monthly plan.

Table of content: MTN Monthly PlanMTN 500 Naira Data Plan | MTN 1G Data Plan | MTN Data Plan for Android

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