Sean Terry’s Net Worth

Sean Terry is one of the most successful real estate coaches in the world. He is the CEO  of the Flip2freedom & the 1800 Fair Offer Franchise. Read on to know Sean Terry’s net worth.



Sean Terry’s Short Bio
Date of Birth August 1, 1991
Age 31 Years
Place of Birth  Southampton, Hampshire
Country United Kingdom
Profession Cricketer
Zodiac Sign Loe
Height 5 Ft 11 In (1.80 M)

About Sean Terry

Former US Marine Sean Terry has earned several awards for leading his platoon to battle in Desert Storm. As a Mariner, Sean Terry believed that fear was just a weak state of mind, so he courageously travelled to more than 30 countries serving his country.

At age 22, he was honourably discharged from the US Marine. He began his career in the real estate business. Still, within this period, he commenced a sales and marketing company which he ran for six years.

He created over $5 million in annual revenue in the marketing and sales business with which he grew his business by having about six offices all through the US. The offices were situated in Cleveland, Naples, Phoenix, Pensacola, Naples, and Jacksonville.

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His company anchored many powerful seminars to help sales reps get the necessary training they needed to be efficient in their job. Some of his seminars turned out to be so massive that they hosted over 1000 people.

His company, “Flip2Freedom,” is a huge community created for real estate investors who intend to get out of their regular 9-to-5 job and begin living their dreams as full-time investors in property.

The community seeks to ensure that investors are enabled to make an incredible living by flipping properties. They made provisions for the investors to carry out their business without credit, without cash, and in their spare time.

Over the years, Sean Terry has bought & sold over $160 Million in real estate and is the host of The Ultimate Real Estate Investing Podcast. He has carried out over 600 real estate investment transactions accompanied by a cumulative transaction value of $120,000,000 when approximated.

Some of such investments include Raw Land Development and Multifamily Complexes ranging from single-family homes to 138-acre parcels and 10 Units to 300 Unit Apartment Complexes under various investment companies’ residential properties.

Mr Terry, who has been married to Angela for 15 years, has two daughters, and they currently live in Phoenix, AZ, and Dana Point, CA.

Mr Terry’s Business Coach

Sean Terry is also a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, publisher, and coach. Click here to get Sean’s book The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Investing.

Because of Mr Sean’s love for teaching and training people, he launched a real estate investing podcast on iTunes in early April 2010. The podcast became successful and well embraced by the iTunes community. It was featured as “New & Noteworthy” next to Steve Jobs, which is an amazing accomplishment.

Currently, the podcast receives over 120,000 downloads per month from listeners worldwide, with over 195 five-star reviews. He also runs a training & coaching program at Flip2Freedom official website where he provides his subscribers with free cutting-edge step-by-step knowledge.


On the growth to freedom website, he also highlights business-oriented strategies that aim to bring a great deal of mental liberation to business tycoons. You should check it out.

In an interview with Dan Kuschell, he outlines how to create freedom, growth, and mastery. A few of them are outlined below;

What to do if you’re stuck in a rut and skeptical of most wealth building programs (HINT: It starts with mindset and helps eliminate your barrier of entry); [6:20-9:30];

How to get in real estate by structuring deals – even if you don’t have credit and are limited on cash (HINT: if you’re creative, you can create opportunities and profits) [10:00-11:04];

What to do if you face obstacles, objections, and resistance [11:20-12:50];

How to transform old outdated archaic methods and use direct response marketing to get people calling you for deals [13:20-16:29];

What to do when your Net Worth drops and is cut by over 50%;

If you focus on losing, that’s what you’ll get. You’re a simple shift away from winning now.”

How to engineer a business around freedom by using direct response marketing strategies [18:57-20:55];

The strategic byproduct(s) of creating a publishing model based on providing free education with high value – and it created over 3 million followers in over 96 different countries [21:04-21:57];

5 Key Skillsets for Mastery: Influence, Marketing, Hiring/Recruiting, Productivity, and Emotional Mastery [22:11-22:53];

When you chase money, you chase it away. When you chase Mastery, you find true wealth.”

How to use a simple letter to find homes that aren’t listed for sale (HINT: and you may be able to find your dream home in the process) [23:10-25:11]

The difference between a one-dollar and hundred dollars bill are the words and message on the paper.” – Gary Halbert

Elements for a great copy: Choose the target list, share a compelling story, and build emotional attachment [25:30-25:39]

How to target motivation with your ideal clients and wholesale real estate with direct mail: target distress, tax defaults, pre-foreclosures, absentee owners, inherited properties, probate properties, vacant houses [25:43-27:42];

How to make money in real estate by helping people out of their problems and out of their current situation.

Sean Terry Real Estate

Sean Terry never looked back after focusing on real estate investing because he achieved incredible success right out of the gate, which appears to be a frequent trend in his life.

Over the years, he has completed hundreds of real estate deals and investments with a total value of more than $120 million.

However, Sean Terry concentrated his real estate assets in three main locations. He enjoys buying multifamily properties, undeveloped properties and residential properties.

He could buy anything from a 10-unit to 300-unit apartment complex, a 130-acre tract of land, or a single-family home.

He is currently flipping about 7 to 10 properties a month and generating a great living in addition to running the Flip 2 Freedom community and assisting real estate investors in achieving their own enormous levels of success.

Relationship Status

Sean Terry has had no known relationships in the past. According to records, Mr Terry has been married to Angela for 23 years and lives in Phoenix AZ and Dana Point CA, with his 2 daughters.

Sean Terry’s Net Worth

As earlier said, Sean Terry is also a serial entrepreneur, a real estate investor, publisher, and coach, and someone with such expertise should, of course, be doing well. Let us then see his net worth.

Sean Terry’s net worth is not a fixed, known figure; therefore, there is only an estimation, and it is estimated to be between $1K – $6K.

Sean Terry’s social handle


Sean Terry FAQ

Sean Terry has how many video views?

Sean Terry has a total of 3,072,178 video views.

Sean Terry has how many videos?

Sean Terry has 713 YouTube videos.

When did Sean Terry start his YouTube channel?

Sean Terry began using YouTube on July 3, 2010.


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