What Does TBT Stand For

TBT | Know the full meaning of the popular hashtag that you’ve been regularly seeing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and when + how to use it.

What Does “TBT” Means

TBT stands for “Throwback Thursday”, a trendy hashtag used on various social media websites especially Instagram. #TBT occurs when social media users post their old pictures using the hashtag. It is for the purpose of showing the world, their nostalgic experiences. It may be used in a negative or positive way.

Other Popular Instagram for you according to the oxford dictionary blog.

#wcw #mcm

Following on the success of #tbt, #wcw (#womencrushwednesday) and #mcm (#mancrushmonday) come next in the canon of weekly hashtags. As you could probably guess, users post their crushes on men and woman on Monday and Wednesday, respectively.


When Instagram users put up a post that reflects their mood, they will sometimes tag the post as #instamood.


This hashtag is used for posts that a user is particularly proud of, or for something that is, as you might guess, good. The second most popular hashtag on Instagram, #instagood suggests that users are proud of most of their posts.


Hashtag shorthand for the users of Instagram, #igers is shortened ‘Instagrammers’ or ‘Instagram users’. In hashtag parlance, #ig is often used as a prefix, as in #igshop and #igtravel, instead of spelling out ‘Instagram’.


A second opportunity every week for posting older photos, #fbf (#FlashbackFriday) has not demonstrated the staying power of #tbt.


For many users, Instagram offers the perfect opportunity to show off your food – whether of your own making or in a restaurant. The digital consumption of these photos, on Instagram and elsewhere on the Internet, is often referred to as ‘food porn’.


If you have ever posted a photo on Instagram, you know how important the filters are. The filters, which are designed to mimic old-school photographic techniques and processes, provide a professional gloss to the photos before users post them. The flip side to all the posts with pretty filters on Instagram is the posts hashtagged as #nofilter, which highlights photos that are uploaded without any filter.

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