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This is a page about GOtv Nigeria. See the GOtv channels list, new GOtv packages & price. How to clear GOTV Errors and Pay for GOtv online. #GOtv 2021 guide

GOtv is the home of African television committed to delivering family entertainment to Africa.

GOtv jolli channels

Multichoice Nigeria is the maker of GOtv Nigeria. They are also the owners of the top-rated DSTV pay television platform.

One significant difference between DSTV & GOtv is that DSTV is satellite-based while GOtv deploys its service with DVB-T2 – a new digital terrestrial broadcast technology.

GOtv is also available in Zambia where it’s called GoTv Zambia. There’s also GoTv Uganda, GoTv Ghana, GoTv Malawi, GoTv Namibia, GoTv Zimbabwe, and GoTv Kenya. Check out everything you need to know about Go Tv in Nigeria.

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Prospective GOtv Customer?

If you’re considering getting the GOtv Nigeria package, Here is what you need to know to help you make that decision. GOtv now has 4 new subscription plans. The most sophisticated on the list is the now GOtv max. It cost N3600 per month. Other GOtv subscriptions include GOtv JolliGOtv Jinja, and GOtv Smallie.

The GOtv jolli subscription cost N2460 per month. The jinja plan is N1640 p/m while the smallie subscription cost N800 monthly.

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What next? GOtv Set Up

Now that you know what you’re getting into,

how much does it cost to set up?

How much is the GOtv decoder in Nigeria? The discounted cost is now 3,600 NGN.

To set up your GOtv, you need the GOtv starter kit. It consist of Decoder + GOtenna + 1 month GOTV Max subscription.

The starter kit now costs N3,600. This is exactly the same price for a Gotv max subscription. So you are practically getting the Gotv decoder and Antenna for free.

So your first GOtv setup will cost you only N3,600.

Now let’s look at how to set up the Gotv decoder and Antenna.

Antenna Assemblage

  1. Open the antenna box and bring out the antenna pieces.
  2. Through the center of the antenna, pull the cable by the antenna grid.
  3. Take the yellow plastic and screw the cable into it.
  4. Clip the green and red plastic with the green and red chip on the antenna.
  5. Take the U-shape and place it at the center of the antenna close to the antenna grid.
  6. Attach the first pole to the antenna grid and attach the second pole bracket with nuts. Do ensure that the arrow on the box is downwards.
  7. Place the antenna close to the transmitter where there is no obstruction. It should be pointing towards the transmitter and must be placed where the signal is strongest. Try to get the antenna as high as possible.

Decoder Installation

  1. Connect the decoder to the Television with the Audio and Video (AV) cables.
  2. Connect the antenna with the decoder through the RF IN plug.
  3. Connect the power cable supply.
  4. Switch both the TV and Decoder on.
    Goto AV on the TV reemote.

Activate New GOTV Account Online

There is a new online platform where you can easily activate a newly installed Gotv account from the comfort of your home or office. Follow the steps below:

activate new gotv account

  • Go to the new gotv account activation page
  • Select your city.
  • Enter the surname and Phone number
  • Enter IUC in the space provided for it (Your IUC number is located on the red sticker under your decoder.)

Fix GOtv Errors (E16 & E30) Online

There’s an online platform where you can go clear all your GOtv errors – both E16 or E30 errors. You can fix them both on the GOtv special page. All that is required is your GOtv IUC number.

Gotv error occurs when Gotv users wait till their subscription is over they renew it subscribe. This is usually the reasons why these errors occur.

How to Clear GOTV Error Online

  • Login to your Gotv dashboard
  • Visit Fix Error Page
  • Enter your IUC number
  • Select the Error code
  • Enter the Captcha correctly
  • Then hit the green “Fix Error” button.

clear gotv error

Gotv Channels List

Before you make that buy; It is a good idea to know how much entertainment/politics/sports you will be getting. This part outlines the updated list of gotv channels for the bouquets. Yeah, all of them.

See the complete gotv channel list for all bouquets (Jolli, Jinja & Smallie.)

Gotv Max – ₦3600 Per Month 90 Channels

Gotv max channels
GOtv Jolli

This is the brand new GOtv bouquet – It’s called GOtv Max. The value proposition is “With GOtv Max you can treat yourself to the widest variety of choice entertainment including the best choice of sport.”

