What You Must Know Before Registering for JAMB 2021

What You Must Know Before Registering for JAMB 2021.

It is very certain that JAMB has begin it’s registration for 2021 UTME. Though this delay is due to how things is going on in the country. So, if you are preparing to partake in the 2021 UTME, these are What You Must Know Before Registering For JAMB 2021.

Name is very important:

Your name is highly important. It is your means of identification, apart from your registration number and if spelt wrongly or incorrectly arranged, it can spell doom for your admission aspiration. Your name must be able to be in sync with other official documents, or else you may most likely be denied admission. Albeit, there’s a provision for rectifying errors that arise during registration after examination through the ‘correction of data’ platform, it is better to avoid issues by ensuring your name(s) spelling and arrangements are accurate.

Know The Course You Want To Study:

The biggest sign of immaturity is when a student have no idea of what course he/she is going to study in the university. Picking just any course for admission, will damage your chances of getting a good result in a long run. When selecting a course, you will have to consider your passion and interests; let them to guide you in making the right choices. Ensure you use the free JAMB Brochure in selecting a course that fits in with your o’ level results.

Know the subject combination for your course :

Choosing wrong subject combination is tantamount to blindfolding yourself on a highway, it is foolhardy. In order to avoid this drastic mistake, using the JAMB BROCHURE is an indispensable tool. In it, you will find your chosen course and the recommended subject combination.

Use one sitting result :  

It is a known fact that one sitting result gives one, a better chance of clinching admission than two sittings result. Use a one sitting result, if you can. Ensure the minimum grades in the subjects that are relevant to your course are not below ‘C’, in order to guarantee your a

Your Date of Birth:

Don’t ever make a mistake of changing your date of birth because your admission can be revoke by JAMB or by the University if they find out. Minimum age federal universities accept is 16 years old, anything less than that, might not work out. If you are 15 year’s old, just relax and wait for the following year or you can apply to private university if you can afford it.

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  1. What’s the exact cut off mark for each courses? Is it the 120 and above issued by JAMB or each institution will determine it?

  2. That’s a good information. But in brochure, there are courses that can require 2sittings of o’level result. Will that guarantee a shake of mind over the admission?


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