10 Types of Girls You Should Know About

In this modern age, there are no two ladies who are exactly similar. On the other hand, categorizing women can sometimes be helpful (or entertaining).

To put it simply, when you become close to a woman, do you view or regard her as a member of a group? Oftentimes, I do.

I’ve listed down the 10 different types of girls that men go into relationships with, and I hope you will find this interesting!



Miss Fashionista is about ‘fashion’ and looking good. This is the type of girl who is crazy about shopping, and she wears outfits from luxury brands. Even when she has to work late, she most often wears heels, jewellery and cosmetics, and never gets the terrifying, just-woken-up face. Her partner’s sense of style is most likely to be dictated by her, and she has enormous expectations of men.

Fashionistas are sometimes self-centred, but always drop-dead gorgeous.


The Playgirl

She is the girl of every man’s dreams. She is appealing, alluring, endearing, and funny. She is an excellent means of letting a guy think that he is wanted. She is trendy, and she has numerous male friends. Many people greatly admire her, and she’s having fun using that power. Every now and then, she takes their hearts and then leaves them. She always manages to execute everything with grace and style.

It’s impossible for her to be happy with her partner she’s with, since she is constantly comparing him to other men.


The Nerd

Miss Nerd is an eccentric genius. She’s good at offering thoughts on nearly anything, and she enjoys reading novels in her own time. When it comes to fashion, she doesn’t despise it; yet, she doesn’t focus on it much. She is normally rather kind, but when it comes to studying, anything else must take a backseat. It is highly possible that she has big aspirations, and when she does not perform well in school, she feels her self-worth diminishing.

This type of girl, despite she claims to not have interest in love or relationships, privately resents other “normal” girls because she feels they have an advantage and an easier life.


The Feminine

Miss Feminine is difficult to describe because most guys have various ideas about what constitutes a feminine girl. Nonetheless, she prefers to dress in skirts rather than shorts and has a vintage sense of style She like desaturated colors and has a tender heart. She’s a little emotional, but she’s also compassionate and caring. She is an excellent cook, and her preferred beverage is tea rather than coffee.

This type of girl is nice, attractive, and reserved.

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The Adventurous

Miss Adventurous enjoys the same things that most men do. She is the athletic one, and she will be ecstatic to have a date that includes climbing, canoeing, fishing, or trying anything new. She doesn’t give a damn about how she looks and has no qualms about getting her hands dirty. She may have more men than woman friends because, let’s admit it, most girls aren’t interested in what she enjoys doing. She enjoys traveling and considers horror films to be entertaining.

This type of girl is a real blast to be around, and she can easily join in on guys’ discussions.


The Ambitious

Miss Ambitious, not you, is the traditional relationship boss. She is also behind the wheel, and she places a high value on her professional life. She has big goals, and to some, she may appear to be the annoying, greedy, and cruel sort. She works tirelessly, probably too hard, that she has few close friends. She will have lofty aspirations of people she cares about, and she may befriend you because you are useful to her in some manner.


The Low Self-Esteem

Miss Low Self-Esteem normally possesses a wide range of abilities. She is lovely, but she is not aware of it. She’s a little timid, and she doesn’t think she’ll ever be as good as the others. She believes she will never receive what she desires and that she is worthless. She is sensitive, and she is particularly sensitive to failure.

This type of lady requires continual affirmation of your affection and that she is valuable.


The Neighbour’s-Grass-is-Greener

She makes a lot of comparisons. She isn’t usually contented with life and prefers to make things perfect in her own perspective. She’s a little cocky, and her ranting disturbs others, even though she means no disrespect. She is easily envious of others who have better lovers, better paying jobs, and, in general, better life than she does.

This type of girl is difficult to be around, notably when she is dissatisfied with her possessions.


The Possessive

Miss Possessive is interested in learning everything there is to know about you, including what you eat for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner, and supper. She is constantly curious about your whereabouts, and she is often envious. Her skill is crying, and she will do everything she can to make herself appear helpless, causing you to feel guilty and strive to meet her every need. She is possessive and reliant, and she restricts your freedom.

This type of female makes you feel extremely desired, but let’s face it, most males can’t like being attached.

What kind of girl are you? Or are you dating a certain type of girl? Do you agree with the issues on my list? Let us know via comment or enquiries.

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