And it does have ESPN, SS Football, SS3 & SS4. These SuperSport channels – especially 3 & 4 will show some European, Premier League and Champion League Matches.

GOtv Max now has 90 channels that include two documentaries, four children channels, two music, three religion, 9 general entertainment and movies, 21 local and three news and commerce channels.

Below is the complete GOtv max channel list available on the Max plan:

  1. Telemundo
  2. Eva +
  3. Zee World
  4. Star Life
  5. Discovery Family
  6. Real Time
  7. NatGeo Wild
  8. Spice TV
  9. Discovery ID
  10. E! Entertainment
  11. FOX
  12. FOX Life
  13. BET
  14. CBS Reality
  15. AfricaMagic Family
  16. AfricaMagic Hausa
  17. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  18. AfricaMagic Igbo
  19. ROK 3
  20. ROK 2
  21. TVC Entertainment
  22. Televista
  23. Trybe
  24. ESPN
  25. SS Blitz
  26. SS Football
  27. SS Variety 3
  28. SS Variety 4
  29. Naija FM
  30. Wazobia FM
  31. Nickelodeon
  32. Disney Junior
  33. Jim Jam
  34. Da Vinci Kids
  35. PBS Kids.
  36. Cartoon Network
  37. AfricaMagic Epic.
  38. AfricaMagic Family.
  39. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  40. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  41. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  42. ROK 3.
  43. ROK 2.
  44. Spice TV.
  45. Televista.
  46. Trybe.
  47. HIP TV.
  48. Sound City.
  49. MTV Base
  50. Hip TV
  51. AFRO Music English
  52. Sound City
  53. Urban TV
  54. Faith
  55. Islam Channel
  56. Emmanuel TV
  57. Dove TV
  58. NTA Parliament
  59. BBC World News
  60. CNN International
  61. Al Jazeera
  62. Arise News
  63. TVC News
  64. NTA News24
  65. TNT Africa
  66. AfricaMagic Epic
  67. M-Net Movies 4
  68. B4U Movies
  69. ITV Benin
  70. BISCON tv
  71. Liberty TV
  72. Tiwa n Tiwa
  73. RAVE
  74. R2TV
  75. NTA2
  76. NTA International
  77. Silverbird
  78. AIT
  79. Channels
  80. Lagos TV
  81. Wazobia TV
  82. Arewa 24
  83. WAP TV
  84. EBS TV
  85. RSTV
  86. OGtv
  87. BCOS
  88. ONMAX
  89. ONMAX.
  90. Galaxy TV

Gotv Jolli – ₦2460 per month – 82 Channels

GOtv jolli channels
GOtv jolli

GOtv jolli has 82 channels that offer you four documentaries, lifestyle and education channels, three sports, three children, five music, four religion, 13 General entertainment, three movie, 21 local channels and seven news and commerce channels.

Below are the 82 channels on the GOtv jolli plan.

  1. Telemundo
  2. Eva +
  3. Zee World
  4. Discovery Family
  5. Real Time
  6. NatGeo Wild
  7. Spice TV
  8. E! Entertainment Television
  9. FOX
  10. FOX Life
  11. CBS Reality
  12. AfricaMagic Family
  13. AfricaMagic Hausa
  14. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  15. AfricaMagic Igbo
  16. ROK 3
  17. ROK 2
  18. TVC Entertainment
  19. Televista
  20. Trybe tv
  21. SS Blitz
  22. SS Football
  23. SS Variety 4
  24. Naija FM
  25. Wazobia FM
  26. Nickelodeon
  27. Disney Junior
  28. Jim Jam
  29. PBS Kids
  30. Da Vinci Kids
  31. AfricaMagic Epic.
  32. AfricaMagic Family.
  33. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  34. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  35. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  36. ROK 3.
  37. ROK 2.
  38. Spice TV.
  39. Televista.
  40. Trybe.
  41. HIP TV.
  42. Sound City.
  43. MTV Base
  44. Hip TV
  45. AFRO Music English
  46. Sound City
  47. Urban TV
  48. Faith
  49. Islam Channel
  50. Emmanuel TV
  51. Dove TV
  52. NTA Parliament
  53. BBC World News
  54. CNN International
  55. Al Jazeera
  56. Arise News
  57. TVC News
  58. NTA News24
  59. AfricaMagic Epic
  60. TNT Africa
  61. B4U Movies
  62. ITV Benin
  63. BISCON tv
  64. Liberty TV
  65. Tiwa n Tiwa
  66. R2TV
  67. RAVE
  68. NTA2
  69. NTA International
  70. Silverbird
  71. AIT
  72. Channels
  73. Lagos TV
  74. Wazobia TV
  75. Arewa 24
  76. WAP TV
  77. EBS TV
  78. OGtv
  79. BCOS
  80. ONMAX
  81. ONMAX.
  82. Galaxy TV

