Best Rated Construction Companies in Nigeria and Their Websites

Top 10 Construction Companies in Nigeria (2021 Update).

In Nigeria, so many construction companies work tirelessly to build and maintain residential, infrastructural, civil, and industrial structures. The question you might ask is, which is Nigeria’s biggest construction company? I know that many people will say it’s “Julius Berger Nigeria Plc which is true.

Nigeria is Africa’s third-largest construction market, after Egypt and South Africa. The construction sector in Nigeria has experienced significant growth in the last ten years. According to a report, construction companies in Nigeria have jointly contributed about one trillion Naira annually to the economy.

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Here are the list of the biggest companies in Nigeria that construct

1. Julius Berger Nigeria Plc

Biggest Construction Companies in Nigeria

Julius Berger is one of Nigeria’s largest construction companies. Established in 1950, the company is famous for construction works throughout the federation of Nigeria.

The company is affiliated to Bilfinger SE, a German construction company. Julius Berger has spearheaded hundreds of significant construction projects including Eko Bridge, Uyo roads, Abuja Stadium, National assembly renovation, among others. The company have over 15,000 civil engineers and workers on their payroll.


2. Setraco Nigeria Limited

Biggest Construction Companies in Nigeria

For the past 35 years, Setraco has consistently emerged as a construction company to contend with, in the country. The company is a major player in Nigeria’s thriving construction sector and has engaged in projects in 17 states. It has built a strong reputation for its quality work.

Major projects they have undertaken include the Construction of Otuocha Bridge, Anambra River bridge and the rehabilitation of Enugu-Abakaliki road.


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3. Reynolds Construction Company Limited

Biggest Construction Companies in Nigeria

Abbreviated as “RCC”, Reynold company has made a mark in Nigeria’s construction scene since 1956. It is responsible for the highly beautiful architectural building in the Obafemi Awolowo University.

The company is popular in the South-Western region, though it has done top construction project work in other parts of the country, including the Calabar-Ikom road. The company specializes in quality road constructions, which are sure to guarantee driving comfort and durability.


4. Adold Engineering Company

Biggest Construction Companies in Nigeria

Established in 1975, the company engaged in construction and engineering projects in Nigeria. The construction company boasts of completing more than 200 projects in the country and has collaborated with several corporate firms in including UBA, Ecobank, Shell, Texaco, Mobil, etc.

The construction company has also worked with government agencies to create housing estates and residential quarters.


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5. China Civil Engineering Construction Nigeria

Biggest Construction Companies in Nigeria

This construction company is among the biggest and most important in Nigeria today. It started operations in 1979 and has done a lot of construction projects across Africa and in major part of the world. It is currently constructing the railway line that will link Lagos to Kano.


6. Saidi Nigeria

Biggest Construction Companies in Nigeria

This construction company was established in 1997. It is one of Nigeria’s best civil engineering companies, with a lot of expertise from staff. The company is known for using innovative tech for its construction projects.

Construction works done by Saidi Nigeria include Women Affairs HQ, Abuja, Abuja Airport, Federal University in Gombe state, etc.


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7. EL-ALAN Construction Company Limited

This company was founded in 1982, has grown to become Nigeria’s thriving construction company. Their construction projects have been stellar, which is the foundation of their reputation.

Their extensive construction works can be found in the infrastructural and commercial sectors. They have engaged in a wide range of construction gigs including Dudu factory, the zenith car park, and ccam industries.



Brunelli Construction Co. (Nig.) Ltd. was founded in Nigeria in 1972 and has since grown to become a big construction business.

Currently, the company employs approximately six (6) expats as Key Personnel, as well as approximately 40 Nigerians in top management and supervisory positions.

To Engineer Dante Piccolo Brunelli’s credit, the Italian company has had a presence in Nigeria for 33 years, with offices in Milan and Orile Iganmu Lagos State. They have fled South Africa owing to political reasons, and Nigeria is a safe refuge for them.

With road building as its primary focus, the company has now expanded into other fields such as pilling, structural work, floating docks maintenance, coastal safety, and excavation.

The company, which has completed numerous projects in Nigeria, wants to remain and flourish with the country.

Arab Contractors

Arab Contractors (AC) is a prominent Middle Eastern and African construction company. In over 29 countries, their employees collaborate with their clients, suppliers, and subcontractors.

Government buildings, flyovers, motorways, underpasses, airport terminals, housing, water & wastewater initiatives, wastewater treatment facilities, hydroelectric dams, reservoirs, healthcare facilities, sports structures, maintenance of landmarks, water management, manufacturing ready-mix cement, boat building, electromagnetic projects, engineering advisory, manufacturing and assembly of steel structures are just some of the areas where they have extensive experience.


D&S Construction Company’s legacies have remained unrivaled since 1976.

Dantata & Sawoe is the most well-known business in the construction sector today, with a reputation for excellence, dependability, and on-time delivery.

Throughout 40 years of expertise in the maintenance of infrastructure, bridges, airfields, overpasses, structures, water management systems, runways, electric utilities, and other types of infrastructure all across Nigeria has won them this reputation.

They have amassed a lot of technical and functional capabilities, as well as a well-trained workforce of expats and non-expatriates capable of executing world-class projects everywhere and at any period.


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