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This is a page about GOtv Nigeria. See the GOtv channels list, new GOtv packages & price. How to clear GOTV Errors and Pay for GOtv online. #GOtv 2021 guide

GOtv is the home of African television committed to delivering family entertainment to Africa.

GOtv jolli channels

Multichoice Nigeria is the makers of GOtv Nigeria. They are also the owner of the top-rated DSTV pay television platform.

One significant difference between DSTV & GOtv is that DSTV is satellite-based while GOtv deploys its service with DVB-T2 – a new digital terrestrial broadcast technology.

GOtv is also available in Zambia where it’s called GoTv Zambia. There’s also GoTv Uganda, GoTv Ghana, GoTv Malawi, GoTv Namibia, GoTv Zimbabwe, and GoTv Kenya. Check out everything you need to know about Go Tv in Nigeria.

Browse this GOtv page using the links below.

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Prospective GOtv Customer?

If you’re considering getting the GOtv Nigeria package, Here is what you need to know to help you make that decision. GOtv now has 4 new subscription plans. The most sophisticated on the list is the now GOtv max. It cost N3600 per month. Other GOtv subscriptions include GOtv JolliGOtv Jinja, and GOtv Smallie.

The GOtv jolli subscription cost N2460 per month. The jinja plan is N1640 p/m while the smallie subscription cost N800 monthly.

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What next? GOtv Set Up

Now that you know what you’re getting into,

how much does it cost to set up?

How much is the GOtv decoder in Nigeria? The discounted cost is now 3,600 NGN.

To set up your GOtv, you need the GOtv starter kit. It consist of Decoder + GOtenna + 1 month GOTV Max subscription.

The starter kit now costs N3,600. This is exactly the same price for a Gotv max subscription. So you are practically getting the Gotv decoder and Antenna for free.

So your first GOtv setup will cost you only N3,600.

Now let’s look at how to set up the Gotv decoder and Antenna.

Antenna Assemblage

  1. Open the antenna box and bring out the antenna pieces.
  2. Through the center of the antenna, pull the cable by the antenna grid.
  3. Take the yellow plastic and screw the cable into it.
  4. Clip the green and red plastic with the green and red chip on the antenna.
  5. Take the U-shape and place it at the center of the antenna close to the antenna grid.
  6. Attach the first pole to the antenna grid and attach the second pole bracket with nuts. Do ensure that the arrow on the box is downwards.
  7. Place the antenna close to the transmitter where there is no obstruction. It should be pointing towards the transmitter and must be placed where the signal is strongest. Try to get the antenna as high as possible.

Decoder Installation

  1. Connect the decoder to the Television with the Audio and Video (AV) cables.
  2. Connect the antenna with the decoder through the RF IN plug.
  3. Connect the power cable supply.
  4. Switch both the TV and Decoder on.
    Goto AV on the TV reemote.

Activate New GOTV Account Online

There is a new online platform where you can easily activate a newly installed Gotv account from the comfort of your home or office. Follow the steps below:

activate new gotv account

  • Go to the new gotv account activation page
  • Select your city.
  • Enter the surname and Phone number
  • Enter IUC in the space provided for it (Your IUC number is located on the red sticker under your decoder.)

Fix GOtv Errors (E16 & E30) Online

There’s an online platform where you can go clear all your GOtv errors – both E16 or E30 errors. You can fix them both on the GOtv special page. All that is required is your GOtv IUC number.

Gotv error occurs when Gotv users wait till their subscription is over they renew it subscribe. This is usually the reasons why these errors occur.

How to Clear GOTV Error Online

  • Login to your Gotv dashboard
  • Visit Fix Error Page
  • Enter your IUC number
  • Select the Error code
  • Enter the Captcha correctly
  • Then hit the green “Fix Error” button.

clear gotv error

Gotv Channels List

Before you make that buy; It is a good idea to know how much entertainment/politics/sports you will be getting. This part outlines the updated list of gotv channels for the bouquets. Yeah, all of them.

See the complete gotv channel list for all bouquets (Jolli, Jinja & Smallie.)

Gotv Max – ₦3600 Per Month 90 Channels

Gotv max channels
GOtv Jolli

This is the brand new GOtv bouquet – It’s called GOtv Max. The value proposition is “With GOtv Max you can treat yourself to the widest variety of choice entertainment including the best choice of sport.”

