5 Major Problems of Tomato Production in Nigeria Today

Problems of Tomato Production in Nigeria…

Tomatoes production in Nigeria is plagued by certain problems that have led to low farm yield and poor crop output and that’s one reason why policy makers, academicians and agricultural experts working earnestly towards tackling the Problems of Tomato Production In Nigeria.

In Nigeria, you will agree with me that Tomatoes are among the most popular food crop in Nigeria, but surprisingly the rate of tomatoes consumption rate is more than its supply, due to certain limits to its growth.

it will shock you to know that Nigeria currently leads other countries in the importation of tomato pastes/tins and it was once even accorded the shameful title of the world’s biggest importer of tomato paste.

Even though a lot of tomato processing factories have sprung up in various parts of the country, access to raw tomatoes have been very difficult.

Poor harvest of tomatoes has always stunted any attempt by the government and private bodies to stimulate growth in the tomato market.

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What are the Hindrances to Good Tomatoes Production in Nigeria?

Some of the major Problems of Tomato Production In Nigeria that the government should find solutions to are:

Problems of Tomato Production in Nigeria

1. The Expensiveness of Tomato Seedlings 

A tomato farmer does not plant tomatoes directly to the field, tomato under a complicated process of seed transplantation from the nursery.

The tomato seedlings, greenhouse production, nursery and fertilizer are highly exorbitant. It will surprise you to know that most tomato seedlings are even imported, and farmers can’t get them cheap or access them.

2. Poor Transport Facility

Another uphill task farmers have to go through is transportation. Farmers can no longer transport their produce because of the poor state of the Nigerian roads, and damages incurred have discouraged many farmers from planting tomatoes, leading to an increase in the price of the crop.

3. Poor Marketing Facilities

The middlemen have been profiteering from the shambolic structure of the tomatoes value chain. The tomato farm produces will not meet the need of industries that may require them for production.

4. Government Inability to Check Qualities Tomato’s Crop

In other climes, the government put in place a reliable system to monitor the production of the quality of the produce.  But in Nigeria, such does not exist and this slows down production significantly.

5. Poor Post-harvest Management 

Agricultural production exists in a channel-like world, where the goods/produce travels to meet the final consumer.

A problem affecting tomatoes production is wastage due to lack of storage facilities, and difficult market terrain. This is responsible for the heavy loss incurred by farmers.

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