Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid During Admission Process (2021)

Mistakes to Avoid During AdmissionOver a million candidates apply for JAMB UTME each year, and less than 40% actually gain admission. Why is this the actual case? It might not be due to poor performance in the UTME or Post UTME, but it can become of some costly mistakes that can damage a candidate’s chances of gaining admission. This article will show you the Top Mistakes To Avoid In 2021 Admission Process

Mistakes to Avoid During Admission

Top Mistakes To Avoid In 2021 Admission Process

1. Wrong Subject Combination

This is one of the most common mistakes made by many JAMB. Ensure you use the appropriate subject combination from JAMB when applying. You might not gain admission with the wrong subject combination. It is important to click here to know your subject combinations.

2. Wrong O’level grade

Wrong o’level grades can be drastic to your chances of gaining admission. O’level grades play a crucial role in your admission. It is criteria for criteria. So you must exercise caution while inputting your grade because any mistake can be irrecoverable.

3. Not being informed

Information is power and those with access to it are powerful. You need to be informed of the latest happenings on JAMB and the latest admission tip, which you can only get on this site. It is important.

4. Wrong spelling of name

Due to recent innovativeness by JAMB, wrong spelling of a name can be remedied, but it can lead to waste of money because it actually cost nothing to ACCURATELY INPUT your name on the JAMB portal. it should be in this format-  Surname Firstname Other name.

5, Inconsistent age in your document

Age is very important during admission processing, it can cost you your admission.  If there are inconsistent age in your document, then your admission into a university might be terminated.

For example,  on your WAEC certificate,  you are 16 years old while on your JAMB form,  you are 18 years old, this gives the school every reason to terminate your admission into the university.

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