Getting A Tinted Glass Permit in Nigeria: Complete Guide

It’s no longer news that cars with tinted glasses are mostly used to perpetrate crimes in the society. This happens because the people outside the car usually don’t have access to view the people nor the activities that is going on inside the tinted glassed car. Hence, the need to regulate the usage of such cars.

In Nigeria, the agency that sees to the regulation of the use of these tinted cars is the Nigeria Police Force. Everybody who owns a tinted glassed car is legally required by the Nigerian law to get a tinted permit from the Nigerian police.

tinted glass car in nigeria

Failure to obtain this legal permit may lead to the police force pulling your car over, which you may consider an embarrassment.

Proceeding from the above assertions, this article seeks to explain the easiest way of obtaining a tinted permit in Nigeria. The interesting part of it all is that you really don’t have to pay a dime in order to obtain your permit. All you need do is follow the simple process that we have outlined in this post. Read on…

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What is Tinted Glass Permit?

A tinted glass permit is the official license that is issued to a person who owns a car with tinted glasses, usually by the Nigerian police force, which empowers him to use the car around legally.

This definition in effect implies that the use of tinted glass cars without this due imprimatur from the police force is to that extent an illegal action. Note that the cars that require this tinted permit are cars with factory fitted tinted glass only.

tinted car in nigeria

Process Of Obtaining A Tinted Permit In Nigeria

Simply follow the steps below to obtain your tinted permit in Nigeria.

  1. Fill the Application form here to obtain an Application ID.
  2. Complete the Application Process by Login in with email provided and the Application ID is shown below.
  3. Complete the Bio-Data form when logged-in and provide the details of the vehicle you want to obtain a Tinted Permit for.
  4. Take the Print-out to any Police Command, to capture your biometrics and collection of your Tinted Permit Certificate.
  5. For more information contact us: Email: [email protected]


The Cost Of Obtaining A Tinted Permit

Theoretically, you are not required to pay for the issuance of a tinted permit in Nigeria. However, going by the Nigerian syndrome, You may need to pay some money, ranging from N20,000 to N30,000, if you really want your tinted permit to be released on time.

We all know that everything in Nigeria has been politicized, including such things like the issuance of the tinted permit, that should ordinarily have nothing to do with politics.

So, that is it guys, this article has discussed the easy way you can get your tinted permit in Nigeria. We hope you found it helpful? If you still have any further questions you may want to ask us, please do well to use the comment section down below, and we shall get back to you ASAP  and do well to share this using any of our share buttons –  Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

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