Youtube TV Referral Program: Sign Up, Features, Limitations and Benefit

YouTube TV is a real-time television streaming platform that offers live broadcasts from more than 85 terrestrial, satellite, and local sports networks.


With a YouTube TV subscription, you get the following:

  • Sporting events in real-time and must-see shows
  • Limitless DVR storage space
  • For a single fee, you can get up to six accounts.

You can stream on any device, including your smartphone, iPad, pc, or television. YouTube Originals and popular YouTube videos are also available on YouTube TV.

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YouTube TV Referral Program

If you invite a friend to register for a YouTube TV subscription for the 1st time, you may both receive a discount on your next monthly premium.

You must be a paid subscriber with a valid YouTube TV Basic Package to participate. Your referral will receive a special discount for the 1st month as long as they are subscribed to YouTube TV for the first time.

You’ll get a discount on your next bill as soon as they pay their first bill.

See below for more information on referring a friend and who is qualified to join.

How to Send a Referral

If you’re a paid YouTube TV subscriber with a valid Base Package membership, you can send a referral. If you’re part of a family group, anybody in your family can send a referral.

When a new member joins your family through your referral link, only the family manager will be able to enjoy the discount.

To send a referral, follow these steps:

Go to in an internet browser or use the YouTube Television application.

Tap on your profile pic and then select “Refer a Friend.”

You’ll receive a one-of-a-kind referral code to send to a friend. Copy or share your one-of-a-kind referral link by following the steps below.

If your friend subscribes through your referral code, you’ll receive an email informing you of your discount when they’re a paid YouTube TV customer. Once the referred subscriber pays their first fee, the discount will be applied to your next monthly YouTube TV Basic Plan subscription. When a referred user registers for a trial, you will not be informed or receive a discount.

Find your referral history by clicking on the “Your discounts” tab. You will see your prior referral discounts and any discounts that will be added to your next bill.

How to Sign up with a Referral

If you’re a new YouTube TV subscriber who hasn’t tried the service before, you’re entitled to a referral deal. You won’t be able to take advantage of this deal if you’ve formerly held a YouTube TV subscription or trial.

To register for YouTube TV via a referral code, follow these steps:

  • To claim your referral, click the link.
  • Tap the button to begin your YouTube TV trial on the following page.
  • To register for a Basic Package, follow the instructions below.
  • Your referral coupon and a discount will be credited to your account.

When your trial ends, your account will immediately transfer from a trial to a paid subscription, and you’ll receive a discount on your 1st monthly fee for your YouTube TV Basic Package.

Because trial lengths differ, ensure you know how long you have left on your trial.

Limitations of YouTube Referral Plan

If you are any of the following, you are ineligible to send or receive referrals:

  • Your phone network or broadband provider will charge you for your YouTube TV subscription.
  • Not a YouTube TV Base Plan subscriber, but a subscriber to a specific network (or network).
  • On YouTube, TV membership has been suspended.
  • On a trial of YouTube TV.

Terms and conditions include:

  • Only the YouTube TV Basic Package is eligible for discounts. If you don’t have a Basic Package and are only subscribing to single networks, you won’t get a discount if you send or receive a referral.
  • Referral discounts of up to ten per cent are available to subscribers who send referrals. Their referral code will no longer function after receiving ten referral discounts.
  • A referral discount cannot be used with other coupon codes for subscribers who get a referral (only one will apply).
  • This offer can be withdrawn at any time.

Benefits of YouTube Referral Plan

With the new referral program for YouTube TV, you can save up to two hundred dollars.

With each referral, you can earn $20 and refer a maximum of ten people.

Google has introduced a special referral program to its YouTube TV subscription that will help in saving money both for new and existing subscribers. The website recently launched a new refer-a-friend promo that will likely help in conserving cash for members.

The new referral program shares some similarities with other referral plans out there. Old members of the YouTube TV subscriber base can refer new customers, and both sides can enjoy mouth-watering offers. After the new customer has paid their first subscription, the old subscriber receives a $20 reward for each referral, and the new customer receives a $10 credit on their subscription.

This referral program is only eligible for those who have subscribed to the platform’s Base Plan. If you just subscribe to a small number of YouTube TV channels, you won’t be able to enjoy any referral bonuses.

This new referral program is an excellent way for old YouTube TV subscribers to save a bit of cash. Visit the YouTube TV help page here if you have any further inquiries regarding the new offer.

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