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Aging is inevitable. It occurs the moment after we are born and begin to take hold of our lives. Aging may happen at a relative rate and pace, but everyone wants to look younger and fresher. A lot of people look older than their age, while others look younger than their age. Science offers an explanation for this phenomenon: the gene. If someone has complimented your younger looks or described you as looking older, you have an opportunity to know how old or young you look. This opportunity is in the form of an application called how do I look Instagram filter.

The How Do I Look Instagram Filter utilises an innovative face-scanning algorithm to identify how old you truly look…That’s a joke. The filter tries to guess your age by putting a small frame around your face. Don’t take the number or age prediction seriously, as the filter is not accurate. It randomises age, so the how-do-i-look filter should be used for fun. You can use it with family and friends for fun and share the result.

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How Old Do I Look Filter

If your plan is to use the How Old Do I Look Filter, then you have to own an Instagram account,  as the filter is only accessible to Instagram users. We will show you how to link the filter with your Instagram account. Follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the Instagram search bar and search for this username: ferdaysss. You will access the creator of the filter app Instagram account.
  • On finding their profile, on top of their Instagram posts, you will find a smiley face icon. Tap it. A variety of filters will pop up.
  • Search for the How Old Do I Look filter and select it.
  • As soon as you tap the How Old Do I Look filter, you will see the preview of the filter. Tap the lower right corner to filter your own image and start predicting your age.

Is the How old do I look filter available on Tiktok?

Fortunately, YES.

To utilize TikTok’s how old do I look filter, Open TikTok by tapping on the effect icon below. You will be taken to the effect page, where you can view the most popular videos using this effect.

To use the effect, click the record button at the bottom of the page.


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