Best Animation Schools in Lagos

You will learn a lot if you enrol in Animation Schools in Lagos, especially if you want to delve into the movie or gaming industry. The right animation school will teach you plenty of technical stuff, including basic animation design and techniques, audio editing, 3D animation, game creation, image creation etc. The purpose of the animation school is to educate you to thrive creatively.

This article compiles some of the best animation schools in Lagos to draw you closer to your dreams of becoming a master animator.

Best Animation Schools in Lagos


Ai Multimedia Academy

Best Animation Schools in Lagos
AI Multimedia Academy

Located in Ogba, Ai Multimedia Academy impart animators with the skills and expertise needed to become competent in the world of graphic designing, cinematography and visual effects. The animation school trains its students with a flexible and practical method that allows them to become the best in their field.

Their tutors are very skilled and are certified Adobe professionals. 

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Basement Animation Studio

Basement Studios

Basement Animation Studio has carved a niche in the area of producing highly entertaining teen and family media. The Company was honoured to be listed among the best animation schools in Lagos by Discop Book in 2017. Their services include feature film production and quality commercials. They have built a portfolio of solid creative works, which include ‘Raga Shaga Mama’ and ‘Tech timi out’.

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Mediaizzy Nigeria

Animation Schools in Lagos
Media Izzy Nigeria

Madiaizzy Nigeria has built a reputation for offering animation learners high-quality computer-assisted design, 3D modelling design, visual effects and audio design training over the years. The animation training school is located in Yaba, Lagos.

Orange VFX

Animation Schools in Lagos
Ovie and Wale

Orange VFX is currently among the Best Animation Schools in Lagos. It began operations in 2010, bred quality creative talents, and trained animators in innovative animation-making techniques and technology. Their original creative gig ‘Ovie and Wale’ has brought laughter to the hearts of many. The Company thrives on passion, integrity and creativity.

Ajebotoon animation Studio

Best Animation Schools in Lagos
Ajebotoon animation Studio

The Company began operations five years ago and has produced many talented animators and graphic artists. The training program has been nothing short of innovative. The Company also takes pride in establishing a network of powerful client-animator relationships.

Motion Culture

Motion Culture

What makes Motion Culture become recognized among the Best Animation Schools in Lagos is its ability to craft richly creative and new visual production and effect. They do original and unique creative works there. They also offer an excellent training programme for animation enthusiasts.

Smids Animation Studios

Best Animation Schools in Lagos
SMIDS studio

Since 2010, Smids has been involved in more than 100 animation projects. This is a testament to their ability to develop highly creative content for all kinds of viewers. The Company thrives on computer animation interfaces and graphics animation. Smids have trained uniquely talented individuals who have a passion for imaginative thinking.

Is Animation school in Lagos for You?

A lot of choices are available to aspiring Nigerian animators. One of them is enrolling in one of the numerous animation schools in Lagos. Here’s what you will learn in some animation schools in Lagos.

Fine Arts: You will be taught the theory of colours, lighting, layout, architecture and composition.

Modelling: The construction of models that are not only realistic but believable. Also, you will be taught effects, CGI, movies, characters and television animations.

Computer animation: Most importantly, 2D and 3D animation techniques and the ability to use them in sophisticated computer apps such as Autodesk Maya.

Special effect: You will be taught core special effects such as character traits and weather elements. Also, by the end of the course, you should be able to create believable animation effects for movies and games.

Other aspects of animation you will learn in some Lagos animation schools include:

  • Cartooning styles
  • Colour and composition
  • Drawing skills
  • Depicting emotion
  • Life drawing
  • Filmmaking techniques and elements
  • Storyboarding
  • Storytelling
  • Shading and lighting
  • Rigging
  • Motion capture
  • History of animation
  • Marketing
  • Creating a portfolio or demo reel
  • Software training

List of Popular Animation Programs in Lagos

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation

The online Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program provides students with a solid foundation in the humanities and liberal arts and technical animation expertise. In cinematic history courses, students learn about the evolution of linear and non-linear animated film technologies, visual effects, editing, modelling, and innovative animation. Students construct a digital portfolio or demo clip that demonstrates their abilities in animation, sketching, stories, and design concepts like organization and display. Students attend classes in the following subjects:

  • Designing a storyboard
  • Animation and kinematics studies of characters
  • Animation in slow motion

Certificate in Game Art and Design

Students in this program often start with a mix of humanities, language, and media technology courses, after which they can specialize in animation or motion graphics. The curriculum emphasizes technological proficiency over storyboard composition and covers the fundamentals of media art. Students spend a lot of time learning how to use the latest technologies while building a collection of game-related animation. Students attend classes in the following subjects:

  • Modelling in two and three dimensions
  • For gaming, pattern mapping
  • Drawing from perception and context
  • Expert level design

Certificate in Animation and Visual Effects

Students can revisit and build on animation principles and methods gained in their academic studies, emphasizing personal artistic growth and professional studio practice. Students get the opportunity to improve their presentations and work on new software approaches and storyboard concepts during the duration of the program. Successful finishers thoroughly understand the professional tools and systems that animators use. Students cover the following topics:

  • Design and graphics software
  • History of animation and technologies
  • Classical animation and multimedia animation
  • Fundamentals of Preproduction
  • Animation technique in 3D

Did we miss your animation school? Drop a comment below, and we’ll add it to the list asap.

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