OOU Courses 2022/23: full list of currently offered courses

2022 OOU Courses | Current List of Available Courses Offered.

OOU Courses 2022 – Do you want to know the list of accredited courses available at the Olabisi Onabanjo University? This is it. See the complete list of courses offered at OOU.

OOU Courses | Current List of Available Courses Offered

We have certainly been receiving a series of emails from our users asking us to relate with them the kind of courses offered at this prestigious institution that’s why we’ve compiled this article.

Below is the compiled list currently available courses offered at the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Yola. However, to make it quite understandable, we’ve decided to group all the courses according to their respective faculties.

NOTE: Choosing a courses is not a childs play, so ensure that you understand what the course you are to choose is all about by simply knowing the career prospect in the course, O’Level requirement and the Jamb subject of the course.

Nevertheless, It is also important to know the competitiveness of the course by checking the total number of candidates that applied for the course in the previous year.

Available Courses / Departments in OOU

1 Accounting
2 Banking & Finance
3 Business Administration
4 Cooperative & Rural Development
5 Industrial Relations and Personnel


6 Public Administration
7 Transport Management
1 Agriculture
2 Fisheries
3 Forestry & Wild Life
4 Home Economics
5 Hotel & Tourism Management
1 Christian Religious Studies
2 English
3 French
4 History and Diplomatic Studies
5 Islamic Religious Studies
6 Performing Arts
7 Philosophy
8 Yoruba
1 Anatomy
2 Physiology
1 Biology Education
2 Business Education/SecretarialAdministration
3 Chemistry Education
4 Christian Religious Studies Education
5 Computer Science Education
6 Economics Education
7 English Education
8 French Education
9 Geography Education
10 Guidance and Counseling
11 Health Education
12 History Education
13 Integrated Sciences
14 Islamic Studies Education
15 Mathematics Education
16 Nursery and Primary Education
17 Physical Education
18 Physics Education
19 Political Science Education
20 Social Studies
21 Yoruba Education
1 Agricultural Engineering
2 Computer Engineering
3 Electrical/Electronics Engineering
4 Mechanical Engineering


2 Fine & Applied Arts
3 Urban & Regional Planning
1 Law
1 Medicine and Surgery
1 Pharmacy
2 Pharmacology
1 Applied Zoology
2 Biochemistry
3 Chemistry
4 Computer Science
5 Geography
6 Geology
7 Industrial Chemistry
8 Mathematics
9 Microbiology
10 Physics
11 Plant Science
12 Statistics
1 Economics
2 Mass Communications
3 Political Science
4 Psychology
5 Sociology


About OOU

Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye is a government (wholly owned) university in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. The university was established on July 7, 1982, as Ogun State University (OSU). On May 29, 2001, the university changed its name to Olabisi Onabanjo University in honour of Chief (Dr.) Olabisi Onabanjo, whose initiatives as the then-civilian governor of Ogun State birthed the university. The institution is still frequently referred to by its old name, OSU, by students.


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