How to Check Spectranet Data Balance (2022 Guide)

How to Check Spectranet Data Balance: This content is specially curated for users/subscribers of Spectranet. In this article, you’ll see the complete guide on how to check data balance on Spectranet within a few moments all by yourself.

How to Check Spectranet Data Balance

I will outline quick and easy-to-follow options on how to check your Spectranet balance and you will find this article useful since it is necessary to keep an eye on your data balance and renew it in time to stay connected with your friends, relatives, and family 24/7.  

3 Most Asked Questions on Spectranet

About Spectranet

Spectranet is a well-known internet provider in Nigeria. It offers both WiFi and MiFi modems and devices. But it covers only several areas with its 4G LTE network.  

So if you happen to live in major cities such as Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port- Harcourt or other territories that have the super-fast connection offered by Spectranet, you are most likely using this company’s services.  

Is it Really Important to Check Spectranet Data Balance?

It is wise to plan all your spending, including the Spectranet data balance updating and renewing.  

This way, you will always know how much data you have left and when it is time to add some money to your Spectranet account.


How to Check Spectranet Data Balance

When you sign up for Spectranet or get a device for the first time, you are given a username and a password with which you can access the Spectranet Selfcare portal. From the Selfcare page, you can check your data balance, expiry date, renew your data, and lots more.

Here are some of the methods you can check your data balance on Spectranet 

Method 1: Using Spectranet Selfcare Platform 

STEP 1: Log in to the Spectranet Selfcare portal via 

STEP 2. Input your Spectranet account login details ( correct User ID and password) and click on the “Sign in” box


STEP 3. Immediately after you are signed in to your Spectranet account dashboard, you will be able to see all your profile info and data package.

STEP 4. Look at the bottom left corner and you would find your data balance there.

That’s easy, right?  

Method 2: Contact Spectranet Support 

At this phase, all you need to do is visit the contact us page on the Spectranet official website to get their customer support number.

You can simply dial 07002345678 on your phone and the customer care agent will respond to you, thereby providing you with information about your available Spectranet account data balance. That’s it!

Do you know that?

You can also roll over unused Spectranet data on some capped Spectranet data plans. All you need to do is renew your data plan before the end of your grace period.

Your GRACE period is the additional time frame Spectranet provides for you, as their customer, to renew your data or rollover unused data. Currently, Spectranet offers a GRACE period of seven (7) days.


With the methods stated above, I want to believe you can now check your Spectranet data balance quickly and with much ease.

Now that you know the two methods of accessing your Spectranet balance, what method do you think is more convenient? Which of these methods above have you been using to check your Spectranet data balance? Let’s hear from you in the comment section below.

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