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This post has been very useful for folks looking at setting a DStv satellite TV in a Nigerian home or office.

dstv nigeria

If you’re totally new to this, here are a few things you must know:

You need to buy a device plus a package.

Your device is the hardware(the thing that looks like a DVD player).

Your package is the subscription.

Payment for the device is done once.

And the subscription? – You’ll pay that every month.

Use the links below to navigate

If you looking at upgrading to DSTV Nigeria for the first time… You may wanna go for something inexpensive.
Here it is:

DSTV Nigeria Set Up Cost 2021

The go-to setups include:

  • Zapper HD Decoder Only = N10,700
  • HD Decoder + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Compact Subscription = N18,600.
  • Explora Decoder + Dish Kit + Smart LNB = N45,000.

DStv Biggie Goals Deal.

Enjoy over 135 channels of the best sports, movies, series, news and kiddies entertainment with this amazing offer.

Get your HD decoder + Dish kit + 1 Month Compact!

Was N18,600

Now N9,900 once-off

Connecting the Decoder to the TV

  1. If you have an HD TV, use the supplied HDMI cable and connect it to the HDMI port (marked 1) on the back of the decoder, then connect the other end to the HDMI port on the TV.
    If you have a non-HD TV, use the supplied RCA cables and connect the red, white, and yellow inputs to the RCA ports (marked 2) on the back of the decoder, then connect the red, white and yellow inputs to the RCA ports on the TV.
  2. (Optional) Connect the decoder to your home theatre system using the SPDIF port (marked 3) on the decoder.
  3. Connect the power supply to the input marked 4 and then plug the other side into the mains.

Activate New DSTV Account

If your installation is done by a DStv Accredited Installer, they will activate your decoder for you with your selected package. If your installation is not done by a DStv Accredited Installer, please contact your nearest call center to add this decoder to your account and to activate it with your selected package.

Fix DSTV Errors online

  • E16 The Smartcard is not enabled for this channel. It may be that your account has been suspended. Please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.
  • E19 Your account has been suspended. Please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.
  • E30 Checking the subscription status… If this message still appears after 2 minutes, please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.
  • E32 The Smartcard is not enabled for this channel. It may be that your account has been suspended. Please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.

If you encounter any of the errors above while viewing, Follow the steps below to clear the error.

DSTV Explora Vs DSTV Zappa Decoder

The HD SINGLE VIEW decoder is aimed at providing an affordable decoder that supports HD and XtraView. The DStv Explora offers subscribers a viewing pleasure to record, Catch Up, and Box Office.

SO here is the Explora Vs HD Decoder comparison…

HD Decoder Explora
XtraView Yes
Crystal Clear HD Yes
Set Reminders Yes
Parental Controls Yes
Interactive Guide Yes
Great search options Yes
DStv Catchup Yes
BoxOffice Yes
HD Viewing  Yes
The Playlist  –  Yes
More recording time  –  Yes


NB: Please know that any of this devices works perfectly with all the available DSTV Nigeria packages(See comprehensive list of all DSTV Nigeria bouquets below)

DSTV Nigeria Packages / Bouquets

Here is the complete list of DSTV Nigeria packages and their updated prices.
These DSTV Bouquets and prices were last updated on 13/09/2020.

DSTV Padi Plus ₦1,850 per month

dstv padi packages
You can get over 40 TV and Audio channels of the best in local TV on DStv Padi at a cost of only N1,850 per month.

₦1,850 per month.
Has over 40 channels.

Dstv Padi will help you experience a world filled with exciting viewing pleasure. With DStv Padi you get the very best in local TV series, movies, telenovelas and a great selection of news, music and kids channels

DSTV Yanga: ₦2,565 per month

dstv yanga
You can get over 95 TV and Audio channels of the best in local TV on Yanga at a cost of only N2,565 per month.

The next on the list is Dstv Yanga which cost ₦2,565 per month.
It has over 95 channels (Audio + Videos)

Dstv yanga is an entry-level selection of Africa Magic channels, ROK 2, Telemundo, sporting highlights & selected football games on SuperSport Blitz, SuperSport 9 & 10, MTV Base, BBC News & Al Jazeera & Nickelodeon for the kids.

