What You Must Find In Any NYSC Orientation Camp

You might have just collected your call up letter, you might be on your way to the camp now, you might be traveling to your state of deployment, you might even be in the camp right now, or you might just be a prospective corper.

Whichever category you fall into it would be useful to get this information that I’m about to share so that you don’t look confused, stupid, or lost in the camp.

So what are the important elements you would find in the orientation camp?

What You Must Find In Any NYSC Orientation Camp

At The Camp Gate

Upon arrival at the camp gate, be sure to see some soldiers, police, and other officials at the gate. Most time you will have your first drilling at the gate with the soldiers directing you to frog jump with your load on your head.

Next, you would be directed to where your luggage would be checked to ensure there is no illegal material in it. After which a temporary number would be given to you. Remember to keep this number well because you would need it to continue your registration process.

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Inside the camp, your registration process starts immediately. Make handy your documents. The process would include submission of your call-up letter, presentation of your school’s ID card, and presentation of your original certificates or as the case may be your statement of result.

After the screening process, other vital registration process includes getting an exclusive state code number, a meal ticket, a file for documents you are to fill, registration of your name in a book called “the Book of Life”.

The process for these other registrations varies from camp to camp but the following reminders remain the same. Read carefully any form or handout you are to fill. Write in good and eligible handwriting preferably fill the forms in capital letters. Ensure to provide accurate and detailed information on this form. Where you are confused try and ask questions and save yourself some embarrassment or costly mistakes.


After the registration process, you will be directed to where you will be issued a bed and mattress. Most of the beds and mattresses are not in very good shape so try to be selective to get a nearly good one. Get to know your room and maybe do that by walking closely with a friend you would love to share a bunk with.

I don’t like the stress of climbing up and down so I go for the down bunk. If you want to avoid people messing around your bed you can go for the up bunk. That’s a negotiable choice between you and your bedmate.

Kit Collection

With time the NYSC kits would be issued to you. These kits are usually not in good shape. When we talk about not being in good shape, am not joking, we are talking about been given extra large shoes and/or clothes.

You are advised to find someone with your size and maybe exchange it with them. If you are opportune your kit can be changed for you by the official in charge. You can always shape the clothes to your size.

Kitchen department

This department handles your meal matters. This department includes appointed NYSC staff and different platoons who take turns in staying in the kitchen daily. Volunteers from every platoon are selected to represent the platoon at the kitchen during their turn.

The kitchen ensures that food is available in large quantity sometimes in excess to all corp members, officials, and staff under NYSC care in the camp. These meals are provided at around 9.30am, 2.00pm and finally at 7.00 pm.

Some complain that these meals are not tasteful. In my camp though, enough effort was made to make the food appreciably delicious. (My camp coordinator was a woman and she was a good woman). So I took the meals most times and even went on a second round.

The meal ticket that is issued to you would be very useful in this instance. They would be collected from you at the meal queue and marked before you are given food. That means that failure to produce this food would mean no food for you. So take care of your meal ticket.

Accounting department

This department is solely in charge of providing an allowance to corp members, staff, and officials working under NYSC. For corp members, they are entitled to three different allowances at intervals while in the camp namely: transport allowance (N1, 500), bicycle allowance (N1, 500), monthly allowance (N19, 800).

This department continues to handle your financial allowance after the camp. Ensure to follow the required procedures of getting paid your allowance each month to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS)

This is the radio house of the camp. To be able to reach the whole camp speakers are mounted at strategic points. It is controlled by corp members who think they have a potential toward mass communication and technology and who are willing to volunteer themselves for the three weeks.

The house provides vital news and information to the camp. Apart from that, they cover sports activities in the camp, make adverts, announcements, interviews and discussions, music interludes and much more.

Ensure that you pay attention to this broadcast because you never know might be news for only to you.


I hope this information I share today would go a long way to guide you in the camp. I want to believe that this article has already started to make you feel like a corper. I encourage you to continue to search other articles on our website www.awajis.com/nysc that would prepare you and guide you through your service year. Remember to always drop a comment in the box below. Have Fun!

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