GOTV Jinja – ₦1,640 per month – 57 Channels

gotv jinja channels
Gotv jinja

GOtv Value plan consists of 57 channels: 1 movie channel, 7 general entertainment channels, 2 sports channels, 3 kids and teens channels, 21 local channels, and many more.

See the complete channel list for the GOtv Jinja subscription plan.

  1. AfricaMagic Epic
  2. Real Time
  3. Spice TV
  4. E! Entertainment Television
  5. FOX Life
  6. AfricaMagic Hausa
  7. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  8. AfricaMagic Igbo
  9. TVC Entertainment
  10. Trybe
  11. SS Blitz
  12. SS Variety 4
  13. Naija FM
  14. Wazobia FM
  15. Nickelodeon
  16. Jim Jam
  17. PBS Kids.
  18. AFRO Music English
  19. Sound City
  20. Urban TV
  21. AfricaMagic Epic.
  22. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  23. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  24. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  25. Spice TV.
  26. Trybe.
  27. Sound City.
  28. Faith
  29. Islam Channel
  30. Emmanuel TV
  31. Dove TV
  32. NTA Parliament
  33. Al Jazeera
  34. Arise News
  35. TVC News
  36. NTA News24
  37. ITV Benin
  38. BISCON tv
  39. Liberty TV
  40. Tiwa n Tiwa
  41. RAVE
  42. R2TV
  43. NTA2
  44. NTA International
  45. Silverbird
  46. AIT
  47. Channels
  48. Lagos TV
  49. Wazobia TV
  50. Arewa 24
  51. WAP TV
  52. EBS TV
  53. OGtv
  54. BCOS
  55. ONMAX
  56. ONMAX.
  57. Galaxy TV

Gotv Smallie – ₦800 per month – 36 Channels

gotv smallie
gotv smallie

You will get 36 channels with the monthly GOtv smallie plan: 1 sports channel, 20 locals, 1 General entertainment, 1 child, two music, four religion, and four news and commerce channels.

Below is the complete list of GOtv smallie channels.

  1. Spice TV.
  2. TVC Entertainment
  3. SS Blitz
  4. Naija FM
  5. Wazobia FM
  6. PBS Kids
  7. Faith
  8. Islam Channel
  9. Dove TV
  10. Emmanuel TV
  11. AFRO Music English
  12. Urban TV
  13. NTA Parliament
  14. Al Jazeera
  15. TVC News
  16. NTA News24
  17. ITV Benin
  18. BISCON tv
  19. Liberty TV
  20. RAVE
  21. R2TV
  22. NTA2
  23. NTA International
  24. Silverbird
  25. AIT
  26. Channels
  27. Lagos TV
  28. Wazobia TV
  29. Arewa 24
  30. WAP TV
  31. EBS TV
  32. RSTV
  33. OGtv
  34. BCOS
  35. ONMAX.
  36. Galaxy TV

Gotv Smallie[YEARLY] – ₦6200 yearly 

This package is exactly like the monthly smallie package. You get 36 cool channels for a full year at just 6200 naira. That translates to about N500 per month. Getting the yearly bouquet saves you lots of money in the long run.

GoTv Bouquet Nigeria.

During the last update, GOtv Nigeria had only four bouquets(and they’re quite pocket-friendly). GOtv Nigeria bouquets include.