Dstv Yanga Channel list

Below is the complete DSTV Yanga channels list available on Dstv yanga bouquet plan:

  1. E! Entertainment (124)
  2. FOX Life (126)
  3. Africa Magic Family (154)
  4. Africa Magic Hausa (156)
  5. Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
  6. Africa Magic Igbo (159)
  7. ROK 3 (164)
  8. ROK 2 (169)
  9. Televista (194)
  10. Trybe (195)
  11. TeleMundo (118)
  12. EVA + (142)
  13. Zee World (166)
  14. M-NET Movies 4 (108)
  15. Africa Magic Epic (152)
  16. B4U Movies (451)
  17. Real Time (155)
  18. Fashion One (178)
  19. NatGeo Wild (182)
  20. Spice TV (190)
  21. SuperSport Blitz (200)
  22. SuperSport Football (205)
  23. BBC World News (400)
  24. Al Jazeera (406)
  25. CGTN News (409)
  26. EuroNews (414)
  27. CNC World (415)
  28. Arise News (416)
  29. Nickelodeon (305)
  30. Disney Junior (309)
  31. Jim Jam (310)
  32. PBS Kids (313)
  33. Mindset (319)
  34. POP Central (189)
  35. MTV Base (322)
  36. HIP TV (324)
  37. AFRO Music English (326)
  38. Sound City (327)
  39. URBAN TV (328)
  40. Ebony Life TV (165)
  41. NTA I (251)
  42. SILVERBIRD (252)
  43. AIT (253)
  44. CHANNELS (254)
  45. MiTV (255)
  46. LAGOS TV (256)
  47. ONMAX (257)
  48. Wazobia Max (259)
  49. OGTV (260)
  50. Arewa 24 (261)
  51. WAP TV (262)
  52. NTA 2 (369)
  53. NTA Parliament (370)
  54. TVC News Nigeria (418)
  55. Discovery Family HD (136)
  56. Maisha Magic East HD (158)
  57. Maisha Magic Bongo (160)
  58. eTV Africa (250)
  59. K24 (275)
  60. Adom TV (280)
  61. Cloud Plus (294)
  62. Wasafi TV (296)
  63. Fiesta TV (329)
  64. Trace Jama (333)
  65. SABC News (404)
  66. Newzroom Afrika HD (405)
  67. Africa News (417)
  68. Joy News (421)
  69. FAITH (341)
  70. Day Star (342)
  71. TBN (343)
  72. SBN (345)
  73. IQRAA (346)
  74. ISLAM CHANNEL (347)
  75. Eternal Word Television Network (348)
  76. Dove TV (349)
  77. Lumen Christi (350)
  78. Emmanuel TV (390)
  79. TV Mundial (P) (680)
  80. NHK (431)
  81. TV5 Monde Afrique (437)
  82. Deutsche Welle (446)
  83. CCTV 4 (447)
  84. CGTN Documentary (448)
  85. CGTN French (449)
  86. CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel (480)
  87. China Movie Channel (481)
  88. Shanghai Dragon TV (482)
  89. Hunan TV (483)
  90. Zhejiang TV (484)
  91. Phoenix News and Entertainment (485)
  92. RTPi (P) (525)
  93. NDTV 24×7 (413)
  94. BBC World Service English (850)
  95. BBC World Radio 2 (851)
  96. BBC African Languages (852)
  97. Voice of America (853)
  98. World Radio Network (854)
  99. Channel Islam Internationale (865)
  100. Radio France Internationale (866)
  101. RAYFM (868)
  102. Star (869)
  103. Rhythm (870)
  104. TransAfrica Radio (872)

DSTV Confam: ₦4,615 per month

dstv confam
We’re talking 120+ channels including European football, dramas, movies, reality, documentary shows, news & kids’ channels – there’s something for everyone in the family.

DSTV Confam – just as the name suggests is the recommended bouquet for families.
It has the right amount of everything. A total of 120 channels.

DSTV Confam gives you all the La Liga and Serie A games live in HD on SuperSport 7 & 8, International entertainment, lifestyle and documentaries on CBS Reality, FOX, BET and Universal TV, BBC Lifestyle and NatGeo Wild. More fun for the kids on Cartoon Network, Disney Junior, Boomerang and Cbeebies.

