Top 5 Thing to Note Before Applying for 2021-2022 JAMB


Thing to Note Before Applying for JAMB – Hello, jamb aspirants? Here are the few things you need to know before applying the UTME exam in 2021-2022. See all details here..

Thing to Note Before Applying for JAMB

It is another season for JAMB application and preparation, we congratulate you for daring to dream and having high hopes for success.

This article is to outline the important things to note before applying for JAMB 2021-2023. This is for those who haven’t yet registered for the UTME.

Top 5 Thing to Note Before Applying for JAMB

Your Name

In the admission process, your name is highly important because it represents who you are in official documents.

So it must be accurate and uniformed across all documents. Wrong spellings and inaccurate format can be highly disastrous to your chances of gaining admission.

Your name must correlate with other documents like your O’level and birth certificate. There is now a platform where you can affect a name change on the JAMB Portal called ‘change of data’ but it is necessary you take precaution when inputting your name during JAMB registration.

Your Course of Study

Your course of study is another necessity when vying for admission. Not knowing what to pick can be very folly. Before picking a course, go through a lot of arduous and analytical research, know if it is tandem with your passion and your interests.

Desist from making anyone pick whatever course to study. Understand your intended course of study and the admission requirement.

Your Subject Combo

There is nothing that will render your admission hunt futile as picking the wrong subject combination. Use the official subject combination here to avoid any form of problem with your subject combo.

If you pick a wrong subject combo, the situation cannot be remedied hence reducing your chances of getting admitted.

Use One Sitting Result 

One sitting result is highly advantageous. It increases your chances of gaining admission, two sitting results are not accorded much regards by institutions for some courses.

Ensure you have the minimum O’level qualification for whatever course you are vying for.


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