  • GoTv Max Package which costs 3600 Naira per month offers 90 General Entertainment Channels with 20 Local.
  • GoTv Jolli Package which costs 2460 Naira per month offers 82 General Entertainment Channels with 19 Local.
  • GoTv Jinja Package, which costs 1640 Naira per month, offers 57 General Entertainment Channels with 15 Local.
  • GoTv Monthly Smallie Package which costs 800 Naira for three months offers 36 General Entertainment Channels with 21 Local Channels.
  • GoTv Yearly Smallie Package which cost 6200 naira and will last for 12 calendar months. There are 25 channels here

Use the link below to browse around

Pay Gotv Online using Quickteller

To make payment to Gotv using QuickTeller, follow the steps below.

subscribe gotv using quickteller
Gotv on Quickteller

To pay your GOtv subscription online:

  • Switch your decoder on if your account has already been disconnected.
  • Log on to and select the GOtv bouquet of your choice (GOtv or GOtvplus).
  • Enter your e-mail address, IUC number, and enter your mobile phone number.
  • Click NEXT.
  • Enter the GOtv subscriber’s name and confirm that your IUC number was filled correctly.
  • Click PAY and click on your debit card type, i.e. Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard.
  • Enter your card details, i.e. Card Number and Expiry Date as inscribed on your debit card, and then enter your four-digit PIN.
  • Click PAY once, the transaction has been completed, and your GOtv account is credited, your viewing will be restored.

GOtv TV Guide

Want to see a schedule of shows to be shown on each of your gotv? That’s what the Gotv TV guide is for. You can access it here –

How To Set Up Parental Control On Your GOtv Decoder

  • Press the GOtv or Menu button on your remote
  • Scroll to parental control
  • Select PG settings
  • Enter 1234 as default pin
  • Change global blocking to personalise
  • To activate scroll down to PARENTAL GUIDANCE SETTINGS and select 18.
  • Alternatively, you can select BLOCK CHANNELS
  • Choose the channel number you intend blocking and press OK

GOTV Nigeria Customer Care Contact

See Gotv Nigeria customer care contact details below

GOtv cc phone +234 803 904 4688
GOtv Nigeria email [email protected]
GOtv NG Twitter handle
GOtv NG facebook
GOtv NG website
GOtv shortcode 4688
GOtv Nigeria USSD *288*1#
GOtv Contact Address Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State

Where to Buy GOtv?

Are you looking for a place to buy, fix or subscribe to your GOtv tariff plan? Yes. There are GOtv dealers scattered all over the country. These dealers have been carefully arranged on the new dealers’ page on the GOtv website. Click Here to find a dealer close to you.

What are the benefits offered to Gotv subscribers?

Customers with GOtv Max and Plus who remain connected for 3 months will be eligible for airtime prizes as an appreciation for their continued support.

Customers that make payments early for GOtv Plus will continue to receive 1 week of GOtv Max Sports.

Customers who pay promptly for GOtv Max and Plus will have access to 2 free channels until February 28, 2021, when they will be removed.

How can I get my new GOtv decoder to work?

Activate your decoder on your own by texting the following word: accept*IUC number*Surname*mobile number*City*GOtvPlus# and text it to 22688. Instance: Accept*2000123544*Surname*2631234152*City*GOtvMax#

Where can I get more information about GOtv?

Call +233 0302 740 555 to reach their self-service line and follow the audio directions, or go to and

What does E16 error signify and how can I get rid of it?

E16 indicates that your decoder has been turned off. Before paying for your subscription, make sure your decoder is turned on. If you’re still getting the E16 error message, text reset and your ICU number to 44688.

E30 indicates that your decoder has been disconnected or that there has been zero reception for a long period of time. If your subscription has already been fully paid, turn on your decoder and send a text message to 44688 to remove the error notice on your decoder.

How to Check the Balance of GoTV

It’s a lot easier to check your balance on GoTV. You can check your balance through SMS or online at the GoTV website. The techniques for checking GoTV balance are as follows:

 To check your GoTV balance via SMS.

Please follow the procedures below.

To create one, go to your phone’s SMS menu and type “Balance,” leave a space, enter your IUC number or smart card number, and send it to 4688.
You will receive a response with the information you are seeking.

How to check GoTV Balance Online

Follow the steps below to check your GoTV balance online.

  • Visit
  • Navigate to and select the menu icon.
  • Click on eazy self-service from the menu list.
  • Navigate to and click on My Account from the eazy self-service list.
  • Enter your IUC number and phone number to log in. Your account information will be shown.

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