DStv Confam Channel List

  1. M-Net City (115)
  2. Universal TV (117)
  3. E! Entertainment (124)
  4. FOX (125)
  5. FOX Life (126)
  6. BET (129)
  7. CBS Reality (132)
  8. Africa Magic Family (154)
  9. Africa Magic Hausa (156)
  10. Africa Magic Yoruba (157)
  11. Africa Magic Igbo (159)
  12. ROK 3 (164)
  13. ROK 2 (169)
  14. Televista (194)
  15. Trybe (195)
  16. TeleMundo (118)
  17. EVA (141)
  18. EVA + (142)
  19. Zee World (166)
  20. Star Life (167)
  21. M-NET Movies 4 (108)
  22. TNT Africa (137)
  23. Africa Magic Epic (152)
  24. B4U Movies (451)
  25. Real Time (155)
  26. BBC Lifestyle (174)
  27. Food Network (175)
  28. Fashion One (178)
  29. NatGeo Wild (182)
  30. Spice TV (190)
  31. SuperSport Blitz (200)
  32. SuperSport La Liga (204)
  33. SuperSport Football (205)
  34. SuperSport Variety 3 (208)
  35. SuperSport Variety 4 (209)
  36. ESPN (218)
  37. BBC World News (400)
  38. CNN International (401)
  39. Al Jazeera (406)
  40. CGTN News (409)
  41. EuroNews (414)
  42. CNC World (415)
  43. Arise News (416)
  44. Cartoon Network (301)
  45. Boomerang (302)
  46. Nickelodeon (305)
  47. Cbeebies (306)
  48. Disney Junior (309)
  49. Jim Jam (310)
  50. PBS Kids (313)
  51. Da Vinci Learning (318)
  52. Mindset (319)
  53. POP Central (189)
  54. MTV Base (322)
  55. HIP TV (324)
  56. AFRO Music English (326)
  57. Sound City (327)
  58. URBAN TV (328)
  59. Trace Gospel (332)
  60. Ebony Life TV (165)
  61. NTA I (251)
  62. SILVERBIRD (252)
  63. AIT (253)
  64. CHANNELS (254)
  65. MiTV (255)
  66. LAGOS TV (256)
  67. ONMAX (257)
  68. Wazobia Max (259)
  69. OGTV (260)
  70. Arewa 24 (261)
  71. WAP TV (262)
  72. NTA 2 (369)
  73. NTA Parliament (370)
  74. TVC News Nigeria (418)
  75. Discovery Family HD (136)
  76. Maisha Magic East HD (158)
  77. Maisha Magic Bongo (160)
  78. eTV Africa (250)
  79. K24 (275)
  80. Adom TV (280)
  81. Cloud Plus (294)
  82. Wasafi TV (296)
  83. Fiesta TV (329)
  84. Trace Jama (333)
  85. SABC News (404)
  86. Newzroom Afrika HD (405)
  87. Africa News (417)
  88. Joy News (421)
  89. FAITH (341)
  90. Day Star (342)
  91. TBN (343)
  92. SBN (345)
  93. IQRAA (346)
  94. ISLAM CHANNEL (347)
  95. Eternal Word Television Network (348)
  96. Dove TV (349)
  97. Lumen Christi (350)
  98. Emmanuel TV (390)
  99. TV Mundial (P) (680)
  100. NHK (431)
  101. TV5 Monde Afrique (437)
  102. Deutsche Welle (446)
  103. CCTV 4 (447)
  104. CGTN Documentary (448)
  105. CGTN French (449)
  106. CCTV Entertainment – Mandarin Entertainment Channel (480)
  107. China Movie Channel (481)
  108. Shanghai Dragon TV (482)
  109. Hunan TV (483)
  110. Zhejiang TV (484)
  111. Phoenix News and Entertainment (485)
  112. RTPi (P) (525)
  113. NDTV 24×7 (413)
  114. BBC World Service English (850)
  115. BBC World Radio 2 (851)
  116. BBC African Languages (852)
  117. Voice of America (853)
  118. World Radio Network (854)
  119. Channel Islam Internationale (865)
  120. Radio France Internationale (866)
  121. RAYFM (868)
  122. Star (869)
  123. Rhythm (870)
  124. TransAfrica Radio (872)

DSTV Compact: ₦7,900 Per month

dstv compact 2020
You can get over 135 TV and Audio channels on DStv Compact at a cost of only and N7,900 per month.

Get ready for action. 135+ channels crammed with Premier League and WWE, the blockbuster movies you love and a wide selection of local and international entertainment, reality, news, music and lifestyle channels.

DSTV Compact will let you watch all the Premier League games live in HD on SuperSport 3. Hollywood movies on M-Net Movies Action, M-Net Movie All-Stars and Studio Universal. Local and international series, lifestyle and actuality on a selection of Africa Magic channels, BBC Brit, ITV Choice, Vuzu, MTV, Discovery TLC, CNN and Sky News.

There’s also 52 Audio Channels & 12 HD Channels on the DSTV Compact bouquet.

DStv Compact Plus: ₦12,400 per month

dstv compact plus
You can get over 150 TV and Audio channels on DStv Compact Plus at a cost of only N12,400 per month.

DSTV Compact plus gives you the entertainment you love + some extras with DStv Compact + from N12,400 per month

This is the Home of UEFA Champions League with 155+ channels including top international football leagues and MMA, all the Africa Magic channels and award-winning documentary channels will do it every time.

Some favourites on DStv Compact +: Catch the UEFA Champions League and FA Cup games live as well as UFC MMA fights in HD on SuperSport 5 & 6. ALL the Africa Magic Channels (including Africa Magic Showcase HD) and international documentaries with History Channel, CBS Justice and Curiosity Stream.