And it does have ESPN, SS Football, SS3 & SS4. These SuperSport channels – especially 3 & 4 will show some European, Premier League and Champion League Matches.

GOtv Max now has 90 channels that include two documentaries, four children channels, two music, three religion, 9 general entertainment and movies, 21 local and three news and commerce channels.

Below is the complete GOtv max channel list available on the Max plan:

  1. Telemundo
  2. Eva +
  3. Zee World
  4. Star Life
  5. Discovery Family
  6. Real Time
  7. NatGeo Wild
  8. Spice TV
  9. Discovery ID
  10. E! Entertainment
  11. FOX
  12. FOX Life
  13. BET
  14. CBS Reality
  15. AfricaMagic Family
  16. AfricaMagic Hausa
  17. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  18. AfricaMagic Igbo
  19. ROK 3
  20. ROK 2
  21. TVC Entertainment
  22. Televista
  23. Trybe
  24. ESPN
  25. SS Blitz
  26. SS Football
  27. SS Variety 3
  28. SS Variety 4
  29. Naija FM
  30. Wazobia FM
  31. Nickelodeon
  32. Disney Junior
  33. Jim Jam
  34. Da Vinci Kids
  35. PBS Kids.
  36. Cartoon Network
  37. AfricaMagic Epic.
  38. AfricaMagic Family.
  39. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  40. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  41. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  42. ROK 3.
  43. ROK 2.
  44. Spice TV.
  45. Televista.
  46. Trybe.
  47. HIP TV.
  48. Sound City.
  49. MTV Base
  50. Hip TV
  51. AFRO Music English
  52. Sound City
  53. Urban TV
  54. Faith
  55. Islam Channel
  56. Emmanuel TV
  57. Dove TV
  58. NTA Parliament
  59. BBC World News
  60. CNN International
  61. Al Jazeera
  62. Arise News
  63. TVC News
  64. NTA News24
  65. TNT Africa
  66. AfricaMagic Epic
  67. M-Net Movies 4
  68. B4U Movies
  69. ITV Benin
  70. BISCON tv
  71. Liberty TV
  72. Tiwa n Tiwa
  73. RAVE
  74. R2TV
  75. NTA2
  76. NTA International
  77. Silverbird
  78. AIT
  79. Channels
  80. Lagos TV
  81. Wazobia TV
  82. Arewa 24
  83. WAP TV
  84. EBS TV
  85. RSTV
  86. OGtv
  87. BCOS
  88. ONMAX
  89. ONMAX.
  90. Galaxy TV

Gotv Jolli – ₦2460 per month – 82 Channels

GOtv jolli channels
GOtv jolli

GOtv jolli has 82 channels that offer you four documentaries, lifestyle and education channels, three sports, three children, five music, four religion, 13 General entertainment, three movie, 21 local channels and seven news and commerce channels.

Below are the 82 channels on the GOtv jolli plan.

  1. Telemundo
  2. Eva +
  3. Zee World
  4. Discovery Family
  5. Real Time
  6. NatGeo Wild
  7. Spice TV
  8. E! Entertainment Television
  9. FOX
  10. FOX Life
  11. CBS Reality
  12. AfricaMagic Family
  13. AfricaMagic Hausa
  14. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  15. AfricaMagic Igbo
  16. ROK 3
  17. ROK 2
  18. TVC Entertainment
  19. Televista
  20. Trybe tv
  21. SS Blitz
  22. SS Football
  23. SS Variety 4
  24. Naija FM
  25. Wazobia FM
  26. Nickelodeon
  27. Disney Junior
  28. Jim Jam
  29. PBS Kids
  30. Da Vinci Kids
  31. AfricaMagic Epic.
  32. AfricaMagic Family.
  33. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  34. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  35. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  36. ROK 3.
  37. ROK 2.
  38. Spice TV.
  39. Televista.
  40. Trybe.
  41. HIP TV.
  42. Sound City.
  43. MTV Base
  44. Hip TV
  45. AFRO Music English
  46. Sound City
  47. Urban TV
  48. Faith
  49. Islam Channel
  50. Emmanuel TV
  51. Dove TV
  52. NTA Parliament
  53. BBC World News
  54. CNN International
  55. Al Jazeera
  56. Arise News
  57. TVC News
  58. NTA News24
  59. AfricaMagic Epic
  60. TNT Africa
  61. B4U Movies
  62. ITV Benin
  63. BISCON tv
  64. Liberty TV
  65. Tiwa n Tiwa
  66. R2TV
  67. RAVE
  68. NTA2
  69. NTA International
  70. Silverbird
  71. AIT
  72. Channels
  73. Lagos TV
  74. Wazobia TV
  75. Arewa 24
  76. WAP TV
  77. EBS TV
  78. OGtv
  79. BCOS
  80. ONMAX
  81. ONMAX.
  82. Galaxy TV

