Cardless Withdrawal Codes for Nigerian Banks and Procedures in 2022

Cardless Withdrawal CodesHave you misplaced your ATM card and wonder how you will withdraw funds especially during the weekend before? If yes, then I think this article is meant for you.

Seriously I have been in this kind of condition before and I know how hurtful it was for me to be without cash to flex up my weekend. I have o wait till Monday before going to the bank to withdraw.

Sometimes you may not lose or misplaced your card during weekends, it may be in the night or any point that you are badly in need of the money.

Cardless Withdrawal Codes

In this article today, I will personally show you how to withdraw cash on ATM of the following banks without using your debit card.

  • Fidelity Bank
  • GTBank 
  • Wema Bank
  • Access Bank
  • Union Bank
  • UBA

How to Use Fidelity Bank Cardless Withdrawal Service

Fidelity Bank is a commercial and one of the most recognized banks in Nigeria. It is licensed as a commercial bank with international authorization, by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the central bank and national banking regulator.

Below are the steps to perform a cardless ATM withdrawal for fidelity bank users;

  1. Dial *770*8*Amount#, follow the screen prompt to create your OTP
  2. Input your instant banking PIN to confirm the transaction
  3. A paycode will be generated from your Fidelity account then sent to your registered phone number.
  4. Go to any ATM, select paycode cashout or Dial4cash, enter the 4 digits one-time password created (OTP), Input the Paycode you received earlier, enter the amount to withdraw the same as above, cash is dispensed.
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How to Use GtBank Cardless Withdrawal Service

below is the step by step guide on how to use GTBank cardless withdrawal.

  • Dial *737# from your registered number with the bank. This is the phone number you filled on the account opening package while subscribing to the bank.
  • From the list of the drop-down menu select ‘8’ to navigate then ‘1’ to select GTBank or ‘2’ for other banks.
  • Input amount you wish to withdraw after choosing ‘1’ to select ATM or ‘2’ for POS.
  • Next is the withdrawal amount
  • You’re required to enter a four-digit code for your Cash out PIN.
  • The reference code will arrive at your phone through SMS.

After you are done with the above steps, Walk down to any GTBank ATM for your cash cardless withdrawal. However, you will have to complete the following tax on arrival.

  • Press enter key on the ATM, select cardless withdrawal shown as (GT- Rescue)
  • A field will appear where you should type in the code you received via SMS
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, the same as the one on your phone earlier, dial the enter button, your cash will be dispensed immediately.

How to perform a Cardless withdrawal from other Banks using GTBank generated code earlier, you will have to follow the below procedures.

  • Visit any ATM stand that enables a cardless withdrawal
  • Choose the enter button, select paycode if any, then input the code you received via SMS initially.
  • Input your 4-digit PIN, refer to the above for this, set during your request via mobile, select the same amount earlier, then click on the enter key. that’s just it and your cash will be dispensed to you.

How to Use WEMA Bank Cardless Withdrawal Service

Wema Bank is a leading financial service company based in Nigeria. For over the years past, this company has been making waves in the banking industries and coming out with new technology like the one you want to see now is what they are best known for to ease the stress of their customers.

Below is the step by step guide on how to use WEMA cardless withdrawal.

  • Dial *945*8*Amount#, follow the prompt to generate transaction code.
  • Visit any Wema bank ATM and complete your withdrawal

How to Use Access Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code

Access bank is a reputable financial service company in Nigeria. the company merged up with the former diamond bank and it’s doing extremely well.

Let’s see how you can withdraw money from access bank ATM without your access debit card. follow these steps;

  • Dial *903# from your registered phone number just like above.
  • Select Withdraw money, enter withdrawal amount, then validate with your PIN.
  • Transaction code will be sent to your phone at once through SMS.
  • On Access bank ATM, press ‘0’ on the machine to enable you to carry out a cardless withdrawal.
  • Select Access Money from the list of options, input your phone number, amount, transaction code received, then select continue, your cash will be released o you.

How to Use Union Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code

Below is the step by step guide on how to use Union Bank cardless withdrawal

  • Dial *826# from your mobile registered with the bank, follow the screen prompt and generate a paycode PIN.
  • Go to a cardless enabled ATM, select paycode, follow the prompt and receive your cash.

Note: The maximum you can receive from Cardless withdrawal is N20K, the code you generate will expire in 24hrs

How to Use UBA Bank Cardless Withdrawal Code

Let’s see how you can withdraw money from UBA bank ATM without your access debit card. follow these steps;

  • Dial *919*30* Amount# from your registered number, follow your screen prompt.
  • The cashout code will be sent to your mobile phone automatically via SMS.
  • Visit any cardless enabled ATM, press any button, select paycode cashout, if prompted, enter your cash out code, then the amount you wish to withdraw as earlier. Press the Ok key.
  • Upon successful verification of your transaction, your cash will be dispensed.

Advantages of Using Cardless Withdrawal Service in Nigeria


Our phone is gradually transforming into a wallet. Some users don’t remember their account numbers and instead rely on biometric technology or fingerprints to log in. You can do the same with some cardless ATM software.

Access to all of your accounts

If you have more than one bank account, it’s likely that you use one more regularly than the others. If you’re going for work or a holiday trip and attempting to pack light, you may choose to leave the other cards at home.

Cardless ATMs enable users to access all of their accounts even if they don’t have a debit or credit card. This is particularly useful if you don’t have access to an in-network ATM for one account but do for another, as out-of-network ATMs frequently charge higher fees. As a result, the ease of cardless ATMs may also save you money.

There is no need to carry a card.

Carrying a purse, handbag, or other items to keep your plastic cards isn’t always easy. If you’re heading for a workout or a stroll around the town, all that is needed is your smartphone.

Cardless ATMs are available if you want to get some cash on your way home.


Even though they’re not risk-free, cardless ATM withdrawals have a couple of attributes that make them more reliable.

For instance, since you don’t push your card into the ATM machine, thieves can’t use card readers to capture your card information. It’s pointless for a fraudster to steal the codes because they’re only used once.

Two-step authentication is usually required for cardless withdrawals. Cybercriminals will not only have to get your PIN, but they will also need to access your smartphone and learn how to use it.

Pickpocketing and robbery are less likely if you don’t carry your wallet with you all the time.

Final Word

I strongly believe that you’ve acquired every detail information you want to know about cardless withdrawal here? If there is any bank rendering cardless withdrawal service that we’ve not included in this post out of ignorance, please use the comment section below to inform us and your fellow readers. Thanks

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