52 Audio Channels & 17 HD Channels

DSTV Premium: ₦18,400 per month

dstv premium 2020
You can get over 170 TV and Audio channels on DStv Premium at a cost of only N 18,400 per month.

DSTV Premium offers you the world’s greatest.

175+ channels featuring the latest international movie, series and reality show releases and the biggest names in lifestyle and news. It’s not just unsurpassed entertainment – it’s an experience.

How to Pay DSTV Bills via Mobile Money

There are different mobile movie platforms such as Firstmonie from First Bank Nigeria, MTN Mobile Money, my paga, and many others. Mobile money works by transforming your mobile phone into an electronic wallet or e-wallet which basically helps you store funds electronically.

Below is an e.g. of MTN Mobile Money subscription guide;

  • Ensure that YOU REGISTER for MTN MM at any MTN service center closest to you. 
  • Next, LOAD your MM account with money, and then all you do is DIAL *303# on your phone, Select Pay Bills then DSTV and follow the prompts.
  • If you have been disconnected, ensure your decoder is on channel 106 and your reconnection will be instant once you pay via MTN Mobile Money.

By so doing, you can send money to friends online and make electronic payments for goods and services, including your DSTV subscription bills. To do this, just select DSTV subscription payment on your Mobile Money platform and pay your subscription fees.

How to Pay DSTV Subscription with GTBank Internet Banking

  • Log into your GTBank Internet Banking platform
  • Click on the payment method
  • Then choose your DSTV bouquet package and proceed with Quickteller
  • Choose DSTV as your account biller name and all this as utility type (Access bouquet, Access Bouquet, Extra View, Compact, etc.)
  • Enter the amount/plan, email address, phone number, and answer the secret question that follows.
  • Enter your GTBank token Number and Proceed.

How to Pay DSTV Subscription via Quickteller

  • Visit Quickteller Platform
  • Signup or Login to Quickteller Account
  • Enter your DSTV Smart Card Number and other relevant details specified as required on the quick teller platform.
  • Fill in the necessary details and proceed to the next page.
  • Choose ATM card and insert your Credit/Debit card details to make payment

How to Activate your DSTV Subscription after Payment

To activate your DSTV subscription, kindly send your smart card number with the Code “RA” to the DSTV self-card number. The self-care number for Nigeria is ‘30330’. Send “RA” and your smart card number to 30330.

How To Set Up Parental Control On Your DStv Decoder

If you own a DStv Explora & HD decoder:

  • Press the Blue ‘DStv’ button on your remote
  • Scroll to settings
  • Select Parental Control
  • Select PG settings
  • Enter 1234 as default pin
  • Change global blocking to personalise
  • To activate, scroll to PARENTAL CONTROL and select 18
  • Alternatively, you can switch on channel blocking
  • Select blocked channels to choose the channel number you intend to block and press OK

DSTV Nigeria Details: Website, Email and Address


Plot 1381 Tiamiyu Savage Street; Victoria Island, Lagos State
1 270 3232 or 080 3900 3788
Fax 01 270 3256


Legion House
3 Kaura Namoda Street
Area 3 Garki, Abuja
Tel: 2347291/2 Fax: 2347295


e-mail: [email protected]
e-mail: [email protected].com

Official DSTV Website: www.dstv.com


DSTV has released some toll-free numbers to accommodate Multichoice users on all network providers in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & ETISALAT) if you have any questions on the DSTV Nigeria packages price list for 2018.

DSTV Call center operating hours are now 8 am to 9 pm on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.

The DSTV toll free lines are: 09090630333 for Etisalat, 07080630333 for Airtel, 08113630333 for Glo and 08149860333 for MTN.

Some favourites on DStv Premium:

All 13 SuperSport channels – so you’ll never miss a game or sporting moment. Hollywood blockbusters on M-Net Movies Premiere. The biggest series from HBO and the world’s best on M-Net. Leading international news on Bloomberg and CNBC Africa.

It’s the best of everything.

With DStv Premium you get free access to Showmax – where you can watch boxsets of international and local series as well as movies on demand.

52 Audio Channels & 25 HD Channels

Also see the new gotv bouquets

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  1. I'm interested in these : Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription + Smart LNB = N38,300. Is it still available for that price? If yes, how do I get it?

  2. I want these: Explora + Dish Kit + 1 Month DStv Premium Subscription + Smart LNB = N38,300. Is it still available for that price? If yes, how do I get it?

  3. Pls am a dstv compact subscriber and wish to get an explora, remote and card plus one month subscription, but the dstv outlets have visited in my area are telling me I can't get such. Can u help

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  8. My dstv have problem and i take it to there office in lokoja near gtbank but they sent me to meet just ordinary redionic that they don’t know what to do pls change those people and bring who can attend customer well

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