GOTV Jinja – ₦1,640 per month – 57 Channels

gotv jinja channels
Gotv jinja

GOtv Value plan consists of 57 channels: 1 movie channel, 7 general entertainment channels, 2 sports channels, 3 kids and teens channels, 21 local channels, and many more.

See the complete channel list for the GOtv Jinja subscription plan.

  1. AfricaMagic Epic
  2. Real Time
  3. Spice TV
  4. E! Entertainment Television
  5. FOX Life
  6. AfricaMagic Hausa
  7. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  8. AfricaMagic Igbo
  9. TVC Entertainment
  10. Trybe
  11. SS Blitz
  12. SS Variety 4
  13. Naija FM
  14. Wazobia FM
  15. Nickelodeon
  16. Jim Jam
  17. PBS Kids.
  18. AFRO Music English
  19. Sound City
  20. Urban TV
  21. AfricaMagic Epic.
  22. AfricaMagic Hausa.
  23. AfricaMagic Yoruba.
  24. AfricaMagic Igbo.
  25. Spice TV.
  26. Trybe.
  27. Sound City.
  28. Faith
  29. Islam Channel
  30. Emmanuel TV
  31. Dove TV
  32. NTA Parliament
  33. Al Jazeera
  34. Arise News
  35. TVC News
  36. NTA News24
  37. ITV Benin
  38. BISCON tv
  39. Liberty TV
  40. Tiwa n Tiwa
  41. RAVE
  42. R2TV
  43. NTA2
  44. NTA International
  45. Silverbird
  46. AIT
  47. Channels
  48. Lagos TV
  49. Wazobia TV
  50. Arewa 24
  51. WAP TV
  52. EBS TV
  53. OGtv
  54. BCOS
  55. ONMAX
  56. ONMAX.
  57. Galaxy TV

Gotv Smallie – ₦800 per month – 36 Channels

gotv smallie
gotv smallie

You will get 36 channels with the monthly GOtv smallie plan: 1 sports channel, 20 locals, 1 General entertainment, 1 child, two music, four religion, and four news and commerce channels.

Below is the complete list of GOtv smallie channels.

  1. Spice TV.
  2. TVC Entertainment
  3. SS Blitz
  4. Naija FM
  5. Wazobia FM
  6. PBS Kids
  7. Faith
  8. Islam Channel
  9. Dove TV
  10. Emmanuel TV
  11. AFRO Music English
  12. Urban TV
  13. NTA Parliament
  14. Al Jazeera
  15. TVC News
  16. NTA News24
  17. ITV Benin
  18. BISCON tv
  19. Liberty TV
  20. RAVE
  21. R2TV
  22. NTA2
  23. NTA International
  24. Silverbird
  25. AIT
  26. Channels
  27. Lagos TV
  28. Wazobia TV
  29. Arewa 24
  30. WAP TV
  31. EBS TV
  32. RSTV
  33. OGtv
  34. BCOS
  35. ONMAX.
  36. Galaxy TV

Gotv Smallie[YEARLY] – ₦6200 yearly 

This package is exactly like the monthly smallie package. You get 36 cool channels for a full year at just 6200 naira. That translates to about N500 per month. Getting the yearly bouquet saves you lots of money in the long run.

GoTv Bouquet Nigeria.

During the last update, GOtv Nigeria had only four bouquets(and they’re quite pocket-friendly). GOtv Nigeria bouquets include.

