Wrong WAEC Exam Approaches You Must Avoid As a Student in 2021

Wrong WAEC Exam Approaches You Must Avoid As a Student.

Do you know that your failure in waec exam is not caused by the center but your approaches while preparing for the exam? Yeah, high school (secondary school) students usually approach their Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) with a varying mindset, which usually leads to failure or poor grades.

Wrong WAEC Approaches You Must Avoid As a Student

I’ve come across students who take their SSCE examinations with a pinch of salt – they feel it is something they can ace with their eyes closed. In most cases, these kids are given a rude awakening in the end. Others decide to cheat their way through the exams, the adverse effect of this is usually worse than the gains; all these bores down to kids having a wrong approach to their SSCE.

So, what approach to SSCE is a NO! I highlight them below. If you have a child about to sit for their SSCE, you could talk to them with the knowledge gained from this piece.

List of Wrong WAEC Approaches

1. Believing in Miracle Centers

Every day, examination malpractice centers spring up in the country. These centers basically help students cheat to pass their WAEC, NECO, NABTEB exams. They extort money from these students’ parents and from the students themselves to bribe the external invigilators, cheat, and all whatnot.

Due to these mushroom exam centers’ success rate, prospective SSCE candidates register with them, abandon reading altogether, and hinge their hopes on the so-called miracle centers. Don’t ever try this! Neither let your kids or wards try this – the result could be disastrous.

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2. Reading Without a Plan

Some students approach their SSCE, trying to do everything at the same time. They attempt to read everything and anything that comes to hand without a plan, timetable, guide or syllabus. This is a very horrible approach to the SSCE, and it could end up hurting your grades.

SSCE candidates must read wide and hard but smartly, too; read within your syllabus, have a study guide or timetable, and it’s also advisable that SSCE candidates have reading partners.

3. A Complacent Approach

Some students are quite intelligent. They understand and grasp anything they read faster and better than most. However, this can lead to complacency and over-confidence on their part – which ultimately leads to these students having a complacent attitude to reading and studying for their SSCE.

4. Approaching the SSCE with fear

Some SSCE candidates are sore afraid of the upcoming examinations. As the examination approaches, their hearts begin to fail them. They ask themselves if they can ever pass Math, Physics, Chemistry, Accounts, etc. This usually stems from the fact that they have heard about how others have failed the exams or their own past failure.

Students should learn to approach their SSCE with confidence, read hard and study smartly, pray and avoid exam malpractice, and go well.

5. No Extra Coaching

I believe in having a coach put me through preparations for some tough exams – although not all exams need extra coaching, defining examinations such as SSCE do. While some students can study and pass their SSCE on their own, many need extra coaching/lessons to succeed – I did!

Approaching your SSCE without attending extra moral lessons might turn out to be detrimental to your success.

6. The Lazy Approach

Some students preparing for their SSCE examinations are not ready to study at all! They want God to help them pass without doing anything. It’s very wrong to approach your SSCE without being a bookworm; doing otherwise often results in regrets.

If you intend to pass your SSCE without malpractice or cheating, I advise you not to approach your exams in the above manner.

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