100 Wedding Congratulation Messages – Card Wishes for Newly Weds


Are you looking for the best wedding congratulations message that will stand out and warm the hearts of the newly wedded couple? Lucky enough, this article is adorned with some of the loveliest of all celebratory message for newly married couples.

The wedding congratulations messages therein will help you express the best wishes for the new journey the wedded couples will be taking together. The messages are heartfelt, with emotional depth and unique. There are messages you could write in a wedding card too.

100+ wedding congratulations message

How to write a wedding congratulations message

How do you know a perfect wedding congratulations message? It is unique, filled with valuable messages and sincere. All wedding messages are different. It is not a must to rack your head for the most flawless words, with our guide here, you will soon be a wedding congratulations message pro. Just follow the instruction and try as much as possible to remain sincere and true to the heart.

Start with a congratulation.

It does not matter how beautiful you want to craft your wedding message. It does not matter the poetic or prosaic style that you are attracted to. The first thing to do is to warm up your wedding message with a congratulation.

Include a wish

Your wedding message must not be deprived of your personal wish for the newly wedded couple. You should think extensively about how you relate with the couple and how fantastic you want them to spend their married life.

Give Thanks/ Show Appreciation

You shouldn’t forget to say or write a sentence or two of thanks or expressing gratitude to the newly wedded couple for letting you witness the most beautiful day in their lives.

Finish off pleasantly

You would want to live a memorable ending that will leave the couples happy. That’s the point of writing a wedding congratulations message, isn’t it?

wedding congratulations message sample

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  • As you blend your lives with each other, I want to wish you a married life full of romance, cuddle and lifetime of happiness!
  • May the love that joins you together only become more robust in the coming years of your life. May you have a prosperous life ahead!
  • Congratulations to you on this day! Always cherish the love you have for each other and never let it fade away. Accept my heartiest wedding wishes to you!
  • It’s a new life and a new journey that you both have vowed to continue together. May God bless you and guide you in the right way!
  • Congratulations on your marriage! You two look so good together that it seems like you really are made for each other! Have a wonderful life together!

wedding congratulations message

  • May the delight in your eyes today stay with you through the thick and thins of married life. Many good wishes for your new life!
  • From today you are not just two different people in love, but you are a family. A whole package of love, passion and affection!
  • I’m so happy that you finally have found the person you were dreaming for. May your marriage be everlasting and ever-exciting! Congratulations to both of you!
  • May the delight in your eyes last forever. May this moment of joy bring you love and more happiness. I am wishing you all the best!
  • The spark in your eyes tells a lot more about your love than you know. You have all my good wishes on this beautiful occasion. Congratulations!
  • Let the flowers of love bloom in your heart for today and forever. You deserve a life full of happiness and cheers. Happy wedding!
  • You two have just made the brightest example of undying and unfailing love in front of the world. May you both be happy in the coming years!

wedding congratulations message

  • Congratulations to you for stepping into a new life, where everything is so full of love that you want it to last forever. Happy wedding!
  • I feel so happy to celebrate this moment with you two. Your unconditional love for each other is a big inspiration for me!
  • All you wanted in life was true love, and today you have made it all yours, forever. Congratulations! You look adorable in your wedding dress!
  • What a wonderful day for you two! You have just shown the world that true love never fails. I feel so happy for you two!
  • I wish the journey of love never ends for both of you. May your passion and love grow as the years come and go. Happy wedding!
  • The most cherished dream of your life has finally come true. May your life be filled with happiness, success and glory!
  • We are wishing both the bride and the groom a delightful journey towards a shared dream and a shared future. All the very best for you too!

  • You deserve no less than a beautiful married life and a pair of beautiful babies. Have a good time at the wedding. Take my love for both of you!
  • You are the most romantic pair I have ever known. Congratulations on your wedding. May you have the sweetest married life ever!