  • GoTv Max Package which costs 3600 Naira per month offers 90 General Entertainment Channels with 20 Local.
  • GoTv Jolli Package which costs 2460 Naira per month offers 82 General Entertainment Channels with 19 Local.
  • GoTv Jinja Package, which costs 1640 Naira per month, offers 57 General Entertainment Channels with 15 Local.
  • GoTv Monthly Smallie Package which costs 800 Naira for three months offers 36 General Entertainment Channels with 21 Local Channels.
  • GoTv Yearly Smallie Package which cost 6200 naira and will last for 12 calendar months. There are 25 channels here

Use the link below to browse around

Pay Gotv Online using Quickteller

To make payment to Gotv using QuickTeller, follow the steps below.

subscribe gotv using quickteller
Gotv on Quickteller

To pay your GOtv subscription online:

  • Switch your decoder on if your account has already been disconnected.
  • Log on to and select the GOtv bouquet of your choice (GOtv or GOtvplus).
  • Enter your e-mail address, IUC number, and enter your mobile phone number.
  • Click NEXT.
  • Enter the GOtv subscriber’s name and confirm that your IUC number was filled correctly.
  • Click PAY and click on your debit card type, i.e. Interswitch, Verve or MasterCard.
  • Enter your card details, i.e. Card Number and Expiry Date as inscribed on your debit card, and then enter your four-digit PIN.
  • Click PAY once, the transaction has been completed, and your GOtv account is credited, your viewing will be restored.

GOtv TV Guide

Want to see a schedule of shows to be shown on each of your gotv? That’s what the Gotv TV guide is for. You can access it here –

GOTV Nigeria Customer Care Contact

See Gotv Nigeria customer care contact details below

GOtv cc phone +234 803 904 4688
GOtv Nigeria email [email protected]
GOtv NG Twitter handle
GOtv NG facebook
GOtv NG website
GOtv shortcode 4688
GOtv Nigeria USSD *288*1#
GOtv Contact Address Multichoice Nigeria Limited, Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State

Where to Buy GOtv?

You are looking for a place to buy, fix or subscribe to your GOtv tariff plans? Yes. There are GOtv dealers scattered all over the country. These dealers have been carefully arranged on a new dealers page at the GOtv website. Click Here find a dealer close to you.


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  33. Wonderful piece of tutorial you've produced here. It has been very helpful.Should you miss out on anything above Here are are few important informations regarding <a href=””>GoTV Nigeria: Plans, Channels and Decoder Prices

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    • bbnaija is not showing on my GOTV plus plan is showing error why? please do something and not only that, there are some other channels with the same problem please do something.

  59. Go tv, can some one(management) pls tell me why my go tv can nt show big brother naja. Pls if dis is a joke, it better stop cos it cos of dat channel i subscribe oooo.(1900) package.

  60. I recharge my account on Thursday didn't come up then till the following day Friday, on tuning to big brother nigga (event channel) it was showing E16 pls kindly rectify it cos I subscribe because of the show.thanks

  61. Ive been on gotv plus package,the big brother nigeria channel was working as at sunday 21-01-2018. The sub expired on monday and I renewed my GOTV plus sub, 1900 on Tuesday 23-01-2018. Now the big brother nigeria channel aint showing. E16 error. Abeg advice on what to do. This seem like scam

  62. good evening, please i paid for gotv plus, the one for #1900 and the big Brother nigeria channel is not showing. please what are my to do?

  63. Good afternoon I went through ur list of channels on Gotv plus some of these channels are not on my decoder. Rave TV spice TV wap TV and arewa TV. please I would like to know why. I reside in Nigeria

  64. I subscribed for the Max package but I cant watch the EPL, SS 3 and $ are not showing, In other words the change has not been effected.

  65. I live in Osogbo Osun state Nigeria. Am on gotv plus. I have tried to migrate to gotv max by making payment through sterling bank mobile app to know avail. Because there is no provision for gotv max on the app. What do I do.
    Secondly how do I check if details on my gotv account is correct.

  66. Gud afternun 2 whom it may concern.
    I pay 1900 GOTV plus and I enjoy channels like Sony Max and fox, these channels hapin 2 b channels dt kip GOTV plus going, so y did u guys scrub d channels? It's so boring now. GOTV was meant 4 average population now I don't understand y 3800. Pls I will soon drop GOTV and I believe we u begin 2 have competitions, u will sit up. Bring back don't max 2 GOTV plus an egg.

