NOUN Student Portal How to Access the Web Portal

NOUN Student Portal – The National Open University (NOUN) web portal is a specially designed website that brings information from the school to the general public.

With the help of the web portal, students can easily perform some things like; Tuition Fee verification, Course registration, e-Library, Course list, download of relevant course materials, Portal Clearance, ilearn without the stress of moving from one registrar office to another.

So, this post will guide you on how to access the NOUN student portal. Also, we’ve provided further information about the university which will be of great benefit to you.

NOUN Student Portal

About National Open University

The National Open University of Nigeria popularly known NOUN is a Federal Open and Distance Learning (ODL) institution that was first established on 22 July 1983 as a springboard for open and distance learning in Nigeria after which it was suspended by the government on 25 April 1984.

However, the school began operation again on 12 April 2001 by the President emeritus of Nigeria, Gen. Olusegun Obasanjo. At take-off of the university, pioneer student enrollment stood at 32,400.

Howbeit, the NOUN university has grown to be the first of its kind in the West African sub-region and also Nigeria’s largest tertiary institution in terms of student numbers.

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In 2015, the Ranking Web of Universities (popularly known as Webometrics) released a list of universities according to their rankings, and the university came 23rd out of 100 universities.

You also have to know that the Act of Parliament that established the University prohibits any form of union either within staff or students. To this end, NOUN has been unaffected by strikes such as the ASUU strikes, NASSU, etc.

NOTE: You don’t need to write JAMB in order to gain admission into NOUN.

NOUN Student Portal

As I was trying to explain earlier, the NOUN student portal is sort of a virtual school campus. There are notice boards that provide first-hand information to students who have successfully completed their registration.

This makes successfully admitted students verified members of the institution. Aspirants of the institution can also get info on the home page.

How to Access Noun student portal

In order to access the Noun student portal, you must have a workable device that can access the internet. Make sure that you have an active data bundle.

After that, open any browsing application like Opera Mini, Chrome or Microsoft edge, chromium, etc on your phone or computer and then, visit this web address; and then input your NOUN username and password to log in.

As i also said earlier before now, logging into the student’s portal gives you access to use categories like:

  1. Tuition Fee verification.
  2. Course registration.
  3. e-Library.
  4. Course list.
  5. The download of relevant course materials.
  6. Portal Clearance.
  7. iLearn

How to Apply for Admission at NOUN

The NOUN admission process is entirely online. The NOUN admission portal is available 24/7. Here’s how to use NOUN student portal to apply for admission:

  • Head to the website
  • On visiting the Home Page, You will see the Menu Bar and click Apply for Admission.
  •  Select which type of admission you want, whether Undergraduate Programme or Postgraduate Programme.
  •  Select “Choose Faculty”.
  •  Click Faculty.
  • Fill in your accurate details on the displayed form.
  •  Click below to find out the admission criteria.
  • To proceed, click “Apply” .
  • Ensure you note the UNIQUE ID displayed.
  • Select the ‘Continue’ button
  • Clect on the Bank Branch as your chosen payment type
  •  Select “Pay”
  •  You can copy and carry your RRR number to your any bank branch for completion of payment.

B) After Payment

  1. Perform step 1 to 3
  2. Head onto to “Continue After Payment”
  3.  Ensure you fill in the Unique ID, RRR number and Programme accurately.
  4. Select “Proceed”
  5. Correctly fill the Form. Note that all the fields marked with a red star are compulsory.

C) After Filling Form

  1. Click “Submit”
  2. Print Admission Letter
  3. Visit the nearest study centre for screening

How Much is NUON Online Application Form?

  • The Undergraduate Programme costs  N5, 000.00 (five thousand nairas only)
  • The Postgraduate (PGD and Masters) Programme costs N7, 500.00 (Seven thousand five hundred nairas only).
  • The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programme costs N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira only).


Yes, i know that some of you may be asking yourself whichone is iLearn nah? So, on that note, permit me to inform you that the National Open University of Nigeria – NOUN just introduced the iLearn in its strife to take education to more folks, irrespective of their social standing or location.

This is because advancement in technology demanded an improvement in education standard and this gave birth to not just the iLearn initiative alone but the general NOUN Student Portal and implemented iLearn portal technology to enhance student’s learning experience.


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