List of Essential Things for Wedding Ceremony (2021)


A wedding ceremony is a bustling event and it is really possible to miss out on some items before the wedding date. This post will guide you on some of the most essential things for your wedding ceremony.

List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony
List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are one of the very exciting ceremonies in everyone’s life as you will be finally settling down with that special person you can’t afford to lose.

Many times, people get so carried away by the pressure and excitement following their wedding ceremonies that they fail to keep certain things in place.

The funny thing is that things that usually not given quality attention are also very important but most times seem not necessary.

This will not happen to you anyways; because this guide will help you make every necessary preparation you ought to have made for your big day.

A typical Nigerian wedding will need a lot of planning and analysis, coupled with rational choices and budgeting.

The most significant part of the wedding plan is getting the essential things you will need for the wedding ceremony to be successful.

Planning to wed and don’t know the best practice to take? Yeah, there are important things you need to do when planning for your wedding ceremony. See the list of the most vital things below;

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Important things you will need for a wedding ceremony includes:



List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony

It’s hard to think of a wedding without the bride being the center of attention. The bride as to be the most illustrious and the centerpiece of the event.

Brides are really the most-watched personality in a wedding ceremony. It is, for this reason, she takes delicate care and measure to look ‘perfect’ for the occasion.

Some of the items that will add ‘glamour’ to her dressing and signature appearance include a bouquet, ornaments, Wedding dress, Nuptial veil, Weavon, hair making, Shoes, wedding tiara, fan, bag, glove.



List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony

The Groom is also the darling of the occasion. He is a great personality who carries himself with pomp and prestige throughout the occasion. For the wedding ceremony, the groom should be well-groomed.

The items that will be a necessity for the groom include Suit, Footwear, Timepiece, kerchief, Cufflink, belt, tie, Groom hairstyle, and trimming. 

Emergency Kit

List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony

At times things we never expect may want to spoil the day.

A lot of sudden misfortunes may occur in a wedding ceremony such as a soiled attire, torn cloth, headache, etc. These eventualities may rob you of a pleasant event.

The following items will combat these unfortunate incidents from occurring  Omeprazole, Paracetamol, bad breathe mouth spray, razor blade, sweater, kerchief, needle, thread, makeup accessories. 

Wedding Key Players’ Accessories

One great thing about weddings is that you will be helped by a lot of loved ones and friends. These are your backbone and key players.

A lot of roles will be taken up by them during the wedding ceremony like a flower girl, chief groomsman, bridesmaid, etc. You will want them to look their best that day.

So, the following items will give them that great looks like dress, suit, attires, bouquets and baskets, Corsages and Boutonnieres

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List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony

Without the ceremony, there is no wedding. So it is important not to leave out items that will better your wedding ceremony.

You need to plan efficiently for the wedding to be a success and this entails that you need to make key decisions. Items that will help your decision include:

Rental fees, Matrimonial License, chairs, rings etc. 


List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony

Wedding ceremonies are joyous events and you must ensure guests and well-wishers leave in a joyous mood as well. This happens mostly when they have been well taken care of and ‘refreshed’.

Items that will aid in handling guest satisfaction in wedding ceremony includes Reception Venue, parks, Dishes
Drinking Glasses, Tables, Snacks etc. 

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List of Essential Things for a Wedding Ceremony

Our experience shows that an essential key to a successful wedding is proper logistics. It is what constitutes an eventful wedding ceremony. Transport can pose a serious encumbrance to a wedding success.

You may want to hire an event planner to serve you a lot of stress in the issue of power, water, and maintenance.

For logistics and services, items like decore, photos, bakery, ushering, etc. should be considered.

Make the beautiful wedding you have fully pictured in your mind to play out by paying attention to every detail_ even ones that do not seem to be necessary.

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