Top BNPL Schemes in Africa

Many Africans may find it tough to buy important or essential items. If you are not able to pay a large sum of money at once, or if interest rates go up, you’ll experience debts. BNPL Schemes in Africa provides a cost-effective way of paying for items.

BNPL stands for Buy Now, Pay Later. They can allow customers to buy items and pay for them at a later date.

Most customers pay upfront to buy an item, but then gradually pay for it by instalment. The majority of the BNPL schemes in Africa are ‘interest-free’.

This article will explore some of the best Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) Schemes in Africa:

Top BNPL Schemes in Africa

Millions of customers have found the perks of online shopping with Buy Now Pay Later platforms, which include ease of payments, greater flexibility, and low transaction fees.

Here are BNPL schemes in Africa:


Top BNPL Scheme in Africa

Payflex is based in South Africa and is one of Africa’s most popular BNPL scheme. This free payment platform allows you to pay 25% of the total purchase. Once you make that payment, your items will be shipped immediately. You will expected to pay the balance over a 6 week period with no interest or charges accrued. 
Payflex pride itself as the first free spending BNPL schemes in South Africa. So on the website you can make your online purchases and you won’t be charged anything extra as long you make your payment on time.

Carbon zero

Top BNPL Scheme in Africa

Carbon Zero is a BNPL scheme based in Nigeria. It allows you purchase quality brand of electronics, PC/laptops, mobile phones, and household items at zero-interest.

Carbon is one of Nigeria’s biggest digital Bank and has done a lot in empowering their customers financially through enhanced payment and transactions. Carbon Zero was launched to lead more Nigerians to financial freedom.

Carbon has teamed up with lots of Africa’s largest retailer to offer their products with Carbon Zero plans. The list include big names like:

  • iStore, one of Apple-authorized resellers,
  • TD Africa, Nigeria’s top supplier of Samsung products,
  • Simba Den, Nigeria’s biggest seller of inverters and backup systems.


Shahry is an Egyptian digital credit card and wallet platform that allows users to pay for consumer products in installments using its app. 
It has won the admiration of the general public because it is convenient and straightforward platform that can be used at the comfort of your home. It is one of Africa’s biggest BNPL scheme. is one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing e-commerce retailers, the shopping platform is noted for its simple yet interactive shopping interface and pleasant customer service. In order to meet customer’s diverse shopping needs, the platform provides an astonishing variety of consumer products from multiple categories at extremely low prices with multiple repayment choices.

One of which is buy now, pay later. According to the e-commerce hub, you can make your purchase you pay in installments, and Negotiate.

LikeParadise is among the biggest BYPL scheme in Africa.


SlickMobile has a Buy Now Pay Later financing, meaning you are free to purchase a new product without paying the total cost of purchase upfront. Slickmobile provide customers the ability to purchase new quality smartphones and any other gadget with monthly installment and low interest rates. A big advantage of this plan is that your monthly payments are extremely low because payments are spread out over six months.
Slick Mobile is based in Lagos, Nigeria.


BNPL scheme in Africa

At Spredda, customers are offered with with flexible payment options that is sure to meet every budget. It prides itself as a major player in Africa’s BNYPL scheme. Spredda provides various installment payment options to online buyers to acquire excellent, quality products at competitive costs with low monthly payments for both consumers and small businesses.


Nowlater is a BNPL scheme that features regular repayment periods of 3, 6, or twelve months. Nowlater provides a platform where clients can buy products from local and international companies, with options that allow customers pay with the flexibility that they desire.

Clothing apparel, cosmetics, household appliances, electronic gadgets, cuisine and consumables, smartphones, and furnishings are just a few of the products they offer.


Easybuy specializes in mobile device financing. The platform is managed by
by Palmcredit, a credit application for consumers. Customers can acquire smartphones and other electronic gadgets on credit and pay off the balance in monthly installments on this BNPL platform. Buyers are legally obligated to pay a minimum of 30% of the cost of the smartphone or gadget that they desire to buy, and have the option of taking 6 months to pay off the loan.

Easybuy is one of Africa’s largest BNPL scheme.


Africa is the world’s most poverty-stricken continent. The continent has around 500 million people living below the poverty line. This number shows how incredibly miserable the average person’s quality of life is in Africa. What this also implies is that Africans have very limited spending power, with half of them unable to obtain or enjoy basic essentials.

One can only imagine how many more Africans are slipping down the socio-economic ladder as the continent’s economy and everyday costs of living continue to deteriorate. It won’t be beyond the realm of believability to argue that Africa’s middle class is the new working class in terms of their financial situations and consumer spending power. Today, many (middle-class) find it difficult to cover their basic necessities, especially in the face of mounting debt. Not only do customers have to give up money, but they must also give up a considerable portion of their profits.

Africa’s BNPL schemes that allow consumers to purchase and buy things in installments have emerged to improve people’s purchasing power and reduce their financial hardship.

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