People You Will Meet In NYSC Camp

It does not matter what their skin color is, white, black, brown, tan, albino, name it, these are some common set of persons that I personally took notice of in the orientation camp.

So, if you are a prospective corp member, expect to see the following kind of people;-

people in nysc camp

People You Will Meet In NYSC Camp

1. The Aki & Pawpaw (Short Puts)

There are short people everywhere but don’t be surprised to see extremely short people like ‘Aki & Pawpaw’ and even shorter parading the camp. I had one in my camp and I think they happen to fall in every orientation camp.

This set of people make you realize that short people are a valuable part of society and should be accorded some recognition.

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2. The Fatty BumBum

These are fat sets of people. Though there are fat people everywhere. This time around you have to live close to them and see them in their everyday real life situation.

If you are a female and you are this tiny you might be surprised seeing yourself bathing with a fat person and watching all the folds around their body and wondering whether their body has some purse all over or something.

You will have to also bear with some of their irritating habits. One thing about them is that they can really be very funny because they are a people-person.

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3. The Noise Makers

These are the noisy kind of people. These are the set of ‘otondos’ who cannot enter their hostel without making noise. They cannot be in the hostel without having their voice raised or chatting out with one argument or the other and forcing their way into any loud conversation.

4. The Lifter

You got to be wary of this type. They have very smart hands to secure any valuable property that is left astray.

If their shoes is bad they can quickly replace it with yours. That’s how bad it can be. They are the type that can move away with the ‘alawee’ that you are paid in the camp.

5. The Rich

These are the type that comes to display their wealth in the camp. If they could be allowed to bring their car they would not hesitate to do that. They are out for spending money, spilling money on drinks for their clique, they surround themselves with girls who cannot wait to seize that opportunity, and they feel big and love to hang around with their kind.

6. The Poor

These are the stingy type who wants to protect anything they have. They hardly give, they are always avoiding any discussion that leads to giving out something and get angry when it has to do with anything that goes with giving.

7. The Pretenders

As the name indicates they are always trying to be what they are not. They come in different versions. We have those who pretend to be saints, others whores, some others over gentle, and still others who pretend not to be Christians.

8. The Bad Meat

These are always finding their way to ‘mammy market’ to hide and smoke from cigarette to wee. They are always in their clique, drinking, and chatting away.

9. Swaglicious

These are the pompous girls and guys who you can see want to dress to kill. If they are given a chance they would pimp the whole camp unfortunately weekends are the only time they can go on casual wear.

10. Humorists

These are the readymade comedians of the house. They are always finding somehow to make people laugh. That makes them a lot of friends but sometimes they can get into trouble with the soldiers with their expensive jokes.

11. Sacrosanct

These are saints of the camp. There are always more of spiritual matters in their conversations. They are forward to going to church and leading in worship sections.

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12. Irreligious

These do not want to participate in anything religious during their camping. You even wonder if they what kind of religion they belong to.

13. The Oliver Twist

This group almost comes to camp with nothing, and so they are always asking for barely everything from soap, bucket, provision, money, wears etc.

14. The Inactive

These are the set of people who do not want to participate in nearly anything in the camp. they are always finding excuses and hideouts to escape marching or camp activities.

15. The Followers

They are the type that wants to do their little part to follow the activities in the camp. They don’t need much of a disturbance and try to avoid anything that would lead them to that.

16. The Hyperactive

These sets of people are very active in every activity in the camp. They are the type that usually turns to be in the platoon officials, OBS crew, and any available group in the camp.


Conclusive, you have to know that everybody you’ll get to meet in the camp are real people, just that they come in different forms and all at the same time into your life for the short three weeks.

With the fore-knowledge from this article, I hope you can have an open mind and adjust to getting relaxed as you spend some time in this orientation camp.

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  1. Really? They have to live closely to them? Bath with them and wondering if they have purse all over their body? And endure some of their irritating habits? Don't every body have something the next person sees that way? Why make it sound like it's a big deal to live with a fat person or something no body should want to do? Wow!just wow!!


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