  67. After reading some comments here, I got to knw I’m not the only one going through what I’m experiencing at the moment! I paid for GOTV plus, I only enjoy 27channels, since last 3wks! Hv scanned over and over , just because u want us to pay for 3800 subscription which I’m not going to do, u removed some channels deliberately, is like ure sick🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s not fair and all shades of cheats! Have not been enjoying the 1800, now u want me to pay 3800 for what? U better old ur decoder or GOTV! It’s not by for! Tstv will soon take over, by den, u will have sense

  68. I subscribe for N1,900 before it has WAPtv and other channels but now waptv and other channels like tiwantiwa is nowhere to be found what happened?

  69. I paid for GOtv-value this morning. Only one channel, AM-yoruba, is working. Other channels do not show at all. Any advice on what to do?

    • Hi
        Last year u guys gave said if i recharge between a period of time i will get a promo,which i did,and on d 3rd of dis month i got a message saying my i have been rewarded with free Gotv plus subscription as promised,but i can bk from yesterday and my gotv is not still showing.Pls my ICU number is 4601522134.i would appreciate it if get bk to me and resolve d problem.Thanks and happy new year.

  70. I woke up today to find out that the number of my channels have reduced to 34, I can't find Africa magic epic and yoruba, all the music channels except MTV base… It's not up to one week that I bought the Gotv. Please any advice on what to do?

  71. The people in charge of GoTv are so greedy. How can they double their subscription fee for four extra channels?? The point of using Gotv is that we mostly can't afford the more expensive dstv or we don't need the bulk of the dstv dish. Smh. Also, the gotv lite bouquet states etv Africa as one of it's channels. Not so. Etv Africa is not included in the bouquet. The only reason they're misbehaving is because there is no competitor right now. I hope TStv is up to par, maybe when gotv loses hundreds of customers, they'd realize how unreasonable they've been.

  72. I pay 1,900 for Gotv plus and was not working since evening, 4801847402
    receipt no. : -18854853
    cashier : – Adeshoga Shitu
    i will be glads if you can help me out. Thanks!

  73. I am a Gotv subscriber formerly residing at Kampala, Uganda and now relocated to Kaduna, Nigeria, I want to know if the Decoder I was using in Kampala can still work here in Kaduna.

  74. Gudam, I use to subscribe for goTV plus but I don't see Waptv and African magic world why but it's among channels dat are there my IUC no is 4601671569 pls attend to my complaint urgently.

  75. the main TV stations that attracted me to buy GOTV at first, was one gospel, black belt tv, Sony max and bet. GOTV removed all these tv stations.
    latter returned Sony max and added other 3 TV stations and increased their subscription to n3800. I don't know if you treat your fellow south Africans this way, but its here in Nigeria that we are been treated as junk even with the economic crisis.

  76. the main TV stations that attracted me to buy GOTV at first, was one gospel, black belt tv, Sony max and bet. GOTV removed all these tv stations.
    latter returned Sony max and added other 3 TV stations and increased their subscription to n3800. I don't know if you treat your fellow south Africans this way, but its here in Nigeria that we are been treated as junk even with the economic crisis.

  77. This is so unfair, misleading and tells down on your product. I just bought Gotv decoder in Nigeria. And was told by the dealer the decoder comes with one month free GOTV plus suscription with 57 channels. Only 12 of them are showing. And the remaining displays not available in this country. Please help out as its not good for a first impression. My IUC number is 7016571520.

  78. i am just putting up with this junk and exploitative scheme because of scarcity of options. so i should add N1900 to my current N1900 just to watch additional 6 uuuseless channels ? no live matches? crap. just hoping TSTV will stand. i don't mind paying more and getting same thing from them, i rarely watch more than 6 channels anyway what is the use of the additional 50+ needless pages.

  79. It was unfair ! Why can someone subscribe for 2000 and he can not have access to even one champion league matched is not fair ! This is really not fair for gotv !

  80. I am in enugu Nigeria. I cant get all the channels. Its been 2 months now. What am i supposed to do? Also why is WAP, E-Africa not showing on Gotv Lite but its in the list?

  81. l just bought gotv decoder few days ago in Nigeria.The dealer told me that l have been given one month free gotv plus subscription with 57 channels but only 37 channels are listed and only 12 are showing while the remaining display "not available in this country" including Nigeria AIT My decoder IUC is 7004961289. Pls help

  82. please am one of your customer.there are some channel station that you list in gotv value and is not in my decorder. like- liberty,Arewa24,Wap,Tiwa n tiwa,spice,Rtv2 and rave. pls what happen to them. help us put it there and be sincere with all your words pls. i need your reply ugently.