  • It makes me just as much happy as you today. May the love and affection only grow between you two in the coming days of your life!
  • Oh, my dear! It’s your wedding ceremony! You have no idea how much happy I am now! The wedding of you two just makes me dance in my mind. I am wishing the best for your Wedding day!
  • You two are the lovebirds, the love and affection between your pair make me so happy. Take the best care of each other. You two deserve the best wishes! Happy Wedding Day!
  • Marriage is a holy relation. You two just entered into the new stage of life. I hope you will find all happiness and joys of life—best wishes to you. Happy wedding day!

wedding congratulations message

  • Before you start your new life, I want to say, always make each other your top priority and make love the focal point of your everyday life! Happy wedding!
  • Married life is always full of new adventures and new experiences. Always keep each other in your heart and let the passion of love overwhelm you!
  • I wish you may never stop being amazed by each other and never stop falling in love with each other. May your house be filled with happiness!
  • You’ll make a great family for each other and great parents for your babies. My good wishes and prayers are always with you!
  • You two have found the perfect partner for each other. Never let each other feel alone ever again. Enjoy an exciting post-marriage life!
  • You are going to make a lot of memories with each other. Be it good or bad, romantic or dull, never lose hope on each other!
  • True happiness can only be found in the arms of the one you love. God bless you on this special day and for the rest of your life together!
  • You are the sweetest couple I have ever seen! You two deserve the best things in the world. Keep happy with each other. Happy wedding!
  • The relation of husband-wife is the most beautiful relationship in the world. It’s the relation by which two different people turn into one entity for the lifetime. Best wishes to you too. Happy wedding!

wedding congratulations message

  • Before marriage, you are incomplete. After marriage, you are finished. That’s the sad reality, my friend! Congratulations anyway!
  • What’s the similarity between Shakespeare’s novel and a marriage? A little romance and a lot of tragedy! Do you sure want to do this?
  • It takes a lot of courage for a man who goes in a war, knowing that he will never win. All the best wishes for your marriage!
  • Marriages are lovely except to those who have already married. God bless you both for the new life you are going to start together!
  • No one wants to go to prison, but everyone wants to get married. This world is so full of irony. Congratulations on your marriage by the way!
  • You were mad for each other before today. From now on you will be mad at each other. That’s the magic of the wedding. Have a good time!
  • You must have already started to think that it’s a mistake. But its too late, my friend. You’re now officially a prisoner! Congratulations!
  • May our lord smile upon you always and give you all the happiness you ever wanted in life. May your bond be protected by God’s eternal love!
  • Let the blessings of God come through the open door in your heart and let your married life be overwhelmed by the abundance of God’s love!
  • May God always guide you to lead a married life full of love, compassion and purity. May you both find true happiness in the prayers!
  • God has brought your hearts together for creating a lovely, religious and loyal bloodline. May his blessings be always with you!
  • May God help you to overcome all the ups and downs of a post-marriage life. May he gift you a divine soul in the form of a newborn!

wedding congratulations message

  • God must have had a list of excellent plans for you when he decided to bring your hearts closer to each other. Let’s thank him today for everything!
  • God has made a perfect partner for each other in this world. Yours seem to be the perfect pair of all. God bless you!
  • Marriage is the gift of Almighty. I hope you two will find peace and happiness in life. May God bless you. Happy wedding, my dear! Wishing you two a very happy and blessed married life!
  • My heartfelt congratulations go to both of you for finding each other out of billions of people in this world. You seem too perfect for each other!
  • Not often you see a pair so beautiful and amazing that it seems like they are literally made for each other. Congratulations! May your marriage be happy and everlasting!
  • When you make love the first priority, you always end up with a beautiful result. Your marriage is one of those great consequences!
  • Your marriage is like watching a tv show. Both of you look so happy and glowing. Congratulations dear. May the delight of today remains forever!
  • Thanks for making us all happy today. You really have a very good taste in choosing your partner for life. Congratulations to both you!
  • The desire of you two finally comes into real. Let your marriage be stable until the last day of your life. Heartily Congratulations on your wedding!

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