Top Best Engineering Courses to Study in Nigeria (2021)

Top Best Engineering Courses to Study in Nigeria…

Choosing an engineering course to study in a Nigerian based university or polytechnic solely based on the interest of the student.

However, I know that a lot of students in Nigeria may tend to choose an engineering course based on various preconceived notions like the simplistic nature of the engineering course, lucrativeness/profitability of the course, etc.

So, here in this post, you’ll see a compiled list of the top-most studied engineering courses and lucrative engineering courses in Nigeria today.

Our ranking of the best engineering courses in Nigeria is based on the chances of the course providing fulfillment, the challenging and lucrative nature of the course.

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Engineering Courses in Nigeria (2021)

Production Engineering

engineering courses in Nigeria

Production engineering is an exciting engineering course and one of the best to study in Nigeria. If you are interested in the technology involved in the manufacturing of products and the science involved in optimizing sales of emerging technology. Then, production engineering is for you.

Production engineering stands out because, in today’s society, the services of a production engineer is needed in every technological sector. The course will enable you to understand the logic and skills behind the sales and creation of successful products today.

Mechanical Engineering

engineering courses in Nigeria

Mechanical engineering is among the best engineering course to study in Nigeria. Mechanical engineers have high job prospects around the world. They are more likely to clinch jobs after study. They have a higher pay package, and can in every technological sector today.

Mechanical engineers deal with the automated systems with the knowledge of physics, maths, and dynamics. They have been touted as among the oldest engineering professions in the world.

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Petroleum Engineering

engineering courses in Nigeria

In Nigeria, petroleum engineers are highly regarded for their contribution and effort in the petroleum sector, which is the biggest foreign earner in the economy. No wonder it remains among the best engineering course to study in Nigeria.

Petroleum engineers are responsible for the excavation and drilling of crude oil or gas from the earth. Nigeria needs their service, as the country consumes a lot of energy. The petroleum industry is known to be the richest, worth almost half more than a trillion dollars.

Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is one of the best engineering courses to study in Nigerian universities. A computer engineer is equipped with a broad knowledge of computer science and electrical engineering, and he uses the knowledge to manufacture computer systems.

In today’s world, computer engineers are highly sought after in the area of robotics, machine learning, artificial engineering, and system architecture.

They are well paid and work to improve our lives in different sectors.

Electronic Engineering

Electronic engineering is another great engineering course to study in Nigeria. In today’s world where every device uses electricity, a course in electronic engineering will enable you to learn how it works and produced. The course is highly lucrative, with a better pay package. Highly sought, an electronic engineer is at the heart of any innovative technology.

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Civil Engineering

engineering courses in Nigeria

Society can not do without civil engineers because they design and construct infrastructures that have better the lives of humanity. The course is stimulating and practical, with a high job prospect and a great pay package.

Agricultural Engineering

A lot of Nigerian students seem to have a great disdain for agricultural courses. Agriculture engineering is among the best engineering course to study in Nigeria. Agricultural engineers are at the forefront of improving farm machinery and implements, hence boosting food production and man survival.

Nigeria will need the service of agriculture engineers in years to come, as the government begins to diversify the economy. The agricultural engineers will be at the forefront of the new agricultural revolution. Agricultural engineers work in the food sectors and industrial productions.


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