  83. I am writing this piece with great discontent. I subscribed on 25th September, since then I have never watched it, I can only see 36 channels for 1900. I have done every form of scanning all to nothing. Whatever reset you have to do, please kindly do before this subscription expires if you still need my patronage.
    It's really annoying the kind of services Nigerians get from Govt. I see comments of people who are dissatisfied by your services. Thank you, as I look forward to immediate response to this message.

  84. TSTV is born. I hope it is made in Nigeria. If it isn't, then we are still in the hand of south African scammers.
    But if it is our own, let us all shift from the scammers to tstv and dump this 419ners.
    The south African companies does not mean well for us. Dstv, GOTV are just like there brother MTN, they are in Nigeria to exploit.

  85. Are this gotv okay at all. U only added 4 stupid channels and u double the price 1900 to 2800.i have always been a layer customer off gotv but now am gone for good

  86. This is rubish, no reasonable channel yet you are increasing your price. Is that how you run this biz in your own country. I blame those senseless lawmakers they use to exploit their fellow Nigerians .

  87. Thank God it's not by force to use this GOTV self. After this current subscription I will just dump it one side. Just added few irrelevant channels and increase price. 3800 for what. I won't use again. I don't mind paying 4k and be satisfied than paying 3800 and be going outside to watch think it's everybody that likes zeeworld?

  88. I even thought trace, African magic showcase or African magic urban will be added to d newly developed package
    There really isn't any difference between the gotv plus and the gotv max
    They only added super sports 3 and 4, of which, not everyone are football lovers

  89. Why GOTV is not showing champion league ! What is advantage of paying money for subscription which I cant have access to champion league game even not one ! I think it will advisable if champions league can be include

  90. A very good day to you. I renewed my Gotv plus subscription on Sunday but I can't see all the channels. please what is the cause of this challenge? Okoro, IUC Number is 2028964785. thanks

  91. my name ,is Chidiebere Esther from Enugu state. iam not happy about the increase of gotv subscription; look at the economy situation of the country early this year you guys increase it from 1500to 1900 now is from 1900to 3800 why very soon it will increase from 48000 to 5000 per month seriously is too much you guys should ajust the price if not gradually you will be chasing your coustomer away buy giving other sitelite chance to take over bring similar service to yours and keeping the price normal think twice

  92. Scammed by GOTV!!!
    My Gotv subscription expired for about a month now and I didn't renew the subscription. Yesterday I received a call from GOTV customer care agent in Lagos, that they noticed I've not renewed my subscription for a while, because of that I should go to the nearest GOTV service centre and pay the sum of #950 Naira instead #1900 which is 50% special discount for me. After the payment of #950 at the service centre the cashier gave me a receipt indicating the "GOTV plus discount". Coming back home I received a text from GOTV which says " Dear GOgetter, thank you for your payment, please note an outstanding balance of #950 is still due to extend your viewing experience"
    If anyone needs GOTV decorder contact me pls!

  93. I just subscribe #1900 via mobile banking, my account has been debited yet my gotv still showing E16-service is currently scrambled. Kindly assist.



  96. I paid 1900 per month today, yet they are still telling me that your subscription has expired. So what is going on GOtv people?

  97. please you GoTv produce rechargecard #1200 and #1800 we are tired of agents selling #1200 for #1500 and #1800 for #2100 also going to bank before recharge and charge#100 is unfair.
    However,if you made recharge card available one can buy 2to 3 at once.

  98. Gotv should include at least one super sports channel that will show EPL and laliga matches in the go plus subscription.

  99. Pls I recharged 1800 and since last week the 13th April I have only been getting 25 channels pls what’s the problem cos the channels u people left are not interesting. No telemundo, African magic world, televista infact u people removed so many channels

  100. I pày 1800 per month but have only 25 channels and on few occasions, I get the complete channel, I HV tried resetting the antenna all to no avail. Pls Gotv people what do I do? Cos I am getting fed up.

  101. I know they they say customers first. Pls when is SET,Sony Max,BET coming back on gotv. Why was it removed in the first place and replaced with boring African magic channels

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